This awesome bike lock hauls your steed up lightpoles

first_imgLiving here in Berlin, dealing with bicycle theft is a daily part of a velocipedically inclined commuter’s life, and it’s not uncommon for exquisitely expensive locks to be deployed to secure bicycles whose resale value can be counted on all of the owner’s fingers and toes. Even the best bike locks, though, can’t prevent your bicycle from being stolen by a resolute thief.Here’s an idea, though: what if instead of just chaining up your bike and locking it down, a bicycle lock could actually help your trusty, two-wheeled steed escape from its would-be kidnapper? That’s the question German design company Conrad asked themselves. AdChoices广告Their answer? A bike lock that can actually scale light poles.The invention itself is pretty simple: the lock contains some inline-scate wheels that are fixed onto a metal ring driven by a small motor. When you lock your bike up, the motor kicks in, ratcheting your bike up the pole to which it is attached. Now if a thief wants to steal your bike, he’ll either need a ladder, stilts or the ability to fly… conspicuous items and talents indeed for a criminal trying to remain unnoticed by authorities and passers by.Of course, this is just a bit of coolness: you’ll never be able to buy a lock like this. The conceptual prototype can’t handle light poles of varying circumference, and it’s unlikely that your city is going to smile favorably on heavy bicycles hovering twenty feet up in the air, just waiting to come crashing down on people’s heads. Still, if only!Read more at Conradlast_img read more