Grooming Alert: Portland General Store

first_img Are Fermented Pizzas a Trend to Watch? We Asked a Pro to Find Out The Manual Podcast Throwbacks: Revisiting our 50th Episode and Portland, Oregon When to Take Your Suit in for a Cleaning, According to the Experts Editors’ Recommendations Kicking It With Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers Soccer Team These days, smaller and local is better, and grooming lines are starting to follow that whole ethos. One such company is Portland General Store, which was founded by Lisa Brodar and Troy Tyler in 2007, and produces all-natural, small-batch products in Portland, Maine. Here they discuss how they came up with the idea for Portland General Store and what products you should try.How did Portland General Store come about?We moved from New York to Maine and brought a fresh approach from outside the cosmetics industry and began crafting products, by hand, in small batches. We drew inspiration from vintage, all-natural recipes and an interest in sustainable living. We use only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, and support our local Maine farmers and artisans by sourcing locally whenever possible.Why is it so important to you that everything is all natural and hand crafted?As much as we think it is important what a person consumes, what we put on our skin is equally important as ingredients are absorbed into the body. We also believe less is more — bathing less and bathing well. Use a more natural, sometimes more expensive product, but don’t use it as often. One will notice, when using ingredients derived from nature like Portland General Store products, that their skin and hair become more balanced — they don’t need to wash as often or use products with detergent in them. Harsher products act like a drug, depleting the skin and hair of its natural oil releasing capabilities, for example, until one is craving “the drug” to feel clean, and then they cycle starts all over again. We also don’t believe in harming nature or animals, and most of our products are vegan and grown sustainably. Where do you source the ingredients for your products?We source ingredients from all over the world. While the idea of only using ingredients from Maine is interesting to us, and would provide a fun challenge, we do believe in utilizing what is available if it means the highest quality ingredient(s) come from afar. That said, we are more and more sourcing locally when possible — our bottles are etched by a local artisan, our dopp kits are produced by a local bag maker. We also have plans to grow many plants, including medicinal, and raise honeybees this spring, and may have some limited quantity products made of completely local ingredients available in the future! Some of your products seem to be inspired by items you wouldn’t normally connect to grooming lines, like whiskey, tobacco, and cigar boxes. Where do you find inspiration for your products?Our first scent ever was named “Whiskey”, as the process was very much like making small batch whiskey, and the scent turned out to be complex and spicy like a whiskey. As our line is made from simple ingredients and made in America, we loved the idea of using straight forward, all American and masculine names for the products. Being the leading all-natural skincare line for men and not knowing if men would catch on, we felt that the names and packaging had to be manly and beautiful. We use wine quality paper labels and amber glass bottles. Describe the guy who uses Portland General Store’s products.He cares about grooming, fashion, probably lives in a city and has or dreams of having a cabin, homestead, or farm. He’s a CSA member and supports local farmer’s. He spends money on higher quality goods, products made by hand or made in America. He is a well made man. What are the best selling products and why?Whiskey Aftershave Splash is one of our first, and to this day, best selling product. It smells good, looks good, and feels good. And it is a great value.If someone wanted to try out the Portland General Store line, what do you suggest?To be the true PGS Man:Whiskey Shaving Puck & Mug for the traditionalistRacer Shave Cream or Alpine Jelly for the quick shaverWhiskey Aftershave SplashVictory MoisturizerWood Hand CreamThick ShampooWhiskey CologneFor more information, visit Order $40 or more at  and shipping is free with code FREESHIP! How to Grill Fish: A Quick and Easy Guide to Getting it Right Every Time last_img read more

Syria humanitarian air drops very concrete proposal says UN envoy

“We are quite pleased about the fact that [humanitarian assistance] was able to reach 82,000 people,” Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura told reporters following a conference call in Geneva with the International Syria Support Group (ISSG), comprising the Arab League, the European Union, the United Nations, and 17 countries.It was the second time since last week that Mr. de Mistura discussed with representatives of the ISSG humanitarian access issues. Despite aid being delivered to some besieged areas of Syria thanks to the cessation of hostilities agreement reached last week in Munich, it is only the “beginning of the task” assigned to the group, according to the envoy’s Special Advisor, Jan Egeland. “We discussed the next phase, which is to reach all of the remaining besieged areas of Syria and we should be able to do so before the next meeting, which will be in a week,” he informed the press in his capacity as co-chair of the task force on humanitarian access established by the ISSG. “We also hope by then to have progress in reaching the poor people inside of Deir ez-Zor, which is besieged by [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL/Da’esh]. That can only be done by air drops and the World Food Programme has now a concrete plan of doing so, many of the Member States support such operation, and it is probably one of the several cases in this sub-group where the coaches Russia and the United States have had an excellent cooperation,” Mr. Egeland continued.He added that the main goal is getting to “all of the millions in hard to reach areas,” including Aleppo, where the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) today reported that intense fighting continues, including through aerial bombardments. Since the beginning of the month, it is estimated that some 70,000 people have been displaced in Aleppo, Idlib and Dar’a, due to the ongoing hostilities.“We hope that the Member States in the [ISSG] will continue helping us as they have on the government side, as well as on the opposition groups side so that we can make further progress in access to the people of Syria, which of course have waited too long for relief and which we have in many ways failed for too long as an international community,” the Special Advisor said.Meanwhile, Jakob Kern, the head of the World Food Programme in Syria, said the delivery of relief yesterday and today marks a “major humanitarian breakthrough,” but stressed that “one-off and sporadic convoys can only provide temporary relief to hungry, desperate people.”“People need to eat every single day,” Mr. Kern said in a press release. “We hope that we can continue these deliveries and keep bringing relief to the most vulnerable people in all parts of the country.” read more