Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not just the home station

1, famous website reputation, is called a well-known Web site name is well known to all of the site, so when the different needs of users to search information will be used to search for keywords to find Shanghai Longfeng information source, or directly in the browser address bar enter the well-known Web site directly into the website to find the information, then the result is triggered either the behavior is the same.

, of course, there is a technical requirement that is well-known pages within the website search engine quality must meet the requirements will be included, page information timely and effectively meets the needs of users is the key. The most famous website can do it, but don’t forget that a famous website will not long be users familiar with, there will be a small part of the "famous website" will slowly fade out of our sight, it is not good enough to do is not stagnant, but triggered a search engine punishment machine "

when we return to the search input in the search engine keywords will see that most of the results are the official website home page, in addition to love Shanghai’s own products filled with the inside pages of various types of portals, classified information website. Did you know that this is why? The answer is basically uniform, that is the so-called large page weight is very high. What is the weight of the weight? Is the search engine attention to the site and page level, the degree of trust and dependence, then why are we to study under the famous sites in addition to home page is included outside the high ranking.

The importance of

3, pages of information, what is the information page is the inside pages of the site?. No one will put the site all the information is piled up to the front page and it can’t be done, then the Shanghai dragon will try to more crawling pages of well-known sites which included, as long as enough will be included in the page to a greater extent to meet the user’s information search full page, which is why the station it is often ranked keyword search results page to return home.

2, user traffic, basic search engine is user traffic, no matter what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? (Google truly build a bridge between the user and the information function of the website, but Shanghai has not love perhaps to this direction) then it will bring the most famous website search engine (user traffic the reason why Shanghai spider Taobao screen love love Shanghai crazy crazy is the root user traffic loss), then the search engine will naturally give weight "more famous website.

is today wrote the title is because most of the webmaster in website optimization of the basic focus on the home page, regardless of the external links of reverse link or Links are also basic to the home page, it will have the disadvantages of Web site optimization, let the "limit" don’t waste all the resources in the home, the overall site optimization it is a process of long-term, stable and sustainable reward. Not much to say, start this blog.

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