Free way for Reinier

first_imgThe agreement is total between the parties. Madrid will pay to get one of the best projects of Brazilian football 30 million euros, its clause (in July it rose to 35 and in January 2021, to 70) of termination since last November, when the young man decided to renew with a downward fine to facilitate his departure. In the Bernabéu they read the play wonderfully and soon offered the necessary figure to get their incorporation, which will take place in February in Castile: of the total amount, 80% will go to Flamengo, 10% the player and his family and the remaining 10%, the agent. The main premise was to give the least possible clues because There was fear that FIFA regulations regarding the acquisition of minors would legally complicate Madrid, Flamengo or the player. That fear is behind with the coming of age of Reinier, who this Sunday in Colombia (Monday at 02:30 in Spain) will debut in the Pre-Olympic Championship with the U-23 of his country. That match, as AS said, it will cause the official announcement to be delayed at least until Monday by the clubs, which will do so at the same time. Finally, for relief of the nerves of Reinier Jesus and his family, his most awaited day has arrived. This Sunday, January 19, Flamengo’s half-time midfielder turns 18, the moment that Real Madrid was waiting for, from then on, to formalize his signing for the next six and a half seasons, as this newspaper advanced on January 7. Reinier learned about the real interest of Real Madrid in the Club World Cup in December. That was when, in a meeting at the Flamengo concentration hotel, the family, the soccer player himself and his representative began to celebrate what was going to become a dream come true. The logical course of events led to a deal for the purchase, news that the father, Maurio Brasília, champion of futsal with Brazil in 1985, communicated to his crack by phone, He was on vacation.The announcement, starting MondayAfter that, everyone involved in this signing was put to work with the famous fringes. One of the most important was to pass the medical examination, procedure resolved between January 10 and 11 at Comary Farm, the CBF headquarters in Teresópolis. The signature was the most, for which Reinier made an express trip to Spain in the middle of this week. 19last_img read more