The enterprise homepage link allocation techniques

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spider climb take the function of the website we can analyze the weight of search engine website navigation is very high by many Webmaster Tools simulation, so we should make full use of the navigation link position, let us home page navigation links resource optimal configuration, a according to the degree of importance in the page layout keywords in the navigation links on the stand for the enterprise to keep several introduction link position for placing the company, enterprises must contact us section, but in order to avoid wasting resources effectively we can put these columns to the bottom of the right vertical or horizontal navigation navigation.

page navigation connection point set distribution

link resource allocation, many enterprises stand the bottom connection point of distribution has many problems: a large number of back links, chain layout to row large site polish, outbound links too much and so on, aiming at the bottom connection point of the author suggests the wrong operation are removed, the appropriate arrangement of the bottom navigation, effective the use of resources so as to realize the bottom connection point, here I want to emphasize at the bottom of the lower right corner of the layout must be our Sitelinks, this adaptation search engine crawling principle, and at the beginning of Links must be disposed to enterprises at the bottom of the station. read more

Forever relations about Shanghai dragon and website marketing

development prospects will be very brilliant, now has 70% enterprises are using e-commerce marketing, and each company has its own website, the company’s products to allow customers to find how to do? They think the Shanghai dragon, so many enterprises Chinese, and they are in the implementation of e-commerce, the use will contact and Shanghai dragon, want to have a good ranking site will use Shanghai Dragon technology, when these companies are using the Shanghai dragon, is not very brilliant, going beyond the imagination of the

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if you learn Shanghai dragon skill


Shanghai dragon All the world knows.

Shanghai dragon originated from abroad, while overseas people rely on him as a kind of marketing mode, the development so far, Shanghai dragon is so popular, Shanghai dragon function is so strong, Shanghai dragon or by so many people to the pursuit, so many people to learn, so many people to use it to make money Shanghai dragon, is a tool to make money to help us, we should take advantage of it is to bring benefits to the us. read more

The application of Transformers Shanghai dragon Edition

title tags like Optimus Prime, it can be a good anchor site optimization. The title tag will appear at the top of the browser to browse the web or visit a website. In all of the HTML elements, the title tag search engine algorithm in the component. The appropriate optimization title should contain the keywords related to the web, and should not exceed 70 characters long. This should be a well written form a targeted keyword, should not be just a list of keywords.


element description is like iron, can give a tactical advantage website, if used properly. When the optimization, this tag can increase the search results in the click of a website listing rate. Meta description tag is not displayed in the web page. This part is placed in the HTML terminal, usually just below the title tag. Effect of element description not on the search engine ranking. However, if they contain the same search query conditions, so they are usually in the description of the search results display. read more

Shanghai dragon small website optimization promotion strategy

good beginning is half

has asked Shanghai dragon is a personal good or good team, they dare not jump to conclusions, but each one has its own merits, want a healthy and stable development of the industry, meticulous work is fundamental, so is the website construction, what goes up must come down, optimize the site’s success is reflected in Shanghai dragon Er to every detail perfect, successful the team leader is the perfect allocation for each job.

the Internet has created numerous successful cases, listed on the other side of the United States China Internet companies as the industry has been the predecessors model and goals of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also like the three mountains like occupy a huge market and competition, in the face of large enterprises strong capital and strong talent gathered the advantages of traditional marketing means in the field of the Internet has gone up, for the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon promotion brings invisible but imminent pressure, how to try new ways of marketing optimization and perfection of building their own website to become a new topic. read more

Constant will Shanghai dragon in the end

The importance of

Links for a week stable Links 3-5, can be added, Links role is not to be ignored, after all, is the home page of the recommended effect can not be ignored, when Links increased slowly in the process of the accumulation of the likely site the weight will be more and more high, this is a must; after all, only the cumulative, only accumulation can make a web site into a new direction. In these, there is a very good outside chain, that is soft, soft article. For every Monday there is, has been very good, after all of these, sometimes is soft, soft core is extended and the URL of the publicity, soft writing, a Monday paper writing on the site, is also very helpful.

, you can get the chain address large, a large number of blog address, and his writing soft skills, which will become the product of you is your future if take charge as chief of the material resources, the essential to their own web site and to understand the Shanghai dragon will be more profound. read more

Site optimization must be original or novice should pay more attention to understanding Shanghai Dra

must have a logical relationship, there is no logical relationship between the article, also want to add hard like this "first, second, third……" This place, stressed the need to emphasize the bold, bold place, the attention of the prominent display. Not a long and minute statement without a clear theme.

material greatly in their life and work, such as in an industry, a job period has its own many experiences, will encounter many problems in the course of work, so definitely have problems to solve problems encountered, you can not solve, certainly to consult with others, with their own ideas in the teaching process, so that the solid line in the course of time and can be summed up some valuable experience, then you can put these out for your reference.

3, what to write: the main contents of the text mainly reflected what information; read more

Share a short period of time how to make key love Shanghai home


new keyword is particularly important, many new Adsense is very easy to ignore this link, usually by selecting some related words and website content to do keyword can feel. In fact, this is not very desirable. The correct selection of the competition a little bit smaller words can make us faster appear in the search engine home in. That in the end how to correctly select the keyword, very simple, love Shanghai index is one of a good tool, it can easily let us know what keyword search volume, what word search volume is small, as long as we choose some suitable and slightly smaller words from the competition, will be able to make their new Shanghai is among the best in love quickly!


light has the right keywords it? Of course not, chain wide and high weight is necessary. In the construction of the chain, we will make many friends of the chain is too monotonous, the general chain is the most common forum signature. In fact, there are many construction outside the chain can go places, a good website ranking, the chain is not only its absolute forum signature. Soso Ask and Tianya Post Bar, another Tencent "collection clip and love Shanghai encyclopedia is the chain of resources is very good, as long as we insist on doing some outside the chain of this kind of website keyword ranking up every day, it is a matter of time read more

How do high bounce rate is the core of quality optimization

then is to optimize the site structure and page design, we do not only from the angle of code optimization, keyword optimization to carry out, also need to pay attention to the user’s sensory experience, visual experience and operating experience, to make the function of the website becomes easy to use, and just perfect, page layout, color selection the contents of the layout, and have everything in good order and well arranged. "

so what cause the website jump out rate high? According to love Shanghai optimization guide information can be learned, the first is the content and title of your site has been a serious departure from many users, in order to attract the attention of users and they click, will do a very mysterious and madden title, but the content is fundamental no order optimization, cause the user to quickly close this page. read more

A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon team website marketing model to make money

adaptability is that we are selling products not only to keep pace with the times, but also every day, because things change, even more than the network. At the beginning of the sales promotion plan ready, probably in a very short period of time, the market impact to change the taste, so it has strong adaptability in network marketing, but also the survival of entrepreneurs.

to buy their own products is Daomaidaomai, that life is such a sales model, it is suitable in the network, the products in accordance with the price exceeds the cost of the acquisition price is sold to customers, from which these timeless stuff should be we need to invest time and energy in place.


network, and this time, when the pace of life accelerated advance, a lot of people’s time is relatively tight, so little in the past to go shopping the elegant leisure, so the deformation of taobao贵族宝贝, perhaps to keep pace with the times, perhaps is to catch up with the development of the time intersection, not step back no later step, just to catch up, so they make money, prompting a build up the family fortunes, many people think that the development of. Has become a beautiful scenery line. With the development of the website also fool quickly popular, commercial website, the purpose of course is to make money, make a profit. But a lot of sites in this area mostly through writing promotion, but some sites in this area is divided into relatively small, seemed a bit cumbersome, what B2B, B2C, and other value-added services. read more