Taught you how to do ZhengZhan optimization work of Shanghai Dragon

4: the full collection of competitors website related data in

4: after the site of the overall framework is set up, we can according to the long tail keywords before we dig out to the site, just for a new online content, we must as far as possible to the original, if your site started to spiders are reproduced content if your site will not be popular search engine. The content we will do the

: preparation of

3: make good site map, not only can help the search engine to index the content we can also help our users to quickly find the desired content.

procedure to determine

only has a complete set of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, we can in the later work more handy to carry out the work, and may even play a Shibangongbai effect.

5: to fully tap the long tail keywords of the industry and make the weight distribution.

chain website systemFour,

let’s see a complete website optimization Shanghai dragon, what work should be done:


three, the station optimization scheme of

1: reasonable to set up a website title, Keywords tag and description tag, especially the target of the web site keywords, we have to set up

2: site navigation must be simple and clear and beautiful at the same time, we should reasonably put our words to include. And the website uses a tree like structure, in as little as possible to do some video, such as flash, that will only affect the user experience.

3: a meaningful domain (domain name with the keyword suggestions)

  Shanghai dragon final

2: determine the goal of the website keywords


whether we do or to the customer to do the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must optimize the final. Because the only way we can be better to optimize. When we determine the optimal objective, we can also put this goal into the specific stage of small target monthly, weekly, daily, so we will be very easy to achieve.

two: to determine the optimal target for

1: Web site theme and determine the

whether you are in their own personal website or in the website optimization optimization for your company, or you provide relevant Shanghai Longfeng optimization services directly to the customer. We must carry out before the official Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, to develop a complete Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme for our website. Especially for those who contact Shanghai Longfeng learning friends, this is what we must do.

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