only care about love Shanghai no need to optimize the concept of Shanghai Dragon

indeed, some netizens are often in the use of other Internet services in the process, suddenly the search needs, must immediately use the search engine keyword retrieval, which some users will not hang in a tree, consider the "simple" I used to love Shanghai or Google first, more just subconsciously the use of more convenient up from his perspective — unless it is obtained the search results are not satisfied, will consider to choose other search engines.


major portals, navigation website going their own wishful thinking, to push their own search engine (picture)

day before the exchange with the Yunnan Ren’ai Hospital network department director Zhang, he said: "although the love of Shanghai now occupies nearly 80% of the domestic search engine market, but some of the users in the use of search engines for information search often are based on the principle of the nearest convenient, conveniently with that, and that I must use a the brand of search engine, so the website optimization must fully consider the nearest search user psychology, highlight the love Shanghai key is necessary, and other search engines also must be taken into account, because this part of the user while the percentage is not too high, but the absolute number, really not the days and months multiplying".

is a phrase dreamer awoke ah, after a few days to talk with him, I’ve been thinking about what he said, more think more is the truth. You see, the major portals, famous site navigation only the main push of its own search engine, and no matter what the market share, such as Sina search, Sogou push push SINA Sohu, NetEase, Tencent push push Youdao, search, famous site navigation also have tendency to push the 265 Google HAO123 push, love Shanghai, etc.. Sina and micro-blog search and micro-blog has now launched the Tencent is not a long time search.

in more "I only care about love Shanghai" Shanghai dragon ER everyone stared at the popular search engines love Shanghai, love Shanghai position is very limited, some of the more popular industry keywords (count all the long tail) general website even "Eleventh phenomenon" is difficult to reach. In contrast, Google, Sogou, search, Youdao, Bing search engine search because of the long tail into the flow of small, Shanghai dragon ER have not paid much attention, the keyword ranking is relatively difficult to have smaller, although the search into the flow of small, but as director Zhang said, the absolute number of this part and many people, days and months multiplying. It must be enough for a striking number of small sites from quantitative to qualitative change.

so, Shanghai dragon ER attention to the popular search engine is not wrong, but at the same time must be given to Google, Sogou, search, Youdao, Bing (including Sina micro-blog search and micro-blog search Tencent) the long tail search engine enough attention, only in this way can we truly achieve the perseverance, we will do the website of Shanghai dragon better to.


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