Video of Bus Driver in Casablanca Holding Umbrella Goes Viral

Yassin Meldi, a bus driver working for the M’dina bus company, took out his umbrella to hide from the rain that was leaking into the bus through the roof. After the release of the video, the bus company fired the driver, accusing him of defamation. The conductor has meanwhile submitted a medical certificate indicating the deterioration of his health following the incident.Internet users have since taken to social media to express both anger and sarcasm. “He is so unlucky to be living in a country where companies disregard their workers. Elsewhere he could have earned a medal for being selfless,” an internet user commented.“Actually, the LGV is all what we needed. Public transportation in our country is in a good situation,” another responded.   According to Le site info, the driver asserted his legal rights to sue the company for mistreatment. “I used to work for MAD 1,200 per month. I hardly met my family’s needs or pay for water, electricity, and house bills,” he said. read more