How Facebook’s New Sound Notifications Could Boost Engagement

first_imgHear that? No? Well, that’s because Facebook is testing a new audio notification system to select members, and if you’re not one of the first batch of guinea pigs, all is still quiet on your profile. But if this feature catches on, you and the rest of Facebook’s billion networkers might soon hear a ping every time someone sends you a message, posts to your wall or tags you in a photo. And despite last week’s largely negative coverage about the new service by over-engaged journalists, Facebook insiders and some user interface and user experience (UI/UX) designers are calling it a boon for engagement.Lend Me An EarFacebook has used sound notifications for its chat tool since 2008, and its mobile messenger app also has sound. Both alert you to new messages.“There is user demand for sounds,” explained Brittany Darwell, the lead writer at Inside Facebook. “It makes sense to allow a sound option for other desktop notifications, too.” Darwell cites the recent Facebook sound bug in Apple iOS iPhones as an example of demand for improved audio on the site. She says people want the option to be informed aurally.“Some users want sound and are even upset when they don’t hear them,” Darwell said.  Sound Good?The new alert is an electronic bee-deep, like the one employed by Skype. Don’t worry, the Facebook tone can be turned off. It’s not known if the sound that Facebook has been testing ultimately will be used, much less if the feature itself will ever be rolled out to the public. “This is just a test with a small percentage of users,” said Meredith Chin, Facebook’s manager of corporate communications. “We’ll see how it goes before rolling it out.”More certain is the power of the sound. While some heavily connected Facebook users surely will be turned off by it, mid-level and casual users could become more engaged by this Pavlovian call to action. “It draws people back,” says Asher Hunt, head of mobile design at LivePerson Mobile. “The sound is a trigger point. People are addicted to these.” Hunt thinks the alert will keep Facebook members connected and strengthen their overall experience. He compares the alert to people walking through the cacophony of a casino:  “All it takes is hearing that sound once, and you’re back on the site.”  Testing 1, 2, 1, 2Here’s the alert in action: Related Posts adam popescu Tags:#Facebook#notification#social media#sound Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

Camera Angles: Over The Shoulder or Single Shot?

first_imgOver The Shoulder TipsThe OTS shot is a straightforward angle to capture. You place the camera behind the second actor and include their shoulder and head within the frame. However, there are some rules. You don’t have to abide by them, but they do help you get the best from the shot.The first is that the eye line of the actor in the shot should be somewhat level with the camera. Remember, the audience is an observer watching the conversation take place over somebody’s shoulder. If the angle is too high or too low, it ruins that engagement.Secondly, you want to avoid an angle that reveals the nose of the actor whose back is to us. A nose can become distracting and is often a visual signifier that the camera may be too far away.Single FramingA single framing of just one character in a conversation is when reactions and character moments should take place. However, one thing to note is the importance of the focal length when shooting a single. Single character framing is about emotion. Try to capture that with a 120mm, and you distance yourself from what you are trying to say. In the interview below DP Roger Deakins says, “If the camera wants to be close, I would shoot singles inside [personal space]…. It’s a sense of presence… psychologically it’s a totally different effect.”Therefore, it’s important to note that single framing during conversations needs a close camera.Tracking into a SingleIt’s quite common to track from an OTS shot into single framing. It’s a lot more organic than just cutting to a close-up, especially when you are trying to convey a particular emotion. Watch the scene below from Steven Spielberg’s Amistad, and imagine how different the scene would feel if we didn’t push into personal space and we were just left looking over John Quincy Adams’s shoulder.Of course, these aren’t rules to live and die by. However, they are good practices to follow to keep your film language precise and clear.Do you have tips for effective over-the-shoulder and single shots? Let us know in the comments. Camera angles can affect the tone of your film. Learn how to use this to your advantage.Filmmaking is a language. Every choice you make directly affects how your audience will interpret your film. Critically acclaimed TV and movies usually enjoy high rates of audience approval because the stories are clear and concise. Viewers know how to interpret the filmmaker’s creative decisions. The same is true of camera angles (for a write up on the psychological effects of focal length, check out this article). Let’s take a look at what camera angles can tell an audience.Image via Warner Bros.ConversationThe conversation scene is a filmmaking cornerstone. These scenes develop characters and often communicate crucial plot information. Conversational scenes are usually predictable. The filmmaker establishes the location, then we close in on two characters with a mid-shot and a reverse mid. If the scene calls for heightened emotion, we can move in closer to a medium close-up or a close-up. There will most likely be some inserts, but essentially, these are the ABCs of shooting a conversation scene.However, when shooting the standard conversational shot, you have two framing choices. You can go for a clean shot of just one actor in the composition, which we call a single, or you can choose an over-the-shoulder shot. You can also feature only the very edge of an actor’s shoulder in the frame, which we call a dirty single. (A dirty shot includes any object that slightly obscures the full composition).Although both types of conversation shots present the same information, they have different merits worth noting. Let’s look at a few.Over The ShoulderStarting with an OTS shot can help establish the eye line and the direction in which each character is looking — since we might not always get this information from the long shot, especially in group conversations.Take the following example from CW’s Riverdale. We see the typical scenario of high school characters in a common room discussing the latest details in the murder mystery. This is a group conversation between five different characters. In this circumstance, an OTS setup establishes who is talking to whom, as things can get complicated quickly when five people are talking. We meet each character taking part in the conversation through a series of OTS shots.However, later in the scene, we move closer into single framing. The problem here is that we are no longer 100% certain which character Archie is speaking to. In this shot, he is talking to Jughead.In this shot he is speaking to Betty.There’s only the slightest tilt of head movement to suggest whom he is speaking to. Here, an over the shoulder shot would be better because it’s going to clarify the language of the camera. The filmmakers used a dirty single a few shots later to clarify whom Archie was speaking to.But without this clarification, the scene may have become lost in translation.In the legendary exchange between Pacino and De Niro in Heat, we first see a medium OTS shot. This gives us bits of exposition, character background, and plot movement. At this moment in time, we, as the audience, do not need to be any closer than we are. As the conversation becomes more personal, and the two characters discuss their family lives and their partners, the camera slowly closes in while maintaining the OTS shot composition. Again, at the moment, we don’t need to be any closer. It’s a conversation taking place “with a couple of regular fellas” as Lt. Vincent Hanna says. It’s a plot discussion.However, the discussion takes a dark turn when Hanna says to McCauley (De Niro) that if he has to kill him to stop an innocent person getting caught in the crossfire, he will. At this point in the scene, the camera pushes past Hanna and frames McCauley singly. McCauley proceeds to say that he, too, will kill Hanna if necessary. His response is more sinister; it’s intended to intimidate not only Hanna but also the audience. It’s a character moment, and the camera angle moves us into the appropriate proximity of the character to feel that. We very likely would not have had the same response if we had watched that moment unfold over Hanna’s shoulder.last_img read more

Jim Harbaugh Asked A Recruit To Play For Michigan The Same Way The Recruit Asked His Date To Prom

first_imgJim Harbaugh with a weird sign.New Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is getting rather creative in his attempts to land four-star defensive tackle recruit Boss Tagaloa. Harbaugh, who really seems to be embracing social media the past few months, found a photo of Tagaloa asking his date to prom. Harbaugh then copied the format to ask Tagaloa to play for Michigan. You can’t make this stuff up.Prom with this butt head @_BT75— Sof (@sofmorales13) March 11, 2015I usually don’t tweet things like this, so forgive me but this is just really too funny not to! haha #ImDone— Boss Tagaloa (@_BT75) March 14, 2015We have no idea if this is going to work, but it’s clear that he’s got Tagaloa’s attention. Sometimes bizarre tactics like this can be the difference.last_img read more

Report: Four Programs Lobbying Big 12 For Expansion

first_imgThe Big 12 Conference's logo.With lots of chatter surrounding Big 12 expansion, we’ve already brought you our opinion on how the next phase of conference realignment could unfold. Now, ESPN has some intriguing information regarding which schools the Big 12 could target if it does indeed expand. According to Big 12 writer Jake Trotter, four institutions have already begun lobbying the Big 12 for consideration: Houston, Memphis, UCF and Colorado State. From Trotter:With Big 12 expansion back on the table, officials from the University of Houston, the University of Memphis, University of Central Florida and Colorado State University have been lobbying members of the Big 12’s composition committee, according to documents has obtained.West Virginia president Gordon Gee is one of three Big 12 presidents on the committee, which is charged with exploring expansion candidates. Documents reveal that Gee has been busy in that role in recent months, which has included a trip to the University of Houston in late November.Additionally, Trotter says FedEx, which is headquartered in Memphis, is offering major sponsorship of Big 12 football and basketball if the Tigers are added to the league. This was originally part of Memphis’ pitch to the old Big East a few years back. Documents obtained show FedEx primed to back Memphis’ Big 12 candidacy, prepared to sponsor Big 12 title game:— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) May 10, 2016The most interesting aspect of Trotter’s report? Probably that UConn and Cincinnati are nowhere to be found, considering those are two schools many have linked to the Big 12, including us here at College Spun.  Also, would Oklahoma and Texas, the two premier programs in the league, really be okay with these additions? Or would they look to bolt for greener pastures? Whatever the answer, buckle up because the realignment well may start turning fast and furiously. [ ESPN ]last_img read more

College Football’s 10 Winningest Teams Of The Last 50 Years

first_imgA generic picture of three footballs next to a pylonWe’re officially two months away from the start of the 2016 college football season. The first Saturday of the ’16 campaign is set for Sept. 3. It’ll be a great one, too, with games like: Alabama-USC, Auburn-Clemson, LSU-Wisconsin, Georgia-North Carolina. In anticipation of the upcoming season, let’s take a look back at what college football has been like over the last 50 years. Which program has won the most games over the past half-century?A program you probably wouldn’t guess. Nebraska has won more games than anyone else over the last 50 years, totaling 476 wins. The Huskers are followed by Oklahoma and Ohio State. Here’s the full top 10:1. Nebraska – 476 2. Oklahoma – 4553. Ohio State – 4504. Penn State – 4395. Michigan, Alabama – 4347. Florida State – 4258. Georgia – 4209. Texas – 41910. USC – 415Most wins, last 50 years (P5): 476- Nebraska 455- OU 450- Ohio St 439- Penn St 434- Michigan, Alabama 425- FSU 420- UGA 419- Texas 415- USC— Pick Six Previews (@PickSixPreviews) June 27, 2016Who’s going to win the most games over the next 50 years?last_img read more

SCFs IPO Waiting for Better Days

first_imgzoomImage by WMN Uncertain market conditions coupled with international sanctions against Russia have delayed yet again the planned initial public offering (IPO) of the country’s largest shipping company Sovcomflot, Reuters reported citing the company’s CEO Sergei Frank.Hence, the company plans to wait out until the shipping market recovers in full in order to list its shares. As explained by Frank, despite signs of market rebound in the fourth quarter of last year, this is far from the historical average the company is waiting for.Russia owns 100% stake in the company and is seeking to sell 25% stake targeting around 24 billion rubles (USD 358 million). Earlier reports suggested that the preferred investors would be small-scale rather than a strategic buyer as Moscow would like to keep control of the company’s management.The privatization process, aimed at collecting fresh funds for the company, have been faced with several delays over the past few years.Sovcomflot managed to return to the black in the third quarter ended September 30, 2018, amid signs of a better balance in the tanker market.Namely, the company reported a net profit of USD 0.3 million for the period, against a loss of USD 22 million seen in the same quarter a year earlier.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

first_imgSome of the most active companies traded Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (14,903.49 up 98.76 points).Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB). Health care. Up 71 cents, or 9.9 per cent, to $7.88 on 25.1 million shares.Aphria Inc. (TSX:APHA). Health care. Down 21 cents, or 2.35 per cent, to $8.71 on 14.4 million shares.Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B). Industrials. Down five cents, or 2.19 per cent, to $2.23 on 9.6 million shares.Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED). Health care. Up $5.32, or 11.96 per cent, to $49.82 on 8.3 million shares.Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB). Energy. Up 20 cents, or 0.44 per cent, to $45.90 on 6.3 million shares.The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings. (TSX:TGOD). Health care. Up 13 cents, or 4.91 per cent, to $2.78 on 5.8 million shares.Companies reporting:Postmedia Network Canada Corp. (TSX:PNC.A). Unchanged at $1.19. The newspaper publisher announced Thursday that Paul Godfrey is stepping down as CEO and will be succeeded by president and chief operating officer Andrew MacLeod. Godfrey, who has been Postmedia’s CEO since the company was founded in 2010, will stay on as executive chairman. The announcements came as the owner of the National Post and other Canadian newspapers announced a $1.4 million net loss for the quarter ended. Nov. 30.Aimia Inc. (TSX:AIM). Up 11 cents, or 2.92 per cent to $3.88. Aimia says it has completed the sale of its Aeroplan loyalty program to Air Canada and used the majority of the proceeds to repay debt. The company says gross proceeds from the sale totalled roughly $497 million after adjustments related to working capital. At closing, about $308 million was used to repay and terminate Aimia’s credit facility and redeem all of its outstanding senior secured notes. About half of Aimia’s 1,500 employees will move to Air Canada as a result of the transaction.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Brief news from Mondays Fort St John city council meeting

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – In addition to approving a resolution to allow construction to begin on the new off-leash dog area in Toboggan Hill Park and passing second reading on the City’s Official Community Plan bylaw, a number of other things happened at Monday’s Fort St. John council meeting.Britney Carlstrom was honoured with a long service award after having celebrated her fifth year working for the City. Carlstrom began her career with the City of Fort St. John on July 29, 2013, as an Engineering Technologist with the Planning and Engineering Department, and now works as an Engineer.Mayor Lori Ackerman proclaimed the week of August 27th – 31st as Overdose Awareness Week in Fort St. John. Julianna Kucheran with Urban Matters and Amanda Trotter with the Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society gave a presentation to council about the importance of overdose awareness as both Canada and the United States grapple with the ongoing drug overdose crisis. Council passed a zoning amendment bylaw and another bylaw amending the current Official Community Plan to rezone a parcel of land next to the existing RCMP detachment in order to accommodate construction of the new RCMP detachment building. The City held a public meeting about the two proposed bylaws at 6:00 p.m. on Monday evening.Council approved a resolution from staff to direct the three remaining members of the Tourism Fort St. John Board to solicit nominations for six new members since five current members of the Board will be departing in the near future. The terms of board members Andy Ackerman, Adam Reaburn, and Cheryl Erickson are due to expire on November 1st, meanwhile, members Heather Sjoblom and Christina Seguin also announced their resignations recently.Council approved a recommendation for City staff to proceed with an Application for Lane Closure of the lane located east of 90th Stree between 77th and 79th Avenues. The lane closure is being done to facilitate the consolidation of the surrounding lots for the development of the Fire Department’s new Fire Training Grounds, the tender for the first phase of which was awarded at the previous council meeting on July 23rd.Council also authorized Mayor Ackerman to attend the On the Move Symposium from November 18th – 21st in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador after the symposium’s organizers specifically requested her to attend as a guest speaker. The cost of the trip, $1,450, was approved to be allocated from the Council travel budget.Council also adopted four bylaws at the meeting on Monday, including the Municipal Ticket Bylaw, the Property Standards Bylaw, A Building Amendment bylaw, and a Local Area Service bylaw for the installation of pavement, curbs, gutters, storm main, catch basins, streetlights, driveway and boulevard restoration on 87 Avenue west of 107 Street.last_img read more

Death of infant sparks outrage at city hospital

first_imgKolkata: The family members of a 4-month-old infant who died due to alleged medical negligence at Dr B C Roy Hospital on Tuesday, staged a demonstration demanding action against those responsible behind his death.The incident triggered tension among the patients and their family members inside the hospital campus on Tuesday morning. The infant, identified as Ankon Tarafdar, a resident of Ghoshpara area of Kestopur, was admitted to the hospital on March 4 as he had been suffering from high fever. The infant was taken to the ICU on Saturday night as his condition deteriorated. On Sunday night, the health condition of the baby deteriorated further as a result of which the doctors decided to shift him to a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). All the efforts of the doctors went in vain when the patient succumbed to his ailments on late Monday night. The patient was suffering from acute pneumonia. As the news of the patient’s death spread, some of his family members gathered outside the hospital and staged a protest demonstration. After being informed, police reached the spot. Immediately, the family members gheraoed the police officers. Senior police officers later brought the situation under control. The family members of the victim alleged on Tuesday that the patient had died due to the negligence of some doctors and nurses in the hospital. They also demanded a probe into the incident. Had the doctors taken preventive measures, the patient would not have died, alleged the patient’s relatives. According to the police, no one was manhandled in the incident and no property was damaged during the demonstration. Police have not yet received any specific complaint from any side.last_img read more