Nintendo finally gets R4 carts completely banned in Japan

first_imgPiracy on the Nintendo DS was a relatively easy and cheap affair. All you needed was access to an R4 cartridge and a few torrents, and you could amass hundreds of games for less than the cost of one. Nintendo was understandably not happy with the situation and decided to take legal action as well as updating its hardware in a bid to curb the piracy.Version 1.4 of the DSi firmware rendered flash cards unusable back in 2009, then the R4 carts were made illegal in the UK in 2010, and with the launch of the 3DS Nintendo included auto-patching to try and stop piracy before it started, but it didn’t work.Even with the updates and legal action, the R4 cart lives on, but Nintendo has now scored a major victory by helping to get them banned completely in the company’s home territory of Japan.It’s actually the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that has imposed a ban on importing the cartridges, but Nintendo is behind the push to make this happen. The carts were already banned from sale in Japan, but not import, meaning they could still flood the market just not through official retail channels. Now they are completely blocked.This may be good news for Nintendo and the continued sales of both official DS and 3DS Best Price at Amazon titles, but the R4 carts did have another purpose: homebrew game development. They allowed unofficial games created for Nintendo devices to be tested on actual hardware. With this total ban, that also becomes a lot harder to do.via Kotakulast_img read more