Life Essentials Lifts a new way to get around

first_imgCourtesy of lifeessentialslifts.comAt the age of five, Hubert Von Holten contracted polio, a viral disease that stripped him of major leg function. At the age of 14, and after a loss of function in his leg muscles, Von Holten decided that polio was not going to win.Wanting to find ways to contribute to the family farm, Von Holten began to experiment with the idea of adapting farm equipment in order to eliminate his physical limitations. Starting with adding an elevated throttle to a Model A car, Von Holten moved on to farm equipment and expanded to lifts in 1986. Today he is the owner of Life Essentials, a company out of Brookston Indiana, that develops and manufactures custom designs for disabled farmers looking to get back behind the wheel of their tractors and farm equipment.One of his first clients, a farmer with a disability in Vermont, was the inspiration for one of his first creations, the Pilot Lift. Von Holten, along with a professor from Purdue University’s Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, created the lift to help the farmer access his tractor. Huber used this experience as a catalyst to continue commercially manufacturing his assistive technology to give “all farmers with limited mobility the chance to lead independent working lives.”Von Holten wanted to give back to farmers something their disability had taken away from them: independence. Keeping this idea in mind, Von Holten created and developed a line of lifts and a scooter that is durable, tough and able to conquer the elements. From flatbed truck and tractor lifts to RV and recreational lifts, Von Holten has you covered.The Journeyman Scooter is just one of his many innovative productions. Able to plow through snow and up to ten inches of water, this scooter was made for the working man (or woman) and allows you to get out in nature or around the farm without any problems.While Von Holten specializes in the creation of lifts for large farm equipment, the Life Assist Lift is able to go inside the home and help individuals move around more freely and easily. If a care giver is necessary, this saves them from injury from lifting and makes moving a person around very simple. The lift works well for accessing hot tubs, pools and bathtubs. The device is wireless and is stable enough to be mounted to any surface in the home, allowing users to glide freely about without total dependence on someone else.If you have any questions, or would like more information about Life Essentials, be sure to visit the website at www.lifeessentialslifts.comShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedA Growing Need for Accessible AgricultureSeptember 23, 2015In “Communication”Mark Wellman has “No Limits” and Inspires through Adaptive Climbing WallMay 31, 2011In “Conferences and Events”Steve Swain: An Assistive Technology ChampionJune 28, 2017In “Department Highlight”last_img read more