Providing life’s tools may be best way to care for daughters

first_imgIt turns out that I’m not the only male who is maybe a little overprotective of his female offspring. Wrote new father Jeff Cordromp: “I enjoyed your article and can very much connect with what you’re saying. I am the father of a beautiful 1-year-old girl and I already think about the males that will one day cross her path. I’m always telling my wife that I’ll have to strategically clean a gun when I know a boy is to come to the house. “My brother-in-law (a policeman for Gardena) has a 2-year-old girl and unfortunately sees and deals with some of the worst male species around. So he and I joke around about our girls dating. But we know deep down that we can’t control them, only provide them with life’s tools to watch and care for themselves. I pray every day, but I know my prayers will likely increase in length and frequency as my daughter grows. “My wife loved the article, telling me I guess most fathers feel the same way. She also hopes that our girl meets a man like me. Truthfully, I hope she finds a better male, perhaps one she can walk around the block on a leash. That sounds like a guy I’d like.” That’s funny, Etienne. I’d let you do it all over again too, only with my children. On my 9-11 column, Arlene Zimmer of San Pedro wrote: “Thank you for so much common sense (one of the rarest commodities on the planet today) and the sorely needed words that expressed so much what the majority of us are feeling on a daily basis. The frustration that we deal with seems to engender four-letter words and unbearable hopelessness. Then comes your beautifully descriptive column and we feel that there is hope and a road to reason that we can travel.” On the subject of a certain U.S. senator, Marie “from the Sons of Italy Lodge” wrote: “Reading your column in bed last night, I got the silliest giggles going on two of your remarks. The first was, `What kind of police officer voluntarily trolls public toilets to entrap transient sex seekers?’ A very expensive restaurant’s bathroom would, of course, have been so much more classy! Actually, I don’t know what part of this action is illegal? Do you? And, two, I think Bill Clinton was a `bad boy’ for doing what he did during working hours.” Rollie from Torrance wrote: “There are all kinds of flamers in this world and you happen to be two of them, with the worst being how you are a liberal always out to get conservatives. What your man Bill did in office was far worse than what the senator did at the airport! Clinton brought disgrace on the office and on America and you would be better cleaning up your own party’s mess before attacking a decent American.” Maybe you misread. I was sympathizing with the senator for living for so long with such a terrible battle going on inside. That, to me, is much more of a tragedy than losing conservative support. Concerning my Friday piece on research that seems to indicate that our political leanings are hard-wired into us at birth, G. Black of Rolling Hills wrote, “Friday, Sept. 14. That was the most boring article you have ever written. Please do not do another.” And this from Al Sussmen, “I can’t figure out why you think conservatives are funny. I think that they are pathetic and dangerous to themselves and others. Look at Iraq and conservative Bush pretending that this war just happened like a hurricane and he is only trying to fix it. I have lost two friends in this war from my hometown in Michigan and am fed up with conservative murder.” Here’s my favorite unsigned e-mail of the week: “I’m glad when you aren’t there. I like reading those little old people they find. Where do they find them?” Beats me. I want to hear your comments, no matter how outrageous. Connect with me at [email protected] or send a letter to John Bogert/Daily Breeze, 5215 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA. 90503-4077.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Ed Hensley of Harbor City added: “I enjoyed your ramblings on your two daughters, John. We might as well ramble, cuz as men we just ain’t meant to understand them, from cute kids to grown-up beauties. However, we can still love them.” Arthur of Harbor City e-mailed: “I like some of your articles. But this one about women really p—– me off. You’re whipped. No two ways about it. Show women that you’re boss! That goes for your daughters. Show a firm hand. They’ll go along.” Art, thanks for the great advice! With any luck we’ll have adjoining cells. Etienne F. Molle of Wilmington wrote in part: “I made a point of meeting anyone that my daughters hung around with. Upon shaking their hands, I put the gorilla grip onto those young and impressionable boys. ? The wife would say, `He is not so bad.’ And I’d follow with, `I just want to know which boy likes my daughter and if she gets hurt then I know which boy to find and rip his lungs out.’ Having a few mounted ducks and quail on the wall also helped put the fear of the unknown into their minds. Growing up is fun, raising children is fantastic. I would do it all over again!” last_img