People’s Korea resists U.S. threats

first_imgU.S. Navy aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS Nimitz and their strike groups in the Western Pacific.Where does the danger of yet another war come from?Does it come from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has no military bases or soldiers or nuclear weapons anywhere in the world but on its own soil?Or does it come from the U.S. billionaire ruling class, which dictates U.S. military and foreign policy?The U.S. has been militarily occupying the southern half of Korea since 1945. U.S. warplanes, warships, submarines, troops and military “advisers,” armed with everything from assault rifles to nuclear weapons, are spread all over the world.This is the question that should have been on the agenda of the U.N. Security Council on Dec. 22, when its 15 members voted for an even stiffer round of sanctions against the DPRK. These sanctions reduce the country’s ability to import refined petroleum products by 90 percent and set a cap on crude oil imports. They also mandate the return within 24 months of the estimated 100,000 DPRK citizens working abroad, whose remittances to their home country contribute to the national economy.The DPRK foreign ministry responded to these sanctions, declaring them “an act of war.” And rightly so. Because attempts to starve and freeze an entire country can be as deadly as shooting.The sanctions are timed to hurt the DPRK at the cruelest time of year in this far-northern country. The Korean people must be tightening their belts and figuring out how to stave off hunger and frost during the coldest winter months.How will the sanctions affect the schools in this socialist country, which wiped out illiteracy decades ago and provide every person with a free education? How will they affect the hospitals and clinics — where 70 percent of the doctors are women — that give total medical care and regular checkups free to the entire population?People living in the United States never hear about the DPRK’s great social achievements. They are made all the more spectacular by the fact that the U.S. military, from 1950 to 1953, dropped more bombs on north Korea than in the entire Pacific theater during World War II. People here cannot imagine what it must have been like to build up an economy focused on meeting people’s needs when every single building higher than one story had been blasted to bits by U.S. planes during the Korean War.But the Koreans know the horrors of war. That is why they have focused on the need for self-defense ever since — to defend what they have built up literally from the ashes.U.S. a warfare state The total U.S. military budget for fiscal year 2018 is $824.6 billion, making it larger than the military budgets of the next nine countries combined. ( This huge budget feeds the military-industrial-banking complex and the tremendous income gap in this country.In late October, right before Trump’s trip to China, the U.S. sent two more U.S. Navy carrier strike groups to the Pacific, making a total of three aircraft carriers and their accompanying fleets of cruisers, destroyers and submarines. There have been so many U.S. warships in the Pacific this year that a number of serious naval accidents have occurred there.Every summer, fall, winter and spring, the U.S. holds war “games” in south Korea, practicing for the invasion of the north and the “decapitation” — the Pentagon’s own word — of its leadership. Recently, these U.S. military exercises have included thousands of soldiers from Japan, the hated colonial power that ruled all Korea from 1910 to 1945.In early December, the U.S. launched another set of these war “games” in which six F-22 fighter jets, as well as six F-35As and 12 F-35Bs, were involved for the first time. These supersonic aircraft zooming toward the DPRK border ramped up the possibility that the Koreans might think an attack had begun.Faced with this relentless aggression, Korean scientists have been able to construct nuclear weapons and a missile system capable of delivering them to U.S. targets if they are attacked. Given what the DPRK is up against, what country in the world could be more justified in claiming the need for this type of defense?The UN voteChina and Russia, world powers that are the DPRK’s two northern neighbors, are the ones tasked by this new sanctions resolution with cutting down most of its oil shipments and sending home its nationals working in their countries.Back on Sept. 6, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration had “circulated a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council that would effectively empower the United States Navy and Air Force to interdict North Korean ships at sea, inspect them to determine whether they are carrying weapons material or fuel into the country, and use ‘all necessary measures’ to enforce compliance.”People’s China and capitalist Russia are said to have agreed to the Dec. 22 U.N. vote increasing sanctions on the DPRK partly because of this U.S. threat to start boarding Korean ships on the high seas. They are justifying their vote as a means to avert an incident that could lead to war.However, they voted for previous sanctions resolutions, and that did nothing to stop the U.S. from intensifying its war threats against the DPRK or keep it from moving even more military personnel and equipment into the area.Will this latest resolution, instead of appeasing the imperialists, merely whet their appetite for more and more concessions at the expense of the Korean people? When will the governments of China and Russia draw the line and say, “No pasarán”? (“They shall not pass.”)The problem is not just that an unfortunate incident could lead to war. The problem is that U.S. policy, as expressed in its pronouncements and its military exercises, is to destroy the socialist government of the DPRK and turn the northern half of Korea into a U.S. neocolony.It should be remembered that no U.S. administration has been willing to sit down with representatives of the DPRK and negotiate an end to the state of war that has existed since 1950, despite many, many requests from the Koreans for such discussions and a peace treaty. What this means is that the Pentagon can launch an attack at any time without even the figleaf of consulting Congress — because an official state of war already exists.Were China and Russia to have vetoed the sanctions resolution, they would certainly have risked incurring the wrath of the imperialists. But doesn’t going along with such a resolution incur even greater risk of emboldening the most aggressive forces among the imperialist policy makers, who want unchallenged domination over the world and see both China and to a lesser degree Russia as rivals?The actions of the DPRK’s neighbors so far must have confirmed to the Koreans that to prevent the U.S. from starting another war, they must have a very powerful deterrent of their own. And isn’t that why both the USSR, when it existed, and People’s China developed their own nuclear weapons in response to and despite the threats from Washington?FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Dusty Baker always had great power, now his ambitious start-up is creating it

first_imgDusty Baker played for four teams in his 19-year major league baseball career. He managed four others.He was drafted, traded, signed as a free agent, granted free agency, hired and fired. In times of upheaval, he learned to follow the sun.These days that pursuit is both figurative and literal.Baker, who finished his playing career with the A’s, and who has served the Giants as a player, coach, manager and advisor, runs his own team now. The Baker Energy Team — call them the Boys …last_img

‘Regretful’ King to pay Sars R700m

first_img29 August 2013“When this tax dispute arose many years ago, I took a conscious decision not to cooperate with the authorities. That was a mistake.”These were the words of businessman Dave King shortly after entering into a settlement agreement with the South African Revenue Service (Sars) following a protracted legal battle, spanning a number of years, over his failure to disclose his income.In a joint statement with Sars on Thursday, King said: “I regret not engaging with the state sooner as I have found them to be extremely firm but fair in their dealings with me once I fully engaged with them. I accept the fact that I have been non-compliant in the past and will rectify this.”King, together with entities associated to him, entered into a plea and sentencing bargain with the revenue service at the Palmridge Regional Court on the same day.As part of the settlement, King is to pay a fine of R3.2-million (R80 000 per count) or spend 24 months behind bars. In addition, he was ordered to pay an amount of R8.75-million towards the Criminal Asset Recovery Fund via the Asset Forfeiture Unit.The agreement was enforced after King made submissions to Sars’ governance and oversight committee.In the submissions, King conceded his tax debt and agreed to pay off R706.7-million to Sars in respect of his personal income tax and the tax liability of Ben Nevis, a King trust company managed out of Guernsey.In return, Sars said it stopped pursuing tax charges against the businessman, who was once associated with golfing great Gary Player.Gene Ravele, Sars’ chief officer for tax and customs enforcement investigations, welcomed the settlement and the conclusion of the tax battle with the businessman.“Sars believes this settlement is in the interest of the fiscus and in the interest of justice,” Ravele said. “This brings to an end a period of protracted litigation.“Sars appreciates that King has accepted responsibility for his tax position and the message he has communicated to taxpayers who may find themselves in a similar position – to rather engage Sars and seek resolution to a tax dispute rather than resort to litigation.“This matter demonstrates the level of commitment Sars has to executing its statutory duty, regardless of the time and cost that complex tax disputes may require to reach finality. Taxpayers and the public in general should expect no less of Sars.”King, meanwhile, said his family would now file all outstanding tax returns to ensure that they were all fully compliant going forward.“My experience should serve as an example to taxpayers who find themselves in a similar position with Sars – rather seek early resolution and cooperate with Sars when asked by them to explain your tax affairs.“I am delighted to finally put this behind me and to be able to actively resume my business career.”Source: read more

Massey Ferguson Introduces 4700 Series Utility Tractors

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Utility-class standout designed with weight, power and lift capacity to handle heavier, larger implements and tough conditions.Massey Ferguson, a global brand of AGCO Corporation will introduce North American producers to the highly anticipated and all-new 4700 Series heavy-duty utility tractors during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show. The 4700 Series tractors stand out within the utility tractor market because they are designed with the weight, power, durability, and lift capacity to manage heavier, larger implements, draft work and other tough, demanding jobs.“Producers have been waiting for a real tractor of this size, with this kind of performance, for a long time,” says Warren Morris, tactical marketing manager, Under 140 HP Tractors. “Many are looking for a new tractor in this horsepower range to use for more traditional field work and one that offers the pulling power and lift capacity they need for a reasonable price. The 4700 Series fills that need and delivers on Massey Ferguson’s world-wide reputation for power, endurance, value and ease of use.”Three introductory models of this Tier 4 Final Series are the 4708 (80 HP), 4709 (90 HP) and 4710 (100 HP) open-station, 2WD and 4WD configurations. The 4700 Classic was developed for stability, versatility and operator comfort, offering a standard 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 Synchro-shuttle transmission. All Deluxe Edition models are equipped with a 12 x 12 Power-shuttle transmission plus other features to increase productivity. Cab models will be introduced soon.First to deliver on global visionThe 4700 Series is part of a larger global vision and the first in a new generation of modern, common-platform tractors that will include 4700, 5700 and 6700 Series utility tractors ranging from 70 to 130 HP. These tractors will be manufactured in AGCO’s state-of-the-art factory in Changzhou, China, which leverages 168 years of Massey Ferguson production experience with a module-oriented manufacturing approach that standardizes components, lowers costs and improves product quality and performance. Each Series will be marketed worldwide and is designed to perform in the most demanding environments. Extensive endurance trials and more than 50,000 hours of testing have been done to ensure they deliver the lasting value and performance synonymous with the Massey Ferguson brand.New Tier 4 Final diesel engineThe 4700 will be powered by a 3.3L, three-cylinder, AGCO Power™, Tier 4 Final emissions compliant engine specifically designed for North America. The turbocharged diesel engine has many proven technologies for ensuring power and performance while meeting emissions requirements.The engine features four valves per cylinder to improve air flow and enhance the fuel/air mixture. A high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection system delivers fuel to each cylinder at more than 23,000 PSI. Individual overhead injectors use the high pressure to atomize fuel for optimized combustion.A SisuTronic EEM4 engine management system monitors every aspect of the engine’s operation and adjusts fuel flow, injection timing and other functions to deliver outstanding performance with very low fuel consumption. Wet replaceable cylinder liners with mid supports improve engine cooling and keep service costs lower.To deliver clean emissions and lower operating costs, all 4700’s will use a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system. This means no diesel particulate filter (DPF) nor need to regenerate a DPF, saving, time, fuel, money and needless wear on the engine.Comfort built in from the ground upComfort is built into the 4700 Series from the ground up. Premium radial tires are standard and a 4700 Series exclusive within the utility tractor market, providing superior operator comfort, performance and stability. The innovative construction of the tire produces greater flexibility to absorb shock, impact and bumps better than other tires. This helps reduce wear on the machine and delivers a smoother ride for the operator for less fatigue at the end of a long day.Workhorse right for the jobThe 4700 Series tractors have a low center of gravity, a heavy-duty chassis weighing in at more than 7,000 lbs. and class-leading “full-stroke” 3-point lift capacity of 4,800 lbs. They were built for versatility, with the configurations and features making them right for the job, whether rotary mowing, doing loader work, haying, tilling, operating a grain drill or powering a feed grinder or auger.For increased productivity when doing dairy and livestock work, Deluxe Editions offer industry-leading loader cycle times. The Power shuttle transmission is responsive and its dash-mounted control makes easy electro-hydraulic declutch and directional changes without depressing a clutch pedal. The Comfort Control feature lets the operator adjust how soft or aggressive the transmission engages for direction changes or when starting from a stopped position, which helps improve efficiency and operator comfort during loader work. A fender-mounted 3-point control makes switching 3-point equipment simple and efficient.For hay work, the 4700 Series tractors were designed to match perfectly with Massey Ferguson and Hesston hay equipment, and they are equipped to operate bigger balers and mower conditioners or move larger hay bales compared to other tractors in this class. The radial tires absorb bumps and a spring suspension seat helps deliver ride comfort for less operator fatigue during long days in the seat disc mowing, tedding, raking, baling and hauling.Finally, when stability and implement control is vital, the 4700 easily manages tools such as multi-spindle batwing cutters with confidence. Customers will be able to use larger and heavier duty rotary cutters versus other tractor in its class.For more information about these new Massey Ferguson 4700 Series tractors, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit read more

Smartphone Tip: How to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone

first_imgAs a (relatively) new Android owner with a Nexus S as my primary device, I’ve found that there is much to like about the Android ecosystem as a whole, especially the deep integration of Google services on my device, the built-in turn-by-turn navigation, and the Android user interface with its widgets and live wallpaper. But on the flip side, there are struggles here that I never had to deal with back when I was an iPhone user. For example, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m constantly concerned with battery life (Juice Defender is now on deck to help out).Another issue that has come up recently: running out of space, apparently a common Android complaint by the look of the search results on this topic. So how do you deal? I’ve come across a few tips that have worked for me, and I’ve shared them below.You may wonder how you run out of space on a device that has an SD card that can be filled with Gigs of data? Well, while that’s true for many Android phones, the Nexus S doesn’t actually have a removable SD card – it has onboard USB storage, which effectively functions the same way. But because it’s not removable, you could, in theory, fill it out.That, however, is not my issue.The problem with storage issues on Android has to do with a number of things – non-movable apps, large files (e.g., photos and videos) and a ever-growing Contacts database.Step 1: Move Apps to Your SD Card/USB Storage First of all, a large number of Android applications cannot be moved to the SD card/USB storage. Among these (on my phone): Facebook, Twitter, Tango, doubleTwist, Google Voice, WeatherBug, MOG, Rdio, Cinch, eBay, Amazon, NYTimes, IMDb, Pixelpipe, Google Listen and a dozen or so others.In some cases, the developers have good reason for disabling the “move to USB/SD” functionality, but in other cases, the only reason they are locked in place is because the developer hasn’t gotten around to adding that feature yet.An easy way to determine which apps can be safely offloaded to the SD card is by using App 2 SD (Free). This Android app helps you quickly move apps to external or internal storage through Settings. It provides a list of movable apps,  app sizes and even lets you clear app caches, which can also lead to storage issues. Although you can do this with Android’s own Settings app (Android 2.2 and up), App 2 SD is better, especially because you can move all your apps at once. sarah perez Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology There are other ways to move the non-movable apps to SD/USB storage, both on rooted phones and not, but this guide is for less technical users. Feel free to add your own techniques to the comments section below.Step 2: Uninstall AppsI’m sorry to say it, but one of the easiest ways to regain storage on your device is to uninstall the apps you don’t need. You may be surprised to find apps you had forgotten about saved on your phone, taking up valuable space. If you can live without ’em, get rid of them.To uninstall an app:Go to Settings –> Applications.Press “Manage Applications” On the “Downloaded” tab, tap on the application name you want to remove.Tap the “Uninstall” button to remove it from your phone. Step 3: Remove Photos and Videos from the PhoneAnother overlooked area contributing to disk space issues may be the Photo Gallery. If you’ve been saving a lot of photos and video on your phone (as opposed to the SD card/USB storage), this could be another easy way to regain storage.Because Android is integrated with other Google services, I’ve taken to periodically cleaning up my Gallery app by sharing the stored media to “the cloud,” specifically Google’s Picasa service. Although I also put photos up on Facebook and Flickr, by adding them to Picasa, I can still easily see them on my device within the Android Gallery app. Picasa photos are available in the Gallery, but when accessed are retrieved from the Web.On the Nexus S (your exact procedure may differ slightly), the process is as follows:Launch the Gallery app and tap the “Camera” folder.Tap the Menu button (twice).Tap the photos to sync to Picasa individually, or choose “Select All.”Tap the “Share” button and choose “Picasa” from the menu. Fill in caption and folder info, if desired, then press “Upload.”After the photo upload is complete, you can remove those items from your phone to regain storage. Step 5: Deal with Your Contacts Storage Size IssuesAt 49.3 MB, it appears that my Contacts Storage database has become too large. (To those who ask: yes, I do have like 4,000 contacts saved in there, thank you very much. No, they are not all necessary, but I have yet to find a good Google Contacts clean up tool).Unfortunately, without rooting the phone, the Contacts database can’t be moved permanently to the SD card/USB storage. Instead, you can temporarily fix the problem by exporting the list to the SD card/USB storage, then rebuilding it. After the rebuild, the list will have a smaller file size. Apparently, it will still bloat over time and this process will have to be repeated. This appears to affect some handsets more than others. For example, I have access to HTC Desire right now where this is a serious issue.To deal with this bug, do the following:Go to Settings –> Applications.Press “Manage Applications” and then the “All” TabScroll to “Contacts Storage”Press “Clear Data” (WARNING! Do not do this unless all your contacts are already backed up in Google or elsewhere first. If you’re not sure, download a backup application from the Market and use it to back up your contacts, or simply launch the Contacts app and choose “Copy to SIM”)Relaunch the Contacts app. It should now be empty. Reimport/resync the contacts you saved elsewhere (either via the 3rd-party app you used, if you don’t use Google to store your contacts, or simply wait for the Google sync process to automatically reimport them for you if you save your contacts in the cloud.) After import, my large Contacts file became a much more healthy 6.34 MB.What are your tips? As I’ve mentioned, I’m still new to Android, so I imagine there are those of you out there with other tips to share, too. If so, please let me know about your suggestions via the Comments section below.center_img Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Tags:#Google#mobile#web Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Step 4: Analyze Disk Usage to Find Other IssuesAnother way to isolate disk storage problems is by getting an app to analyze the storage space on your phone. At first, I tried the SystemPanel app based on a recommendation, but while that app is great with its detailed analysis, charts, graphs and historical usage trends, I found that for this particular area of concern, I preferred the single-purpose DiskUsage app.With DiskUsage, I could see precisely what was bogging down my system in terms of space and act upon it. And as it turns out, it was not my apps, but my contacts storage.last_img read more

The Mommy Meltdown: Things to Consider Before Discipline

first_imgPixabay[Angry by komposita, 2017, CCO]By: Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFTI have two little boys- ages 3 and 7. I am divorced and have primary custody of my children. I also have a full-time job, I am in a committed relationship with a man who also has two little boys- ages 5 and 8. In addition to juggling my job, my relationship, and my children, I also try my best to foster friendships, relationships with my family and take care of myself both emotionally and physically. I often find myself laughing at the circus that has become my life. But, when I am not laughing, I sometimes find myself stressed to the maximum, stretched too far, and on the verge of a breakdown that might look a lot like the ones my 3-year-old sometimes displays. In the middle of the grocery store. In front of large crowds.On the days when I am “on the verge”, I swear it feels like my boys are trying their best to see one of those meltdowns from me. Why do they seem to not understand that we only have 30 minutes to get to t-ball practice when I know that we have at least 45- minutes’ worth of driving to the daycare to pick them up, taking them to the potty, changing their clothes and mine, feeding them a snack, and driving across town to actually get to the practice? Why don’t they get in the bathtub the first 3 times I make the request? And why, oh why, will they not eat the dinner that I cooked them (because they claim not to be hungry) but get out of bed 99 times to ask for a snack?Let’s be honest here… my story is not unique. All of us have our own stressors that impact us in a variety of ways and all of us have moments of complete despair when it comes to our children and how to parent them. As far as discipline goes, we all have our own techniques, too. Some of them work better than others. Some of them don’t work at all and some of them only work for one child but not the other.  If you are looking for the answer to how to stop getting stressed about things in your life or how to get your children to be perfect, you might want to stop reading this blog. BUT, if you are looking for things to consider as a parent when you are “on the verge” like I sometimes find myself, you’ve come to the right place.Before you start to discipline your child for doing the opposite of what you desire, consider the following:What is your reason for taking action? This is an important question to ask yourself. Try to think about the reason you want to discipline your child. If it is because they are violating a rule in the house or putting themselves in harm’s way, that’s one thing. But, if they are “getting on your nerves” or “embarrassing you”, you might want to think a little bit longer before you make a move. You can also talk to your child or redirect them in a manner that gets the point across but still feels warm. Are your emotions determining your reaction? Some of us might find that we are acting out of stress, anger, or fear when we are disciplining our children. You may result in spanking your child or using physical punishment when you act out of anger or stress from other life factors, as mentioned above, that don’t really have anything to do with your children. If you can get to a place where you are not acting from emotions, your discipline techniques could be a lot more effective.  Parents sometimes need time-outs too! Yes, you read that right! There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself in time-out. In fact, it shows your strength and ability to self-reflect and take a moment to think before acting. As long as your children are safe, allow yourself to walk away and take a few minutes to breathe deeply and reflect on the situation at hand.Children are not little adults I am guilty of forgetting this sometimes. My 7-year-old is wise beyond his years and has far exceeded me in intelligence at this point, but I have to remember that he is not an adult in a child’s body. He still has a lot of developing and growing to do just like other children. He still spills drinks all over my brand-new car and cries and asks for 10 Band-Aids when he falls and scrapes his knee. So, think hard about the way you are trying to discipline your child the next time it doesn’t work for you. Are you meeting them at their level or expecting them to meet you at yours?All children are different Just like adults, all children differ too. Just because one technique works for one child, it does not mean it will work for another. This happened in my own home when I was growing up. While I could have cared less if my parents restricted me from playing sports, my brother would be devastated. And, while he would have cared less being restricted from talking on the phone, I was beside myself when I couldn’t socialize after school. So, remember this when other moms are telling you what works for their children and you wonder why it doesn’t work for yours. And, remember this when your second child doesn’t seem to respond like your first with any discipline technique that you try. Keep trying! You will eventually find what works for them.Sometimes, you just have to laugh And, finally, the humor. Kids can be frustrating and complicated, but they can also be delightful and quite funny. Try to find humor in your children sometimes rather than immediately seeing their behavior as negative. Sometimes, your child might just decide that he wants to put his underwear on his head and run around the house for a bit. Try to sit back and laugh- and remember that these moments will be gone before you know it.If you would like more information on spanking as a discipline technique, please join us for Unintended Consequences: What We Now Know about Spanking and Child Development. This post was written by Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT, the Social Media and Programming Coordination Specialist for the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more