Do website optimization domain name also has a knack

we can find recently deleted domain name list, and then to check the name of the chain and the PR value, the higher the PR value chain the more the better, for example, can go to the golden rice network, above will be announced in recent days to delete the list of domain name. A chain and the PR value of the domain name, then congratulations, you are half way, but then we have to decide whether the domain name is really useful. This time to look at the history of the site, if the site is done before the illegal websites, then certainly can not be used, if before the website is to do business station or other normal station, this is our first choice.


has a number of Shanghai dragon ER said the selection of such a domain name is not good, but I believe that as long as the chain resources, and the domain name is done before the formal sector is also optional.

secondly, select some and their related old domain name;

select the domain name to include what products, products can be English words or Pinyin narrowing. The search engine will determine the domain name, if the domain name also contains product keywords, natural weight to certain domain. For example, Shanghai love their own domain name, the domain name in pinyin is reduced, more like 163 Sohu, etc.. This will not only bring a certain weight, but also easy to remember, in the minds of users will become more authoritative.


a good domain name can let you twice, it Why not?? according to the points above, we hasten to their site selection >

The weight of

old domain name is very high, the main advantage is the chain resources accumulated in the old domain, so for a new station, not hard to send the chain can get very good weight. An old name of the author himself personally tested, a line that day by the love Shanghai included, but also the next snapshot. This for a new domain name, no maintenance a month, it is not possible. As can be imagined, choose an old domain name is a wise choice, some owners even buy the old domain, but also for this purpose.

again, you can choose some peer delete domain name;

website optimization everywhere, choose a good domain name for the site, and is also an important factor optimization. The webmaster friends did not focus on the optimization of the domain name is a domain name registration, and then start line optimization, must know domain name selection have learned. Choose a good domain name, you can make the optimization work. Of these, only cost you a little time. If you choose a good domain name in the site before we can save you several times or dozens of times, you will begin to pay attention to? Well, here I introduce the method to choose the good domain name:

first, select the domain name should be chosen and their related industries;

then how should we look for the old domain name

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