Details determine success or failure analysis of those important details in the optimization work is

safety certification through love Shanghai, thus allowing users to rest assured to your web site for a variety of activities, and can let love Shanghai trust your website, identify your website, so as to improve your rankings, so do we shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?

details: three

details: two websites trust

innovative website content ?

we can see Shanghai dragon VIP description is very creative, although the description is very short, and not deliberately increase keyword density, the ranking has little effect, but greatly improves the user experience. This description and other Shanghai dragon training site description of different, can produce a new visual impact on users, people can not help but click into the website content, therefore, we should emulate the Shanghai dragon VIP, careful attention to good description of this detail, to get more user attention. read more

Discussion secret pictures Shanghai dragon optimization!

[introduction] the majority of small and medium enterprises site are based on products, and the number of these sites occupy a large proportion in the network. The products of the website often involves a large number of pictures, if not the implementation of a very good optimization, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon. This girl will come and share some pictures of the optimization method.

2, write a complete The number of

A lot of Shanghai dragon >


3, an excellent ALT label, is one of the most simple words to express the meaning of the picture reflected.


do image search engine optimization, with the picture format has an integral relationship. Because, not only related to the size of picture format and pictures, and browser compatibility also have a certain relationship. We should pay attention to the following situations: read more

How to optimize the target keywords website

4, each column on the home page, as much as possible some target keywords, this is mainly in order to increase the density of keywords. For example, Shanghai Dragon Charm, to Shanghai dragon as the target keywords, then in the home page many columns will appear more relevant and the Shanghai dragon column, like "Shanghai dragon concept, Shanghai dragon thinking, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon Quiz Book, Shanghai dragon is what".

target keywords

three aspects of how to optimize the target keywords, target specific ideas of keyword optimization;

learn how to optimize target keywords as a priority for Shanghai dragon optimization process, want to master the optimization target keywords skills, you must first understand what is the target keywords, and how to choose the target keywords and keyword competition analysis, when the completion of the two you can learn how to optimize the target keywords. read more

The first half of 360 search transcripts share commercial speed slow growth

3B war seems to be no losers. The first half of the 360 search on-line, and did not die in the competition, but slowly increase the market share gradually stronger; and the love of Shanghai is not a sign of weakness, rely on the advantages of a strong system, maintain the stability of market share.

Sina and Zhang Nan

Hitwise, 360 comprehensive search market share has been slowly rising, as of March has reached 11.97%, over the same period, love Shanghai search market share has improved, reaching 78.55%.

Hiswise through further study found that according to the stage of commercialization and different modes of cooperation, different website flow ratio obtained from love Shanghai and 360 comprehensive search is also more obvious differences.

The commercial operation of

Merrill Lynch analyst Wang Chao (sound) long ago in Taipei and met with 360 executives, according to its sources, Google’s advertising system only got 1/3 of the traffic, and lower priority than the independent advertising system, at the same time, the 360 also blocked from Google’s advertising system. read more

Believe it or not the nobles are using the Analytics data of your baby.

Many webmaster comrades see

no doubt, all kinds of search engines in the collection of data to make their way through the various search results more perfect. Noble baby naturally will not miss our Analytic data. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we will suffer heavy losses. Maybe we can through the appropriate method, using Analytics data make our website ranked higher or.

but we don’t yet analysis First impressions are strongest. Meet with the owners who had noble baby engineers in the form of questions and answers a question of whether the use of words such as noble baby bounce rate, exit rate, residence time and other special elements. But these problems are too strong, the smart guys talk ambiguously back. In fact, rather than asking you: there is no nobility baby ranking website using Analytics data? Because the nobility baby is not just about a detail, but in the overall situation data. read more

Did you make some of the details of the optimization in the station

from the Guangzhou enterprises website provides original, >

cup that website internal links website like blood, must be smooth, if blocked, some functions will hamper the website will show some bad expression, leading to the normal operation of the website, and ill is the same reason, not do what they should do. Internal optimization is also pursuing the details, as long as the details of the optimization work related, make more in line with the rules of search engine, this combination of the chain in the lane, will soon be able to have a good ranking.

when do internal links, the site of the internal links we usually encountered is the basic, and a 404 page Jump problem. You can make this page and have made the navigation page, then users can choose their own search for love, the content of interest and after entering the 404 page. read more

The correlation factor of website is very important.

We often say that the

website ranking, keyword ranking; the fact that the site is the page keyword ranking ranking. Because the search engine is to grab the page information, if the home page there is a keyword search engine that the highest frequency of keywords is an important word; the acquisition will be equally relatively high! So we need to note that the key is placed in the page, column page, the page can not be too much the best control in about 3-4, the important is the need between words; this page will get equally related other pages relatively high! Page sections and content all need around the keywords layout.

keyword is a special web site to do some more, and not related, such as: ultrasonic cleaning machine Title Ultrasonic cleaning machine, optical lens cleaning machine, single ultrasonic washing, high pressure spray washing machine brand "title obviously there are some key words and key words are not consistent with the keywords for different! The main species will lead to a long time to get keywords ranking; similar words can make the main keywords to enhance the role of the acquisition time and equal in rank is shorter; the above title has been changed to" small ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, household ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine there are kinds of main key words, each product will have their types and type read more

Thousand By the Shanghai Dragon

I finally rejected the invitation, there are many reasons, the main one is I have in a departure from the Shanghai dragon farther down the road. Although I am a graduate to work, do Shanghai Longfeng things, although still a part of Shanghai dragon will be responsible for the work, although the industry has a special feeling for me.

actually do any one thing, you gain, with your pay, must not be inversely proportional to. That is to say, the more effort you pay more, get more. And hide, but feel hard to hesitate to move forward, even if exposed to the weather fishing may not be able to catch fish. With this idea in mind, it is not only a door today, but all the doors will open for you. Because, hobbies and >

is really too many people have diverted preaching to the new people, and do other work, not too deep, the most regret too late. That the little meat, dive in and know the truth of the helpless, on tenterhooks. Optimization of industry really has been changed, if you still in situ, with no modifications, of course will be confused. From the view of philosophy, nothing is eternal, and our modern society change rapidly, requires that each moment in the industry forward. We strive to master the requirements of the times, changes in your industry, has not outdated technology, you will always have a way out. read more

How do do new sites on the day of the search engines

Links exchange websiteThose who love the Shanghai

how to log how registered here I do not say

(good network name www.haodaming贵族宝贝 A5) first, please indicate. Thank you

webmaster tools other functions are the points again to see if there is no problem what

exchange snapshot day or yesterday, my station is 2 of my friends to help me with the new station, the effect is fine, and Links is hard, ad www.haodaming贵族宝贝 – for Links

next time I tell you how I want to promote my website

submit love Shanghai station

, without the truth



is a content release, without any acquisition, simply do the pseudo original, because only two days do not know how to.

to four search engine submission site, this step is essential, but when I did not submit to the 360 already included the 1 article, I mainly use the browser, Firefox 360. read more

Several points can not ignore the website optimization

as the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution, the site is not the exception, if a site is not healthy, it will not survive in the internet. According to the statistics of some of the security of the site, the cause of web traffic ranking is a rapid decline in the first place is the site or the black horse, so do the site safety maintenance, is that the site has a stable flow of guarantee. The security maintenance of the website more is to detect and repair website vulnerabilities. The general site safety inspection: SQL injection vulnerability detection, XSS cross site attack test, detection and detection of database access permissions on the folder. If you are a novice can go to our website security testing platform (iiscan) which belongs to scan, fool tool. In addition, make sure to find vulnerabilities as soon as possible to repair, or otherwise easily invaded. read more