Wedding bells for Limerick couples as Ireland says Yes

first_imgNewsWedding bells for Limerick couples as Ireland says YesBy John Keogh – May 28, 2015 1322 Limerick Artist ‘Willzee’ releases new Music Video – “A Dream of Peace” Print Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival TAGSfeaturedlimerickmarriage equality referendumYes Equality Limerick Vanishing Ireland podcast documenting interviews with people over 70’s, looking for volunteers to share their stories Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live “I feel like the whole world is a different place” AS LIMERICK said yes on Saturday, one local woman decided to mark the momentous occasion by popping the question to her girlfriend of six years at the Limerick count centre.Billie (41), who doesn’t use a surname, proposed to partner Kate Stoica (26) just seconds after official tallies confirmed that the marriage equality referendum was passed.Billie told the Limerick Post: “I’ve had the ring for four years. We had talked before about who was going to ask who and we had discussed having a civil partnership, but we decided against it because it’s not the same as marriage.“I was trying to think of a romantic way to propose and I felt that it needed to be something that Kate would never be able to forget. I figured if it was a yes vote then it would be something that nobody would forget.”She chose to propose against the backdrop of the Bruno Mars song ‘Just The Way You Are’ because it’s “a song we sing to each other in the car”.“I was a complete wreck. I just sat and tallied all day. When the final box was tallied my friend put on the music and I pulled Kate aside but I had no idea that there would be all those people there. I thought there would be press but I figured we might just be in the Limerick Post, I never thought it would go as big.“It’s weird looking back at the videos and seeing all those people around us, but at the time all I could see was Kate. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was so nervous, I totally forgot the speech I had prepared in my head, but Kate said yes so that’s all that matters,” Billie explained.Billie, who hails from Scotland, says the couple are awaiting the introduction of legislation allowing marriages between same sex couples before they set a date, however she hopes they will wed “as soon as possible”.She continued: “It’s amazing that we’re now thinking about what kind of wedding we’ll have; I’ve never been in a position in my life where I could do that. I have always dreamed that one day I would get married, except for me it was to a woman and I’d be wearing a suit.“I’ve decided I’m going to wear a kilt suit in the family tartan. My sister died recently and my mother died ten years ago, so I’ll be carrying my family with me in my tartan colours.”Billie concluded: “I feel like the whole world is a different place, not just for me but for everyone. Ireland said yes, Limerick said yes, and Kate said yes. For me that was the most important yes of the day.” What they said: Dave Cuddihy, Yes Equality Limerick“At present there is such a feeling of pride, acceptance and gratitude amongst the LGBT community not just in Limerick but across Ireland. The passing of the referendum means so many things to us, for some it means they can finally marry their long term partners and avail of the constitutional protections which were not there for us before, for others it simple means acceptance. The Irish public have let us know that they believe their gay friends and family to be equal in our little country which has taken pride of place on the worldwide stage over the past week.”Cllr Cian Prendiville (AAA)“The campaign and result show that the ideas and conservative grip of the religious Right and the church has been broken and are trailing behind the main body of public opinion. The battle by the LGBTQ community must continue to sweep away all forms of discrimination including the ban on gay men giving blood and the right of schools to sack gay teachers.”Cllr Maurice Quinlivan (SF)“The large ‘Yes’ vote of 24,789, or 64.15 per cent across Limerick City is very welcome. This campaign energised and brought a whole new generation of young people onto the electoral register and into politics and voting for the first time. We need to keep them engaged. This results shows that change is possible. Another notable aspect of the campaign was the huge desire among many of our diaspora for the right to vote. It underlines the case that our emigrants should no longer be denied a voice in our democracy and mechanisms must be found to include them.”Michael Barron, Belong To “We’ve changed forever what it means to grow up LGBT in Ireland. The Irish people, via the ballot box, have today given each and every gay child and young person in Ireland – and across the world – a strong and powerful message that they are loved, they are cared for, and don’t need to change who they are. A new generation has spoken. This is a generation with open, kind hearts, a generosity of spirit and a great capacity to love. They have gone to the polls in their thousands and are responsible for this historic victory for their gay brothers and sisters.”Cllr Lisa Marie Sheehy (SF)“I was proud to see rural areas say yes , extending equal rights to same sex couples. It is clear we have made history. The people of our county and country have sent a clear message to our LGBT people in Ireland and across the world that we stand together as equal citizens where LGBT rights are no longer on the back burner in our society but are equal.”Frances Fitzgerald, Justice Minister I am very conscious that many couples will want to get married as soon as possible. I am working to make that happen. The Marriage Bill, which is currently being drafted, will enable same sex couples to get married in the same way as opposite sex couples. My intention is to seek Government approval for the Marriage Bill 2015 in June with the aim of introducing the Bill into the Oireachtas immediately thereafter so that the legislation can be enacted before the summer recess. Linkedin Advertisement Email Twitter John James Hickey, the First Irish member of the Board of the Federation Gay Games and his fiance Shaun Moriarty of Limerick Pride. Pictured at the polling station in Ballina-Killaloe, Co Tipperary. The couple are getting married on July 1 2016.Pic: Marie McCallan/Press 22by Kathy [email protected] up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up THE historic marriage equality referendum on Friday was backed by 64 per cent of voters in Limerick city and 55 in the county.Turnout was high across the 300 polling booths across Limerick, with 63.3 per cent of those eligible to vote in the city, and 58.5 per cent in the county, casting their ballots.A number of Limerick couples are already planning their big days following the announcement of the referendum result on Saturday. Previous articleCounty Limerick projects in dire need of fundingNext article“Thousands” spent on Moyross house that’s set for demolition John Keogh WhatsApp WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Yes result “fantastic and humbling”JOHN James Hickey and Shaun Moriarty, who live in Ballina Co Tipperary, got engaged last year and plan to get married next summer.John James says the couple are “very, very happy” with Saturday’s referendum result as they are now planning a marriage as opposed to a civil partnership.“Obviously we’re absolutely delighted with the result. It means we can finally get down to wedding planning properly – and it means I now can’t avoid any conversations about wedding planning, which Shaunie has accused me of over the past year. It’s also fantastic and very humbling to have 1.2 million people endorse your relationship and your right to marry.“We had our venue provisionally booked since last year so we have been planning for it already but this makes it an awful lot easier. We’ll be able to do it all in the one place and there won’t be a mad dash to the venue from the registry office. And of course we’ll now have constitutional protection,” he told the Limerick Post.Both John James and Shaun have been heavily involved in the local LGBT community and the campaign for equal marriage rights for same sex couples; the pair canvassed on behalf of the Yes Equality movement in Limerick and Ballina-Killaloe.John James was also the coordinator of Limerick’s bid to host the 2018 Gay Games, in which Limerick reached the final three potential host cities alongside London and Paris.John James added: “We’ve been out on the doors for the last couple of months canvassing. Our lives had been on hold for the last six months or so really. This referendum was going to decide for us whether or not we were going to be able to stay in Ireland to get married, and now we can and that means an awful lot.“It’s still feeling a bit surreal; we weren’t sure how to feel when it was passed. We were living in trepidation for so long thinking about the possibilities if it didn’t pass. We hadn’t really allowed ourselves to hope that it would pass.”last_img read more

St Mary’s Cathedral announce cancellation of upcoming events

first_imgPrint Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email St Mary’s Cathedral SAINT Mary’s Cathedral has announced some upcoming events at the cathedral have been cancelled due to concerns over Covid-19 (Coronavirus).“Many of the events which were due to take place in Saint Marys Cathedral have been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns. We apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you for your support,” the statement reads.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Luke Jerram’s ‘Gaia’, a scaled three-dimensional replica of planet Earth, which was to arrive at the cathedral in line with Limerick’s St Patrick’s Festival was the first event to be cancelled.Organisers at St Mary’s Cathedral also announced that the venue’s popular lunchtime concerts set to take place on March 25 and throughout April would also be cancelled due to concerns over the virus.center_img Advertisement Linkedin Previous articleCalling Chefs – enter the Limerick Chowder Cook Off nowNext articleShannon Companies Sharing Data on their Preparedness for COVID-19 Staff Reporter NewsCommunityHealthSt Mary’s Cathedral announce cancellation of upcoming eventsBy Staff Reporter – March 11, 2020 579 last_img read more

Aqueous Shares Oysterhead “Pseudo Suicide” Cover From Summer Camp [Pro-Shot]

first_imgAt last weekend’s annual Summer Camp Music Festival, Buffalo groove-rock quartet Aqueous delivered two top-notch late-nights sets. In particular, their first set on Friday, May 25th, created quite the buzz in their circle, in turn rippling out into the broader circle of jam fans.In addition to dusting off a cover of Eric Johnson’s instrumental “Cliffs of Dover” for the first time in 324 shows, the band debuted a new cover that knocked Summer Camp off its feet: “Pseudo Suicide”, the ominous opus by the short-lived supergroup trio, Oysterhead, comprised of Trey Anastasio (Phish), Les Claypool (Primus), and Stewart Copeland (The Police).With Dave Loss providing the Claypool portion of the vocals, Mike Gantzer handling Trey’s portion, and bassist Evan McPhaden and drummer Rob Houk powerfully recreating the song’s thumping rhythm section, Aqueous imbued their rendition with the same energy that Oysterhead lent it once upon a time. The Oysterhead cover—which they appropriately extended into nearly twenty minutes of dark, ethereal improv—was a thrilling callback to a brief, strange, and experimental moment in the careers of the three groundbreaking musicians who comprised the original trio. Notes Gantzer:Having been inspired by The Police, Phish, and Primus, when Trey Anastasio/Stewart Copeland/Les Claypool formed Oysterhead and released The Grand Pecking Order, we were all floored by its epic weirdness! It’s been on our radar for a few years to cover one of those tunes, but we needed a context that would allow us to drop that kind of darker, high-energy vibe that “Pseudo Suicide” carries. When we saw that both of our Summer Camp sets were at 2 am this year, we knew it was the perfect crowd and context to bust this one out for! Special shout out to one of our diehard AQ fans who pestered the band to cover Oysterhead, too.Typically, these late night festival sets remain the stuff of legend, but thanks to Bitz Productions, everyone can now relive Aqueous’ “Pseudo Suicide” cover in HD, pro-shot splendor. Watch the “epic weirdness” unfold below:Aqueous – “Pseudo Suicide” [Oysterhead cover, Pro-Shot][Video: AqueousBand]Setlist: Aqueous | Summer Camp Music Festival | Chillicothe, IL | 5/25/18Set: Cliffs of Dover [1] > All In, Aldehyde > Underlyer [2] > Pseudo Suicide [3] > Origami [4]NOTES: [1] 324 show gap | [2] XXXplosive teases (Dr.Dre) | [3] Oysterhead Cover, First Time Played | [4] Alternate ‘Slowgami’ versionOn Saturday, June 9th, Aqueous will head to Denver, CO’s storied Bluebird Theater for a headlining performance featuring support from Colorado’s own Evanoff. To grab your tickets for this landmark show, head here.last_img read more

Making AI, HPC and GPUs Easier for Data Scientists

first_imgWith new GPU-ready containers and server infrastructure, organizations are simplifying the deployment of artificial intelligence applications and the clusters they run on.Regardless of the domains they work in, researchers, data scientists and developers want to focus on the work they do, not the systems and tools they use to run their workloads. While that’s a simple proposition, the reality on the ground is often far removed from this ideal world.Those who have built artificial intelligence and other high-performance computing applications from the ground up — starting with bare-metal servers, computing frameworks, software libraries and more — understand that there is a lot of heavy lifting required up front. This work always comes first, before you can focus on the work you really want to do, like training your model, running your inference workloads and seeing the results.Together with its partners, NVIDIA is working to rewrite this story. It’s making the deployment of GPU-accelerated systems really easy with its NVIDIA GPU Cloud, or NGC.The NGC container registryVia the NGC container registry, NVIDIA provides a catalog of GPU-accelerated containers that deliver easy-to-deploy GPU-accelerated software for AI, machine learning and HPC. These containers, which are available to download at no charge, alleviate many of the headaches that come with setting up software. They help you get up and running quickly with tested, optimized and updated frameworks and applications. The containers are designed to take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs, on-premises or in the cloud, and to work across a wide variety of NVIDIA GPU platforms.The NGC container registry is simple to use. When you visit the site, you are prompted to answer a simple question: “What are you interested in working on?” To move forward, you simply select one of six options from a catalog: High Performance Computing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Inference, Visualization, or Infrastructure. Once a selection is made, you can begin working with, say, the Caffee2 deep-learning framework or the LAMMPS software application for molecular dynamics simulations. After that, you can move forward with the confidence that comes with knowing your software is correctly configured.The NGC-Ready hardwareSoftware, of course, is only part of the problem when it comes to deploying large-scale HPC and AI applications. You also have to find the right hardware infrastructure to run your workloads. NVIDIA makes this process easier with its NGC-Ready program. Through this program, hardware vendors validate that the NGC containers run correctly on their servers and workstations.Dell EMC is an active participant in this program. Our NGC-Ready infrastructure, including the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server, has been tested and validated to run containers from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud. This back end work allows organizations to deploy GPU-accelerated Dell EMC systems with the confidence that comes with knowing they are ready to run NGC containers.And that’s just one part of the work that Dell EMC does with NVIDIA. My team works closely with the engineers at NVIDIA to optimize systems, perform benchmark testing and take other steps to help ensure that you and others can get the full value of GPU acceleration when deploying NGC containers on Dell EMC hardware.For example, some users worry that containerizing an application will hurt performance. Through our lab and benchmark testing, we’ve been able to show that little, if any, performance is lost when you containerize your software, as opposed to starting with software that you deploy on bare-metal servers. We put a special focus on proving the potential of using containers in large-scale simulations and deep learning applications. In our lab, we find containers to be portable and efficient as we scale out deep learning workloads.Even better, we’re demonstrating how the container approach makes life easier for data scientists and other users who are venturing into the brave new world of AI and machine learning. With the right frameworks incorporated into an NGC container and deployed on our NGC-Ready hardware, you can take advantage of GPUs for deep learning by adding just a few lines of code — literally. You add the lines of code and you gain the benefits of GPU acceleration, with no need to port your application code to a new platform.Ready Solutions for AIIn another ongoing initiative, our engineers at Dell EMC work closely with their counterparts at NVIDIA to bring systems to market that are optimized for GPU-enabled deep learning applications. That’s the case with our Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI, which are optimized for deep learning with NVIDIA GPUs.These Ready Solutions provide a GPU‑optimized stack that can shave valuable time off of deep learning projects. If that’s your goal, Dell EMC engineers can help you configure, test and tune your GPU‑enabled hardware and software, so you can get up and running quickly with a top-tier deep learning platform based on a framework that can use both CPUs and GPUs. These solutions even include services to help your data scientists discover insights from data in less time.Key takeawaysIf you take a step back and look at the big picture, you’ll see that there are a lot of resources available to help your organization deploy AI and HPC-driven applications that take advantage of the power of GPU acceleration, and to do so with the confidence that comes with validated and optimized hardware and software solutions.I think you’ll also see that it’s becoming much easier to get into this game than it was just a handful of years ago. Today, end users no longer need to become experts in the underlying technology to capitalize on GPU-accelerated systems and the power of AI and other HPC-fueled applications. Instead, they can keep their eyes of the real prize — the work they do.To learn moreFor a closer look at the technologies that make it all go, explore Dell EMC solutions for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.last_img read more

Broadway Vet & Ghostbusters Mayor David Margulies Dead at 78

first_imgBroadway vet and Ghostbusters mayor David Margulies died on January 11, reports the New York Daily News. He was 78 years old.Margulies was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Runya and Harry David Margulies, a nurse and lawyer, respectively. Soon after graduating from the City College of New York, Margulies made his stage debut in 1958’s Golden 6 off-Broadway.It was in 1973 that Margulies made his Broadway debut in The Iceman Cometh; he later went on to tread the Main Stem’s boards in Zalmen or The Madness of God, Comedians, Break a Leg, The West Side Waltz, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Cafe Crown, Conversations With My Father, Angels in America, A Thousand Clowns and 45 Seconds From Broadway. Margulies was last seen on the Great White Way in the 2003 revival of Wonderful Town.An off-Broadway mainstay, Margulies’ most recent credits included After the Revolution at Playwrights Horizons, All That I Would Ever Be at New York Theatre Workshop, The Accomplices at the Acorn Theatre and The Illusion at Signature Theatre Company. His last stage appearance was in 2013—The Hatmaker’s Wife for Playwrights Realm.Marguiles’ best known film role was as the Mayor of New York in the blockbuster movies Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. Additional screen credits included Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, A Most Violent Year, The Front, All That Jazz, Dressed to Kill, 9½ Weeks and The Sopranos. He will soon be seen as Elie Wiesel in ABC’s upcoming series Madoff. View Commentslast_img read more

Hamilton Documentary to Air on PBS This Fall

first_img View Comments Hamilton Related Shows While a live version of Hamilton on NBC may be a distant dream, a feature film documentary about the gargantuan hit will air on PBS this fall! Part of the Great Performances series, Hamilton’s America will provide intimate access to the show’s creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and his colleagues during the two years leading up to the Broadway opening.The documentary combines interviews with experts and prominent personalities, new footage of the production in New York, and cast-led expeditions to DC, Philadelphia and New York.  Audiences will sit with Miranda as he composes songs in Aaron Burr’s Manhattan bedroom. They’ll take a trip to Virginia with Chris Jackson—the African-American actor who portrays George Washington—and watch him place a wreath on Washington’s grave, as he discusses the difficulty of grappling with the U.S.’s founders’ legacy of slavery.  Back in New York, Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr—who plays Aaron Burr—visit the Museum of American Finance to get their hands on some 19th-century dueling pistols and stage a quick re-enactment.As if you didn’t know already, Hamilton is playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Directed by Thomas Kail and featuring a book, music and lyrics by Miranda, Hamilton is inspired by the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. The cast also currently includes Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, Jonathan Groff as King George, Anthony Ramos as John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton, Daveed Diggs as Marquis De Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson, Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Javier Muñoz as Hamilton alternate. from $149.00last_img read more

Committee wrestles with regulations for attorneys’ Web sites

first_imgDeciding whether and how to regulate lawyers’ Web sites is proving a difficult task for a special Bar committee.Chobee Ebbets, chair of the Bar’s Special Committee on Website Advertising Rules, told the Board of Governors recently the committee has voted 6-4 that Web sites should be treated as information provided at the request of a potential client.That would free the Web sites from most of the ad rules if the Supreme Court of Florida adopts rules changes proposed by the board in December 2005, but still requires that information on the Web sites not be false, misleading, or manipulative.But committee members aren’t fully satisfied with that, Ebbets said, and are still exploring possible additional regulations for Web sites.“The Web is something where we must have some regulations that are distinctive and unique,” he said.Difficulties include the sheer magnitude of trying to regulate Web sites. Ebbets said up to 40,000 Bar members may have Web sites, which can range in size from a few to hundreds of pages. And those sites can be changed daily.For now, the committee is continuing to research and mull over the issue, Ebbets said, and hopes soon to have a final recommendation for the board.The difficulties were not unexpected. Ebbets noted that the special committee was created last year when advertising rules were overhauled, but the board could not reach a consensus on what to do about Web sites. Committee wrestles with regulations for attorneys’ Web sites April 30, 2006 Regular Newscenter_img Committee wrestles with regulations for attorneys’ Web siteslast_img read more