Here a lawsuit. There a lawsuit. Everywhere a lawsuit. And all of them worthless

first_imgHonestly, Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump sounds like a perfect pairing. Like Lewis and Martin. Abbott and Costello. Think any good comedy team, and now imagine they don’t know they’re actually supposed to be funny. Except they’re hilarious. And then Bodi arrived on the scene with big news. She has a court order! (pause for cheers), that says Pennsylvania … must allow Republicans to observe the vote counting process. Which is fine. Because Pennsylvania already allowed Republicans to observe. Never stopped them from trying to observe. Encouraged them to observe. In fact, they’ve had a live stream of the vote counting process from the beginning so everyone can observe. Bondi also said … other things. However, what those things might have been, no one will ever know. Because … Honestly, just please listen to the tweet below. You won’t be sorry.- Advertisement – x But if you’re going to listen to the tweet below, do yourself a favor and just speed to the end. That’s the part where one woman tries to start a “we want Trump” chant, and carries on solo for multiple repetitions before giving up. Consider it the omen for the day. – Advertisement – Meanwhile, in Nevada the Trump campaign promised a major announcement, that included not just Grenell, but professional Brooks Brothers Rioter, Matt Schlapp. What was the big announcement?They’re going to file a lawsuit claiming they have access, but they don’t have meaningful access. Added to this were a dozen or so repetitions from Grenell that Clark County was “counting illegal votes” or “not counting legal votes.” Take your pick. Following this, they brought on stage one woman who claimed her mail-in ballot went missing, and then a member of the Trump campaign who complained about not being able to get into a press area even though he was with the campaign “in a media capacity.” In other words, the major announcement was: We got nothing.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Nikki Bella Told Artem Chigvintsev to ‘Suck It Up’ on ‘DWTS’

first_imgShe went on to explain to Chigvintsev, 38, that the judges are there to give constructive criticism to him and partner Kaitlyn Bristowe — specifically Carrie Ann Inaba.Nikki Bella Told Artem to Suck It Up When DWTS Judges Got Tough on Him 1Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Rob Latour/Shutterstock Kelsey McNeal/ABC“He was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Then you see what they got this past week,” she added, referring to the pair’s perfect score following their Argentine tango on the Monday, November 9, episode. “I go, ‘She pushes you! You guys did better and look at the outcome.’ I’m like, ‘Carrie Ann’s doing her job!’”Nikki admitted that she and her husband-to-be, who welcomed their first son, Matteo, in July, “bumped heads on that.” She also urged the Russia native to make a video after Inaba, 52, revealed on The Talk she was getting “bullied” by fans who thought her scoring was too tough. Ultimately, they decided not to post it.Kaitlyn Bristowe Artem ChigvintsevKaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev on Dancing with the Stars Eric McCandless/ABC- Advertisement – – Advertisement – “We saw things differently, but that’s just the athlete in me,” the Incomparable coauthor said. “Imagine singing in front of Simon Cowell. Like, that’s kind of what you sign up for. … They would give me such a hard time every week. Like, ‘You need to be more graceful.’ And I just sucked it up. I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re probably right, I do.’”Brie, 36, also noted that she would love to go on the show — if her husband, Bryan Danielson, would compete as well.“I think it’d be fun to challenge myself if my husband did it too, and we could kind of compete against each other,” the mother of two told Us.- Advertisement – Toughen up! Nikki Bella was very honest with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev when he was getting upset about the judges’ low scores on season 29 of Dancing With the Stars.“I think because Brie [Bella] and I have been athletes our whole life, I have been raised in such a way, like, don’t cry about injuries. Suck it up. So, Artem and I actually got in this discussion,” Nikki, 36, told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting the new season of Total Bellas. “I think he was so shocked because I was like, ‘Why are you taking it so personal?’”- Advertisement – Total Bellas premieres on E! Thursday, November 12, at 9 p.m. ET.Listen to Watch With Us to hear more about your favorite shows and for the latest TV news!last_img read more

Rolla flexible portable battery pack is multifunctional across all applications » Gadget Flow

first_imgThe Rolla flexible portable battery pack is useful no matter what you do for work or pleasure. Going camping? Take the Rolla to keep your gadgets charged. Shooting a video? Bring the Rolla to make sure your camera doesn’t run out of juice. This battery pack includes two D-Taps, two USB-C ports, and a USB-A port so you can plug in pretty much anything. Designed for pro-consumers, professional industries, and hobbyists, this flexible portable battery pack boasts a whopping 27,000 mAh capacity. And it even offers 300 watts of peak power while weighing only 770 grams. With its unique, flexible design and robust structure, the Rolla simply rolls up to wrap around your hips, handlebars, and more. This useful gadget offers pass-through charging, and it’s also approved for air travel so you can take it anywhere. Power your audiovisual equipment, travel gear, and more with this versatile, wearable battery. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Straight talk on business travel, working smart, school closures, and realistic expectations

first_img(CIDRAP Business Source Osterholm Briefing) – The media may have deflected their focused attention away from the novel H1N1 influenza virus (what they’ve called swine flu) for the moment, but I know you’re still on high alert, and with good reason.So let’s talk about what’s reasonable. Perhaps the best guiding principle to keep in mind is that of proportional response. Right now, this virus is behaving like seasonal influenza. So our decisions need to be proportionate to the risk. If we invoke extreme measures when they are not warranted, we lose all credibility for when the situation truly calls for such measures. So keep that top of mind as we go into the next week.TravelingMuch ado has been made over Vice President Joe Biden’s remark on the “Today” show suggesting he wouldn’t encourage his family to travel on planes or subways, which did not jibe with official government advice and was quickly corrected by his spokesperson.But was the vice president wrong? Was his response in proportional to the current risk? Yes, he was wrong because his response was not in proportion. Had there been tens of thousands of people dying at the moment, however, he might well have been right. Will the virus continue to behave like a seasonal strain? I’m afraid the answer is the one I’ve recommended we practice: We don’t know yet. But the VP’s faux pas reminds us of how important our credibility is and how our responses must be carefully measured.I know that you’re hearing questions about business travel right now. Should employees plan to go to big conventions this month or next, for example? Current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is sound. Use it to make your best judgment.And what if an employee is anxious about traveling and expresses that concern? First, realize that in current economic times, it took courage for the employee to raise the question. The best risk communicators, says expert Peter M. Sandman, PhD, remind people about the range of options. Share with worried employees the CDC stance, show them the recommendations posted right on the Source page. Talk about minimum protection, and if that’s not enough to quell worries, discuss what even stronger precautions could look like.After you’ve shared all the options and the employee just can’t cope with the idea of travel, then I’d encourage you to cut your employee some slack. It’s far better in the long term, and you have options, too, like sending someone else if you absolutely need this trip to happen.Know that we’ll keep you continually up to date about travel recommendations as the situation unfoldsDealing with the fallout from school closuresSeveral districts this week in places like Fort Worth and San Antonio shuttered schools after the novel H1N1 influenza virus was confirmed. And that has implications for you as parents scramble to take care of children or make other arrangements.Right or wrong? We don’t know yet. Remember that we haven’t watched a potential pandemic unfold like this in more than 30 years. Mistakes are going to be made, but this is a work in progress and a lesson in process. We’re learning and adjusting guidance as we go, and that’s the frame of mind we need right now—flexibility. Will more schools close? It’s likely, but we really have to take a look at what we’re accomplishing in terms of preventing transmission and severe disease by closing them. If closing schools doesn’t make a difference, then we have to ask if such  actions are in proportion to the risk.Working smartI can’t let this week pass without making sure you know of a business practice I find impressive and would go so far as to say is promising. I know of a group of human resource professionals from multinational corporations who have been meeting regularly to share how they’re planning. Some of them might even be considered competitors. Thus, what they’ve accomplished is truly remarkable, especially as the pandemic alert levels have risen so quickly.They share without hesitation the questions they’re struggling with and share solutions that have worked. They have included a representative from the state’s health department who is able to keep their ideas grounded in what’s real and possible. What makes the process work so well is complete confidentiality. Just a one-hour phone call was enough to help one company rethink some communication it was going to send that would have put employees and the organization in an impossible fix. Imagine the hassle and expense that they saved. The group members have even decided to ramp up their 1-hour conference calls to 3 times a week, knowing that if nothing is pressing, they can cancel, but if they need each other, the time is held in reserve.This group was smart enough to get the initiative off the ground during the planning stage, so now their relationships are strong and mutual trust is a given. But it’s not too late to do the very same thing among your peers. Perhaps your chamber of commerce could facilitate. Please consider how much effort and expense you will save if you give this a try. We all need to work smart right now to keep up our stamina.A heads-upAs you enter the weekend, I want to make sure you know that the CIDRAP Source may be offline for a period of time on Sunday as technical experts at the university cope with a potential hot spot. If the site isn’t be available during this time, know that we will still send out alerts and e-mail communication if something warrants your attention.If the site is down, I’d encourage you to visit this CDC site for updates and Peter Sandman’s site for risk communication advice.Still to comeOur webinar this week and conversations we’ve had with you have raised many questions you’re struggling to answer. Among them are such issues as:Coping without a plan. How do you protect your business at this point?Masks and respirators. You’re coping with conflicting information and need some clarity.Antivirals and vaccine. How do you use antivirals now and how should they be used during a severe pandemic? Do we have enough? And what’s the straight story on vaccine manufacturing capacity and plans?Presenteeism. How do you deal with employees whose economic insecurity has them showing up at work when they should be home?Recovered workers. It’s unrealistic to think all employees will be tested for swine flu and given a clean bill of health from their physicians later, so how will you deal with returning workers and the worried well at work?Employees who cross the Mexican/US border daily. How can you realistically apply stay-at-home guidance for these workers?We will be addressing these questions and topics in the days to come, gathering the best guidance and real-world examples we can find.And finally, for the latest breaking news….The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 331 cases of swine influenza H1N1 in 11 countries as of 6 a.m. GMT today. The case numbers by country are United States, 109 (1 death) (these are yesterday’s totals); Mexico, 156 (9 deaths), Canada, 34; Spain, 13; United Kingdom, 8; New Zealand, 3; Germany, 3; Israel, 2; and 1 each in Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. [WHO update 7]The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 141 confirmed US cases in 19 states as of 11 a.m. ET today. New York leads the list with 50, followed by Texas, 28; South Carolina, 16, and California, 13. Other states have 4 or fewer cases. [CDC H1N1 flu page]The US government will buy 13 million treatment courses of antiviral drugs to battle the swine flu, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced last night. The new supplies will replace 11 million courses that HHS released to the states this week and add 2 million more, at a cost of $251 million, she said. She also said the government is sending 400,000 courses to Mexico. [HHS news release]Hospitals and clinics in some parts of the country, including New York, California, and Alabama, are seeing a surge of the worried well—patients who have minor symptoms but major worries about swine flu, the Associated Press (AP) reported today. For example, a pediatric hospital in San Diego is seeing up to 50% more patients than usual. [AP report]The first person in Mexico who became ill with what turned out to be the new flu virus got sick on Mar 17, according to an MMWR Dispatch from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The first outbreak was reported to the Pan American Health Organization Apr 12. Mexico had a total of 1,918 suspected cases from Mar 1 through Apr 30, of which 286 were probable and 97 were confirmed. [MMWR Dispatch]Nearly 300 schools nationwide were closed yesterday because of concern about the new virus, the Washington Post reported today. Most of the schools were in Texas, where all 147 schools in the Fort Worth district were closed for 10 days after one case was confirmed and three probable cases were reported.Hong Kong has imposed a 7-day quarantine on about 200 guests and staff members of a hotel where a Mexican man who tested positive for swine flu stayed, according to the ChannelNewsAsia website. Authorities were also trying to trace passengers who were on the man’s flight from Shanghai. A Hong Kong hotel was the launching pad for the international spread of SARS in 2003last_img read more

Park Plaza is the first in Croatia to introduce a new free service for its guests “handy” which allows them unlimited calls and internet

first_imgImagine coming to a hotel, settling into a room, and a smartphone is at your disposal with free calls, internet and everything on it during your stay at the hotel.It is the hotel company Arena Hospitality Group that continues its innovative path of introducing new services in its own accommodation facilities in order to further raise the quality of existing services and get even closer to its guests and enable them a better stay.From Saturday, the Park Plaza Arena hotel, and together with the Park Plaza Histria hotel, a new “mobile”Service for guests, and the same is being introduced this week in the hotel Park Plaza Belvedere Medulin and the tourist resort Park Plaza Verudela Pula. It is a state-of-the-art mobile and digital offer for the hotel industry, whereby every guest of the mentioned facilities receives a mobile device with unlimited international and local calls and internet access during their stay at no additional cost.Namely, the whole thing works in such a way that when guests check in at the reception, in rooms or apartments they will be waiting for them and will be available during their stay mobile phone at a special charging station (docking station) that offers unlimited local and international calls, free internet access, a free destination guide, speed dial calls and emergency information.In this way, guests receive free destination recommendations, while hotels have the possibility of an additional channel of communication with guests through which they can send special offers and information about promotions, regardless of where the guests were at the time. Therefore, the service to guests is active during the entire stay, regardless of whether they are in a room, hotel, walk, excursion, etc.…. On the technological side, mobile devices come with mobile an operating system that is a customized version of the Android system, and can also be personalized by the hotel, to make the hotel offer a reservation and purchase of its services. mobile it also offers language customization, so that hotel guests can enjoy its features no matter what language they speak.. Following the implementation of this new service in Pula and Medulin, by the end of 2017, the same service will be introduced in the other 8 hotels of the group in Germany (Berlin, Nuremberg, Cologne and Dresden) and Hungary (Budapest). “With the introduction of this service, Arena Hospitality Group with its four accommodation facilities becomes the first hotel company in Croatia with the introduction of free international calls and internet access for its guests. At a time of intensive and continuous development of mobile and digital technology, their application in the hotel industry is a significant step forward in achieving competitiveness in the market and will certainly be recognized by guests and their satisfaction with their stay in our hotels or resorts. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the development of advanced technologies and try to be leaders in the implementation of such innovations in our facilities in Croatia as well as in Germany and Hungary.”   pointed out the CEO of Arena Hospitality Group Mr. Rally Slonim.By the way, in 2016, the Park Plaza Arena hotel was recognized and celebrated as a hotel with the introduction of a unique service “digital key”Which can be used to open electronic locks in hotel rooms and suites with smartphones through a specially developed mobile application. Such an offer provided him with a competitive advantage, making him the first in Croatia, and one of the few in Europe with such a free guest service. As of this year, the mentioned Park Plaza Arena hotel is a proud holder of “BOSK gluten free standards”As the first hotel in Istria, the most touristy Croatian region, and also a hotel with the only one a’la carte restaurant on the Adriatic with complete gluten free offer.Tink Labs claims that the introduction of free smartphones has directly affected the increase in revenue from guests and is definitely becoming a “must have” product offered to guests of large hotel chains. And the figures say that within three months of implementation, it increases REVPAR or revenue per available room by 3,4%, increases the use of hotel services by 21%, and guests use the device for an average of 67 minutes a day. The smartphone is of course free for guests, except in case you lose or damage it, because then you still have to pay for the damage.The possibilities are certainly great, all hotel services at your fingertips and two-way and personalized communication with guests. Technology is there to help us, not help us. Take advantage of it, but do not forget human direct contact and interaction is most important in tourism, regardless of all the achievements of technology.Related news:FREE HOTEL SMARTPHONE AS A NEW TREND IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRYARENATURIST POSITIONED AS A LEADER IN THE APPLICATION OF NEW AND MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES IN TOURISMlast_img read more

The best June in the last ten years at Pula Airport

first_imgThe airport recorded 94.603 passengers in June, making it the strongest in ten years.During June last year, the number of 67.313 passengers was recorded, so it is 40,2% stronger in terms of the number of passengers. In July, a record 154.122 passengers passed through the airport, which is 32,5% more than last year. By the end of July, a total of 315.704 passengers passed through Pula Airport, which is 34,6% more than last year for the same period.We expect to cross in the first half of September, and the number of half a million passengers stands out from ZL Pula, adding that last year Pula Airport recorded a total of 436.121 passengers, which number they hope to cross in the second half of August. “By the end of the year, according to all indicators, there are indications that we will achieve the plan for this year, ie exceed the number of 600.000 passengers, who will pass through Pula Airport, as flying continues in the winter, with Eurowings to Dusseldorf, twice weekly, Thursdays and Saturdays. ” stand out from the Pula Tourist BoardHow important air connections are for Pula is also shown by the data that Pula is on July 30th. In 2017, it recorded its first millionth overnight stay, which is ten days earlier than last year, or 28 days earlier than in 2012. So it is in Pula until 31.07. 212.932 tourist arrivals were recorded, which is 24% more than last year, and 1.024.381 overnight stays with an increase of 25%, while in the first six months of this year in Pula there were as many as 30% more arrivals and 35% more overnight stays compared to same period last year. “The fact that a million overnight stays this year were recorded 10 days earlier than last year, with the fact that we had a record 1,8 million overnight stays last year, is optimistic. For one Pula that has been a strong industrial and military center for years, these are remarkable numbers. Pula continues to develop not only as a holiday destination but also as a City break destination and has applied for the most successful City break destination. An increasing number of events throughout the year, an increasing offer of various cultural and entertainment facilities as well as a growing number of accommodation facilities in the city center and other offers support this candidacy.”Points out Sanja Cinkopan Korota, director of the Pula Tourist Board.Related news: SANJA CIKOPAN KOROTAJ, TZ PULA: WE EXPECT 2 MILLION NIGHTS BY THE END OF THE YEARlast_img read more

CSEBA brings the strongest representatives of the Chinese tourism sector to the region

first_imgSoutheast European Business Association (CSEBA), in cooperation with the event organization company Meritum komunikacije, Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC), the City of Dubrovnik, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro since 24. until April 26, organizes the Silk Road Tourism Conference in Dubrovnik, at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel.This makes the Silk Road Tourism Conference the largest and most important business event that connects major Chinese businessmen with the regional one, in order to strengthen tourism cooperation and related activities. The importance and seriousness of this gathering is confirmed by the fact that the conference, along with representatives of the economy from Croatia and the region, is attended by the largest Chinese tour operators, the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce, which networks about a hundred chambers of commerce. The Silk Road, interested Chinese investors and other stakeholders who follow the tourism industry.It is a clear indicator of the interest of the Chinese business community to perform in the region, because the conference is attended by, among others, Wang Shuai, founder and president of iYAT, the largest Chinese nautical company that promotes with its 10.000 yachts high class travel packages for Chinese boaters around the world. Precisely, Shuai is coming to Croatia this year to expand cooperation with local businessmen, because last year he saw what nautical potentials our coast offers. There is great interest from regional countries for this gathering, but Croatia has strategically jumped because of its geographical position and the strength it has in the tourism segment.Photo: Mario Rendulić, CSEBA”In addition to respected Chinese and regional businessmen, our guests are also visited by the highest representatives of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC), an organization that connects about a hundred chambers of commerce on the Silk Road, and of which CSEBA has recently become a full member. It is a business club whose targeted activities strengthen the exchange between Western countries and China and accelerate business processes in order to strengthen investment and expand business and, among other things, encourage the arrival of Chinese tourists to the Adriatic. “says Mario Rendulić, President of the Presidency of CSEBA, who with an investment of 30 million kuna in Krapinske Toplice showed what opportunities are open to us through strengthening cooperation with Chinese businessmen.CSEBA points out that they decided to organize such a high-profile business meeting with the success of the 1st Silk Road Tourism Workshop held in early February in Krapinske Toplice, as well as the strong investment pulse that is yet to be expected, especially after the recent decision to build the Peljesac Bridge. be a Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).In the three days of the conference, special emphasis will be placed on the topics of nautical, health and cultural tourism. The plans of SRCIC in Croatia and the region will be presented, as well as the work of the Silk Road Fund, which will invest in the future in several countries in our region. “Croatian tourist capacities are still quite unknown to the Chinese market, and the Croatian tourist sector needs to be well prepared for the reception of Chinese guests who, in addition to cultural specifics, also differ in the use of Chinese communication platforms that have yet to be introduced. In addition, the promotion in the People’s Republic of China requires great organizational and cost efforts, so one of the goals of this gathering was to bring as many relevant Chinese partners as possible to Croatia and the region. ” they conclude from CSEBA and add that a pre-agreement on the shooting of the first Chinese film in Croatia will be signed during the conference.The Silk Road Tourism Conference program is located at read more

Krka National Park signs Agreement on Cooperation on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Management with Huanglong Nature Reserve from China

first_imgHuanglong Nature Reserve from China, Chengudu Institute of Biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb and Krka National Park Public Institution signed an Agreement on Cooperation on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Management on June 12, 2018 in China.Back in May 2014, China and Croatia established International Research Center for Environmental Protection which has built an important platform for knowledge exchange and cooperation between the two countries in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. This agreement is a continuation of the existing cooperation and an opportunity to upgrade knowledge and exchange experiences in nature protection, sustainable management, marketing activities and environmental development, point out the Krka National Park.Huanglong Nature Reserve and Krka National Park, although in different parts of the world, are connected by a similar karst landscape and great biodiversity. They also face common challenges in protecting the vulnerable ecosystem and sustainable development. The signed agreement is an opportunity for various cooperation, academic visits, joint studies and publications, which will contribute to better mutual understanding, sustainable community development, development of institutional mechanisms, further development of the visiting system, but above all biodiversity conservation, environmental monitoring system, scientific research cooperation and exchange of information ” points out the director of NP Krka, Krešimir Šakić.By the way, Huanglong (Chinese: pinyin: Huánglóng, which means Yellow dragon) in Songpan County (Sichuan Province, China), is a landscape that stretches through the southern part of the Minshan Mountains, where the Fujiang River flows through the Danyun Gorge, 150 km northwest of the province’s capital, Chengdu. This picturesque area is best known for the colorful pools of Huanglonggou (Yellow dragon ravine) formed by calcite deposits, but also by a diverse forest ecosystem, snow-capped peaks, such as Xuebaoding (Snow Mountain Peak) which is the easternmost snow peak in China; and waterfalls and thermal springs. That is why 60.000 ha of Huanglong were inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Asia in 1992.last_img read more

Open tender for the promotion of products protected as designations of origin and geographical origin and organic production

first_imgFind more information about the competition here By protecting Croatian indigenous products, we add value to our top domestic products that are unique in the world, and we guarantee consumers exceptional quality and an original way of preparing them. Especially in the tourism segment, where these products must be the main part of our tourist offer. Organic production in Croatia is recording an upward growth trend, and there are currently 4.565 farmers in the system of organic production on more than 100.000 hectares of agricultural land. This represents a growth of 23% compared to 2016. The total amount of available public support funds is HRK 10.700.000,00. The aid is granted for a period up to five years in a maximum amount of 100.000 euros, ie a maximum of EUR 30.000 per year in kuna equivalent, and the intensity of public support is up to 70% of the total eligible costs. The tender from Measure 3 “Quality programs for agricultural products and food”, for the type of operation 3.2.1. “Support for information and promotion activities” is open until January 31, 2019 by 12:00 p.m.. center_img Potential users are groups of producers, regardless of their legal form, composed mainly of producers or processors of the same product, who participate in quality systems (ZOI – Protected designation of origin, ZOZP – Protected designation of geographical origin, JTS – Guaranteed traditional specialty), associations of organic agricultural producers whose members are producers involved in organic production in accordance with national legislation.  The purpose of the tender is to co-finance the costs for the implementation of activities envisaged by the Information and Promotion Plan, in order to promote products protected as designations of origin and designations of geographical origin te products from the organic production system, emphasizing their special quality and encouraging consumers to buy them.       “Croatia strongly brands many indigenous agricultural and food products, and the Ministry of Agriculture actively supports all producer associations that want to obtain one of the three quality labels. So far, Croatia has provided this type of protection at the level of the European Union for 20 products, and another nine are in the process of registering the label at the EU level. ”  said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolusic.last_img read more