Talk about the novice webmaster may not know the website jump out rate

for your regular users, such as the Fuzhou Shanghai dragon search every day into the blog users, when he found the page often not updated, may enter after not click on any page is closed, so keep a certain frequency can reduce your bounce rate is very good.

, a bounce rate

2, increasing the space velocity of on several problems of jump out rateAfter

2, click on the link to

3, page retention time

link station to calculate the bounce rate, according to the definition, click either inside or outside the chain chain, do not calculate the bounce rate.



jump rate refers to a period of time, the user enters a website only browse a page that is leaving the site visits the proportion of the total visits. In the statistical tools of the major search engines, has been out of the data rate, indicating the high bounce rate is of great significance for the website, then the author will talk about the bounce rate point of view.

content update frequency

meet the needs of users of articles within the chain can reduce the rate of jump out of the site, I believe that the webmaster friends.

a user click into the page, not careful and close the page, when he turns back, then calculate the bounce rate? According to the definition of the rate of jump out of view, the user first enters the site did not click any of the links, this is certainly a bounce rate.

1, click back to

Although the

page retention time and a relationship between the bounce rate? Apparently not, even if the user on the page for a day, as long as he does not click any link, then still have to count out the rate.

chain with search engine ranking algorithm makes early by keyword accumulation of cheating means no place to hide, but now by buying links and sending software and so on the chain of black hat became popular, the factors of the chain has been difficult to completely determine a page correlation, so the relevance of search engine to join out the rate of one such algorithm to assess the page. Simple to understand is that a high bounce rate, when the user through the search engine to your site, he did not click on any links to go out from a level above to determine your website content not to attract users, or you are deceiving. On the other hand, the user enters your website, click on a lot of links that your website content to attract users, make the website bounce rate decreases.

exportClick the

if the space is too slow, causing the user to open your web, then he is likely to directly off the page, the space velocity effect on smooth bounce rate is great.


three, how to reduce the rate of jump out of

3, the anchor text set


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