The Freshers’ Guide to Oxford Sport

first_imgPresident explains the role of the Sports Federation For the last five years the Sports Federation has been the guiding force developing and improving sport for Oxford students. As current president, I am the fifth elected sabbatical officer and work alongside Mark Huddleston, the Sports Federation Administrator, in his permanent post. In addition, there is an executive committee made up of current students elected at the end of last year who fulfil a variety of roles as well as acting as the student voice within the Federation. Exactly what the Sports Federation does is difficult to define. What it does not do can be summarised in three words: The Sports Department. The Department and the Federation are not the same thing. The Department looks after all of the facilities while the Federation has seventy-four affiliated clubs to administer. This includes everything from keeping up-to-date records of each, to working out their Annual Grants and providing financial assistance. The most high-profile weekly events are the BUSA matches between different universities. On any Wednesday up to thirty-four Oxford teams may be involved in home or away matches. Needless to say, organising entries and transport for all of the teams for all of the fixtures is a mammoth task. Other areas where we offer support are in the planning of Varsity Matches, primarily the Varsity Games held in February, and also the Town and Gown Events. The Blues and Half Blues awarded at Varsity Matches are not regulated by the Sports Federation but by student- run Blues Committees. Ordering of certificates is, however, conducted through the Federation. We also run events such as Sports Week and are hoping to have an annual Sports Ball. Also new is a sports-themed night at DTMs on a Wednesday. To find out more about this or anything else, including today’s Open Day, check out our website at 0th Week MT2003last_img read more