Share a short period of time how to make key love Shanghai home


new keyword is particularly important, many new Adsense is very easy to ignore this link, usually by selecting some related words and website content to do keyword can feel. In fact, this is not very desirable. The correct selection of the competition a little bit smaller words can make us faster appear in the search engine home in. That in the end how to correctly select the keyword, very simple, love Shanghai index is one of a good tool, it can easily let us know what keyword search volume, what word search volume is small, as long as we choose some suitable and slightly smaller words from the competition, will be able to make their new Shanghai is among the best in love quickly!


light has the right keywords it? Of course not, chain wide and high weight is necessary. In the construction of the chain, we will make many friends of the chain is too monotonous, the general chain is the most common forum signature. In fact, there are many construction outside the chain can go places, a good website ranking, the chain is not only its absolute forum signature. Soso Ask and Tianya Post Bar, another Tencent "collection clip and love Shanghai encyclopedia is the chain of resources is very good, as long as we insist on doing some outside the chain of this kind of website keyword ranking up every day, it is a matter of time

website keywordSelect the

2: the site outside the chain need extensive

note that this said in three weeks for the rise of love is only for the Shanghai home page keyword competition small keywords, if too much is not good, after all, Shanghai dragon is a long

1: the correct selection of

website main keywords are love Shanghai home, can fully reflect the level of the webmaster Shanghai dragon. A good webmaster Shanghai Dragon technology they can in a very short period of time to make your site quickly climbed up the Shanghai love home, but for some novice, this is very difficult, for several months, his website love Shanghai included a scanty, ranking is not available. What is the reason as a site not ranking, that how quickly to the new sites for the keyword ranking? Today fish will come to you about how to get the new keyword quickly rose to love Shanghai home. Nonsense not say, directly on the

mentioned above the selected website keyword chain and how to build a wide range of. Here we talk about the website itself for the priority among priorities of attention, the content of the website and the architecture is the old growth on. A complete collection and site structure is too complex and not suitable for the website can get good rankings, absolutely not! So in the web site before the online, in order to fully prepare for work, we should advance the webmaster to your love station to inject some fresh oxygen to make it full of vitality to the search spider the feeling is looking to eat simple! > website content can be 10% of the original +20% high imitation +70%


! excellent website

3: the content and structure of

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