About noble baby panda update

4. changes of website structure Oh ~!

1. to correct your content, if you have been in the cut, then you have to stop, to provide better value for your visitors.

such as reducing your website page, page, repeat plagiarism spam spam links and web


said that if Google is in order to improve the quality of the site, then we need to get high quality surgery.

3. check your URL and site structure, if the noble baby bot can access the same page through a website, so we have to solve is the unification of the web site.

then after the Shanghai dragon day deal with Google panda? The Google panda update aim is to let more people see high-quality search website, so if your site is low quality, so you will have little chance to turn on the Google

today received an e-mail sent to Taiyuan as a noble baby, Shanghai dragon webmaster will certainly give you said, probably mean nobility (noble Baby Panda baby Panda 2.2) updated news, although Matt Katz announced that the latest update should not change the ranking so much, although Matt Katz announced that the latest update should not change the ranking of each country is so much, Google search engine version will involve Google panda update technology, for we will do more to keep the site updated, method does not use any black hat.

is just above the content, detail below several methods:

2. check your link strategy, if only the marketing methods to establish a link to your site, then your website ranking will drop, the solution is to let yourself a set of links to diversification, through various sources of link strategy.


not too fast, Google need time to register and re evaluate your change, if you don’t give it time to evaluate it, then you will lose nothing. Wait for a long time, your website content quality up, I believe that in the foreseeable future, your website SERP position will be higher and more stable than before

these are some of my personal views, finally, the ownership of Copyright: Taiyuan 贵族宝贝ty Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon.Org/, welcome to reprint, but please reprint the reserved link, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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