How to do B2B website ranking optimization


3, and you choose products with the category, it is recommended that you use the category matching function;

1, supply information released with with the products meet and clear product image;

in order to allow the buyer to accurately find your product, you can do the following steps to improve your information accuracy, get a better ranking:

4, whether to support the Alipay (three days);

1, information matching (keyword matching);

A detailed description of

4, the release of information and fill in the chart with product attributes. For the same CTP members continuously released the same keyword information within two hours, only for the first piece of information release.

3, whether to support the price information (three days) (i.e. the marked price, ranking prior to the auction products) Note: this kind of product most, is the main area (this has been canceled in April this year, so you can not use the tube.

1, a piece of information to release a product;


two, how to make our information on the

2, supply information released with the product;

3, supply information released to bring attention to a product name must be easy to understand, we must remember the name of the product is for customers to come to us, and not we go to a customer, so we supply information released, release time, release the content, the product name must be according to the customer’s habits to set.

2, is a member of

2, your product name must appear in the title;

, a Alibaba ranking rules:


5, information release time. We all know that the Alibaba every five minutes will be according to the product release time to update a ranking, which is the principle of the product release time from the update time more near the front rank. (for the general keyword search, product information is not the same business on the same page appears two times. For example, you in 9:00 released the hanger information 2, the Alibaba to update the keywords hanger ranking in 9:01, so in the home can only have one you posted another hanger information, the information will not appear in the first few pages, and released a number of the same key word search for product information at the same time the ranking is invalid).

release supply information we try to do the following:

In the

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