Shanghai dragon small website optimization promotion strategy

good beginning is half

has asked Shanghai dragon is a personal good or good team, they dare not jump to conclusions, but each one has its own merits, want a healthy and stable development of the industry, meticulous work is fundamental, so is the website construction, what goes up must come down, optimize the site’s success is reflected in Shanghai dragon Er to every detail perfect, successful the team leader is the perfect allocation for each job.

the Internet has created numerous successful cases, listed on the other side of the United States China Internet companies as the industry has been the predecessors model and goals of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also like the three mountains like occupy a huge market and competition, in the face of large enterprises strong capital and strong talent gathered the advantages of traditional marketing means in the field of the Internet has gone up, for the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon promotion brings invisible but imminent pressure, how to try new ways of marketing optimization and perfection of building their own website to become a new topic.

times, pulse power flow


after the grasp of the direction of the times, to optimize the strategy around the core keywords, website content standing outside the chain, the website construction is the foundation of Shanghai dragon, there are users and search engines, the first new content based chain supplemented by the way, don’t forget to designate main keywords within the chain home page through the auxiliary support do the content when the chain is updated to grasp the update rhythm and popularity.

The opponent is the emergence of competition,

the upgrading of the Internet quickly not to be expected, whether it is led from the post industrial era of human progress to the Internet is with Microsoft, or open a new era of network search engine era noble baby may have just a glimpse of the so-called "there only, the leading position for hundreds of years, want to make money from the Internet, to grasp the pulse of fashion, one of their own market, realize the value from it, from the many statistical tools we can peep at the market trends, whether by word analysis flow into the fortune is personal.

Bury the hatchet

optimization process, we will encounter some more powerful than their own, they may be a problem, know love Shanghai love Shanghai space in an article, Shanghai Post Bar love in a post, even love the Shanghai encyclopedia, these sites are Shanghai’s love the product has its own weight, and a high degree of credibility than general website. They participate in the ranking and the chance is much higher than any of the website, how to make friends, how to make good use of the platform to do their own websites ranking and publicity, I think is a problem worth pondering every small and medium enterprises in the way of the website optimization.

The development of The power of

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