Minerals for a Green Society US reliance on imported sources

first_imgThe Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (MMSA) recently sponsored a symposium on Minerals for a Green Society in Washington, D.C. The presentations and discussions highlighted facts about minerals that are critical for our changing society, including what is needed and how vulnerable the US may be to disruptions in global supply. The symposium also provided opportunities for networking among individuals who are concerned about mineral-supply issues and who can take action to assure US competitiveness in a green economy.Attendees included individuals from the mining and renewable energy industries, federal and state agencies, Congressional staffs, and academia. Speakers covered issues concerning global demand and supply of mineral resources, particularly those that are critical for emerging technologies in energy efficiency and renewable energy, including rare earth elements, lithium, copper, and elements that are likely to be key in photovoltaic solar power generation. They informed the audience about progress made on recommendations of two recent reports of the National Research Council – one dealing with minerals that are critical to the US economy and one dealing with materials for the 21st century military.Discussion included recent dramatic changes in geopolitics of mineral resources, geological and geographic rarity of some resources, tradeoffs and ‘green choices,’ recycling, recovery of key elements as byproducts of major metals, and implications of substitution of one element for another in key energy technologies.Copies of the program, slide presentations, major points made by the speakers, and speaker biographies are posted on the MMSA website at www.mmsa.net.The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America is a professional organisation dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding about mining and why mined materials are essential to modern society and human well being. Since its inception in 1908, MMSA has provided valuable information and guidance to federal, state, and local governments on a number of important public policy issues dealing with mining. MMSA has also made substantial contributions to educational programs that help teachers inform students about mining and how minerals are used.last_img read more