Nova Scotia grapples with ridding itself of ugly past

first_imgPremier Stephen McNeil says that a statue near the city’s harbour should be torn down.The city isn’t so sure that’s a good idea.APTN’s Trina Roache APTN National NewsNova Scotia’s Premier says he wants to sit down with officials with the City of Halifax to talk about what to do with a controversial landmark.last_img

Freedom road connects Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk in NWT

first_img(The 138 km highway replaces a 50-year old ice road. Photo: Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs/APTN)Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs APTN News SaturdayWhile the fanfare will fade and the visitors will go back south, for the generations of eager Northerners the wait is finally over – the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway is open.It was a historical day for the residents of two communities in the Northwest Territories Wednesday when the 138 km all-weather Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk opened to the public.This ends the 50-year history of Canada’s longest winter ice road, a road that linked Tuk to the Dempster Hwy. – and to the rest of the country. For the Gwich’in, Inuvialuit, and Metis it’s an extension of the lifeline that was the ice road to Tuk.“This road is freedom. People that don’t have the equipment the harvesting that they use to do, or they aren’t as physically active as they use to be. This gives them access to do things that they love to do,” said Jimmy Kalinek, a tourism and guided tours operator from Inuvik.The ice road was only open a quarter of the year but it was a permanent fixture in the hearts of many.The ice road was laid with memories, both frightening and happy.“January, in the dark of 1991, I was changing a tire and I heard a noise. I looked around and there was a wolf behind me. I got up and made a noise and shown a flashlight at it and there was seven more surrounding me,” said Joe Cooke, an ice road maintenance operator with the government of the NWT for over 30 years.For Kalinek, his memory was being able to see family.“It was always Christmastime; you go to Aklavik and to Tuk and see family members there and go and celebrate with the community. You would go see the drummers or go to the jamborees, there’s a lot of good memories,” said Kalinek.Commuters of the ice road held celebrations in April 2017 to make the end of the last ice road season for the small hamlet of 900.APTN spoke with residents of their bewilderment at the thought of future generations never being able to experience the road.Nostalgia for the lifeline that was the ice road to Tuk mixed with the hope for new possibilities from year-round connectivity.But the permanent road comes at a cost – $300 million.The project was two thirds federally-funded and one-third territorial.On the day of the opening, Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod was joined by Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette, representatives from local Indigenous groups and other government dignitaries.McLeod dubbed the opening of the road as “an important day for the Northwest Territories and Canada.”A ribbon ceremony was held in Inuvik before government officials, media and the public took to the highway for the inaugural drive to the arctic coastal community, but it was in Tuk, at the evening ceremony, that the gravity of the new infrastructure set in with Northerners.“Tuk’s my home. It will always be my home,” said Nahan Kuptan, a Saliqmuit drummer and dancer. “I’m happy our community name is out there, I’m proud.”The idea of a permanent road has been first floated in the 1960s, but construction occurred four years ago. This so-called “road to resources” was built to give industry greater access to Arctic oil and gas.The vision for the road would shift in 2016 when Prime Minister Justice Trudeau and former U.S. President Barack Obama placed an Arctic moratorium on oil and gas.This squashed the hopes for any developments in the near future and left some to question the highway’s $300 million price tag.The cost of the road was not on the minds of the residents of Tuk at the ceremony who see two-lane, all-weather gravel highway as more than just a connection between two isolated communities.In a town, where food costs are high and a flight to the neighbouring community costs a few hundred dollars, community members are hoping that the road will lower the cost of living.The government has also projected a $2.2 million annual increase due to tourism for Tuk.The spirit of the town was present throughout Wednesday as a feast was served with traditional food, drummers and dancers took to the stage and crafts were sold as keepsakes of the special occasion.last_img read more

Competition Bureau approves Richardson deal to buy Viterra assets from Glencore

WINNIPEG — Richardson International Ltd. said Thursday it has received the OK from the Competition Bureau for its deal to buy a group of former Viterra grain handling assets from Glencore International.The company said it was the final regulatory hurdle and it now expects to close the deal early next year.Richardson is paying $800-million for 19 grain elevators and the associated crop input centres as well as the Can-Oat Milling business and 21st Century Grain Processing.The deal also includes a 25% stake in the Cascadia Terminal in Vancouver and the Viterra terminal in Thunder Bay, Ont.Privately owned Richardson is a handler and seller of grains and oilseeds.Glencore acquired the assets as part of its $6.1-billion deal to buy Viterra that it closed on Monday.Under the deal, Glencore said it would sell part of the grain handling operations to Richardson and a majority of Viterra’s retail business to Agrium for for about US$575-million.CF Industries Holdings Inc. has signed a deal to buy Viterra’s minority interest in a nitrogen fertilizer plant in Medicine Hat, Alta., for US$915-million.The Canadian Press read more

NY jury finds former Goldman trader known as Fabulous Fab liable in

by Tom Hays, The Associated Press Posted Aug 1, 2013 3:43 pm MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – A former Goldman Sachs trader who earned the nickname “Fabulous Fab” was found liable Thursday in a fraud case brought by federal regulators in response to the 2007 mortgage crisis that helped push the country into recession.A jury reached the verdict at the civil trial in Manhattan federal court of Fabrice Tourre — a French-born Stanford graduate described by Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers as the face of “Wall Street greed.” Tourre’s attorneys portrayed him as a scapegoat in a downturn caused by larger economic forces.Tourre, 34, was found liable in six of seven SEC fraud and other claims. He faces potential fines and a possible ban from the financial industry. The exact penalty will be determined at a future proceeding.The SEC had accused Tourre of misleading institutional investors about subprime mortgage securities that he knew were doomed to fail, setting the stage for a valued Goldman hedge fund client, Paulson & Co. Inc., to secretly bet against the investment.The manoeuvr ended up making $1 billion for the hedge fund and its wealthy president, John A. Paulson, and millions of dollars in fees for Goldman. The SEC also sought to show that it helped earn Tourre a bonus that boosted his salary to $1.7 million in 2007.On the witness stand, the SEC lawyers confronted Tourre with a January 2007 email it said deliberately misled another institutional investor about Paulson’s short position in the investment called Abacus 2007-AC1.Asked repeatedly if the information in the email was “false,” Tourre responded, “It was not accurate.”He added: “I wasn’t trying to confuse anybody; it just wasn’t accurate at the time.”Leaving the courtroom on Thursday, SEC lawyer Matthew Martens said, “We’re obviously gratified by the jury’s verdict and appreciate their hard work.”Tourre left the courthouse without speaking to reporters. His attorney also had no immediate comment.In closing arguments, Martens called Tourre’s testimony “surreal, imaginary, unreal, dream-like” and told jurors that the defendant wanted them “to live in his imaginary land … to live in a fantasy world.”“Only if you close your eyes to the facts, you can find Mr. Tourre not liable for his actions,” the SEC lawyer said.Tourre’s attorney, John Coffey, countered that the government had “unjustly accused him of wrongdoing.”Coffey urged jurors to put the investment’s failure in perspective, noting that all similarly packaged securities “went off the cliff as well” after 2007.The civil case had been called the most significant legal action related to the mortgage securities meltdown, but it lacked the drama and high stakes of white-collar criminal cases. Much of the testimony was devoted to the intricacies of synthetic collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs — a complex type of investment central to the case.Some of the testimony focused on a personal email Tourre sent to his girlfriend in France. The SEC lawyers said the missive proved the hubris of a man at the centre of a massive fraud, while the defence claimed was “an old-fashioned love letter” penned by a young trader who was full of self-doubt and angst over upheaval in the financial world.Writing in French, Tourre said of the financial markets: “The whole building is about to collapse anytime now.”“Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab … Standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!!”Pressed by Marten on what he meant, Tourre said, “I didn’t create any monstrosities.”Goldman settled with the SEC in 2010 by paying a $550 million fine without admitting or denying wrongdoing. Tourre left the firm in 2012 and is studying for his doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago.A former SEC enforcement attorney, Jacob Frenkel said that although Tourre was a “small player,” the outcome marked an important victory for federal regulators.“The SEC had a lot at stake in this case,” Frenkel said. “This validates the SEC’s high-risk gambit to take on Goldman Sachs in connection with this transaction.”___AP Business Writer Marcy Gordon in Washington contributed to this report. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NY jury finds former Goldman trader known as ‘Fabulous Fab’ liable in mortgage fraud case read more

Beef prices soar

by News Staff Posted Jan 24, 2014 2:46 pm MDT It may be time to stock up on steaks and hamburger.Live cattle prices hit a record high of $1.43/lb on the markets this week, the highest on record since Bloomberg started tracking prices in 1964.Brenna Grant, research analyst with Canfax Research Services, said it will take about 12 months for that to trickle down to consumers.“We do have a lot of things that can happen over that year between now and when you see those things showing up at retail. Right now, consumers when they go to the retail store, they’re seeing things that happened from a year ago,” said Grant.She said a drought in 2012 in the U.S., reduced the number of cattle and is one of the major reasons prices are spiking.“That means we have fewer cattle available now. So our supplies are extremely tight. You’ve got competition and prices being run up.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Beef prices soar read more

Editor to some of Canadas legends to speak at Brock

Douglas Gibson’s recent book, Stories about Storytellers, is published by ECW Press.Douglas Gibson has edited some of Canada’s biggest names, from Pierre Trudeau to Alice Munro. Now he’s coming to Brock to talk about it.The 40-year publishing veteran who founded his own imprint at McClelland and Stewart will be the keynote speaker for Brock’s Two Days of Canada conference on Thursday, Nov. 3. Gibson, who penned the recently released book Stories About Storytellers, will present a slide show and tasty anecdotes about some of the literary and cultural giants he’s worked with.He’ll include colourful stories of dashing through traffic with Trudeau, or committing a “home invasion” to get Alistair MacLeod’s manuscript of No Great Mischief. What spectators won’t get, he said, is dirt.“The key thing about this whole collection is it’s not a bitter, get-even book,” he said. “I like all the writers I write about, and if I didn’t like them, I didn’t write about them.”With one phone call from Alistair MacLeod, for example, “the world seemed to be a better place. He was such a decent man.” Gibson is also credited with keeping Alice Munro writing short stories. After Munro, who wrote the introduction to Gibson’s book, won the Governor General’s Award for her collection Dance of the Happy Shades, everyone in the book trade pressured her to write a novel, he said.“If you keep writing short stories, I’ll keep publishing them, and I will never ask you for a novel,” Gibson recalls saying to her.“Alice is now probably the English language’s greatest short story writer.”Gibson’s talk is free and open to the public. It will be from 7 to 9 p.m. in Pond Inlet. The 25th annual conference spans over two days, ending Friday, Nov. 4. The theme this year is “Canadian Studies, Canadian Stories: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Pedagogies.”Gibson’s presentation will touch on the core of the Canadian identity, said Marion Bredin, co-organizer and associate professor of Communication, Popular Culture and Film.“We wanted a dynamic storyteller who’s been at the forefront of getting Canadian stories out there,” she says. “He’s really covered the range of Canadian thought and popular storytelling.”Two Days of Canada is sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Centre for Canadian Studies, the Humanities Research Institute and the departments of English Language and Literature, History and Communication, Popular Culture and Film.Related:• Douglas Gibson: Life among his writers | The National Post read more

Can Roger Federer Finally Win A Davis Cup

The average team wins at home 63 percent of the time and on the road just 37 percent of the time. But the differential is much smaller for France and even smaller for Switzerland. In fact, France lost the past two finals it hosted, in 1999 and 2002.Andrew Flowers contributed to the analysis of data supplied by the International Tennis Federation. This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s Nov. 24 The State of Football Issue. The farther Cup teams have to travel, the worse they perform (though traveling between 501 and 1,000 miles seems particularly tough). Luckily for Roger & Co.: Lille is just 325 miles from the Swiss capital of Bern, minimizing the French advantage. Roger Federer holds a record 17 Grand Slam titles, but there’s one trophy he’s still itching to lift: the Davis Cup. Starting Friday, he gets his best chance yet. In his first Davis Cup final, the 33-year-old ace and his Swiss teammates will battle the French in Lille, France.Yes, playing away from home significantly diminishes the win probability for the Swiss. And because Davis Cup rules dictate that the host country gets to choose the playing surface, Federer will be forced to compete on clay, his least favorite type of court — without much practice, after a back problem kept him sidelined until a short session Wednesday.But the good news for Federer is that Lille is a
 lot closer to home than Melbourne, where he lost to the Australians in 2003, the only other time he made a Cup semifinal. Plus, Switzerland is one of a handful of major teams to maintain a winning Cup road record since the modern era began in 1972.Of course, the second-ranked Federer is simply better most days than any of his Lille opponents. (France is led by No. 12 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.) And he’s so popular globally that he takes home-court advantage with him when he travels. Consider Roland Garros. “When he plays a French player,” says France’s Gilles Simon, “[the crowd] is 50-50, and I’m like, ‘Guys, what’s going on?’ ”The Swiss aren’t likely to feel that much love in Lille. But they still have plenty on their side to get the job done. Here’s a closer look at the factors in their favor. Federer’s 37–7 Davis Cup singles record is even more impressive when you consider that he’s been even better on the road than at home—especially in Europe, where he’s won his past 15 matches. read more

Guardvant OpGuard deployed at Goldcorp Los Filos

first_imgGuardvant, Inc, the mining technology company, has completed deployment of its OpGuard operator fatigue and alertness monitoring system at Goldcorp’s Los Filos mine in southern Mexico. Goldcorp is the world’s largest gold miner by current market capitalisation and “is focused on safety”, says Guardvant. Los Filos implemented OpGuard in the autumn of 2014 “and is realising the benefits of increased safety and reduced costs associated with fatigue-related incidents.”“Guardvant’s systems have been proven to help improve mine safety and reduce costs. We have already seen these results at Los Filos,” said Homero Esparza, Los Filos Operations Superintendent. Operator fatigue is widely recognised as a leading cause of mining accidents involving mining equipment. “OpGuard’s fatigue monitoring technology is the technical foundation of many mines’ fatigue management programs that enables mine managers to prevent accidents before they happen. Fatigue event data captured by OpGuard provides mine managers with verifiable information to be used as part of their fatigue risk management program.”Guardvant’s suite of products improves safety in the mining environment while increasing productivity of operators through on-board applications for fatigue monitoring and collision avoidance. When combined, OpGuard and ProxGuard, which are installed on heavy equipment and light vehicle fleets, provide fatigue monitoring and improve the equipment operator’s situational awareness. The Guardvant Mobile Server on-board computer and Guardvant Mobile Router communications platform provide flexible options to streamline installation and use of multiple on-board applications regardless of the application brand.Guardvant was founded in 2010 and focuses on creating innovative technology solutions to help mines improve safety, productivity, and protect assets. The Guardvant team consists of personnel with proven and successful track records in the development of fleet management and high-precision GPS guidance systems used in the mining industry. Guardvant is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, and serves the global mining market.last_img read more

Ralentir en voiture pour sauver la chouette effraie

first_imgRalentir en voiture pour sauver la chouette effraiePour sauver la chouette effraie des clochers, un rapace nocturne victime chaque année de collisions fatales avec des automobiles, la Ligue de protection des oiseaux (LPO) lance une campagne nationale intitulée “roulez moins vite la nuit”.Classée espèce vulnérable en Rhône-Alpes et espèce à surveiller en Champagne-Ardennes, la chouette effraie (Tyto alba) souffre de la raréfaction de ses sites de nidification. Egalement appelée “dame blanche”, de taille moyenne et ne pesant que 350 g en moyenne pour une envergure d’environ un mètre, ce rapace est à la base de nombreuses légendes prétendant qu’elle annonçait la mort. Elle est aussi un précieux auxiliaire en agriculture car elle se nourrit à plus de 95 % de petits rongeurs, musaraignes, mulots, souris et campagnols qui dévastent les cultures. À lire aussiZeus, l’incroyable hibou aux yeux pleins d’étoilesEn réalité, cet oiseau ne construit pas de nid mais utilise, en dehors des arbres creux, des lieux construits par l’homme, comme les clochers ou les granges, indique Sciences et Avenir. Mais les vieilles bâtisses disparaissent, les combles sont de plus en plus souvent aménagés et les clochers sont protégés par des grillages contre la prolifération des pigeons.Pourtant, ce qui impacte le plus la population de ce rapace c’est la collision avec les automobiles. “On estime que chaque année une chouette effraie meurt tous les deux kilomètres d’autoroute en France”, indique la LPO dans un communiqué. La ligue annonce  l’ouverture de sa campagne de protection, avec le soutien de la Fondation Norauto. “Modérer sa vitesse sauve des vies humaines tout en participant à la biodiversité”, souligne le président de la LPO, Alain Bourgrain Dubourg.La campagne nationale de protection intitulée “roulez moins vite la nuit” vise à favoriser aussi la pose de nichoirs, dont 150 ont été déjà installés cet automne avec la Fondation Nature et Découvertes.Le 2 décembre 2011 à 17:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Épilepsie un implant pourrait permettre de prédire la survenue de crises

first_imgÉpilepsie : un implant pourrait permettre de prédire la survenue de crisesDans un article publié dans la revue Lancet Neurology, les chercheurs indiquent avoir mis au point un dispositif (un implant et d’un boîtier) permettant à des personnes souffrant d’épilepsie de prédire l’imminence d’une crise.Le dispositif pourrait faciliter le quotidien des millions de personnes qui souffrent d’épilepsie. Cette affection qui touche le cerveau se manifeste par des crises de tremblements involontaires affectant une partie ou l’ensemble du corps. Or, si elles sont récurrentes, elles sont aussi très difficiles à prévoir. Mais des chercheurs pourraient avoir trouver un moyen de remédier à cette difficulté.  Dans une étude publiée par la revue britannique Lancet Neurology, les chercheurs indiquent avoir mis au point un appareil qui, implanté sous la poitrine et relié à des électrodes, enregistre l’activité électrique à la surface du cerveau. Les informations reçues sont ensuite transmises à un boîtier manuel par technologie sans fil. Ce boîtier calcule ainsi la probabilité d’une crise d’épilepsie et affiche une lumière bleu, blanche ou rouge en fonction de la plus ou moins grande probabilité de crise.”Savoir à quel moment une crise peut se produire pourrait améliorer de façon spectaculaire la qualité de vie et l’autonomie des épileptiques et leur permettent d’éviter des situations dangereuses comme conduire ou nager”, explique le principal auteur de l’étude, le médecin australien Mark Cook cité par l’AFP. De plus, si les patients sont informés à l’avance d’une crise, ils pourraient prendre leurs médicaments de manière ponctuelle uniquement, et plus constamment comme c’est aujourd’hui le plus souvent nécessaire.”Un progrès majeur” encore à tester À lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?Selon les chercheurs, 30 à 40% des patients sont incapables de contrôler leurs convulsions avec les traitements existants. Cette avancée a donc été accueillie positivement par Christian Elger et Florian Mormann, spécialistes de l’épilepsie de l’Université de Bon, jugeant qu’il s’agit-là d’un “progrès majeur”. D’autant que le dispositif, testé avec succès auprès de 15 patients australiens au total, n’entraîne que peu d’effets secondaires, ont souligné les auteurs.Toutefois, le deux spécialistes allemands préfèrent rester prudents estimant qu’il est encore trop tôt pour dire si cette découverte débouchera sur des applications médicales. “Cela dépendra notamment de la manière dont les utilisateurs toléreront les fausses alarmes”, précisent-ils.Le 3 mai 2013 à 13:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Weather Eye Quick review of memorable weather year that was 2017

first_img Oh, what a year 2017 was weather-wise; something for everyone. And boy did we have some extreme weather. Let’s do a quick review.Who can forget January 2017 with that extended cold snap that gave us highs on some days below freezing? We had snow, freezing rain and almost everything in between. Rain changed to snow on the evening of Jan. 10 and it snowed all night with anywhere from 4 to 14 inches of snow on the ground. The highest amounts were in the Felida and Salmon Creek areas with 14 inches. Then we had freezing rain and ice.February wasn’t to be outdone with freezing rain on the 3rd then mild and local flooding on the 15th and 16th. We ended up with 10.38 inches of rain in Vancouver, for our wettest February ever.March was a blustery month with heavy rains and a EF0 tornado in the Covington and Orchards area on the 24th. Rainfall in Vancouver was 7.05 inches, double the normal.The only noteworthy event in April was the windstorm on the 7th with 60 mph winds in Clark County. Power outages and downed trees.May began on the wet side but no rain fell from the 18th through the 31st. One hot period from the 21st to 28th saw 90-degree temperatures.June was a lazy month but a few hot days in last few days with a 101-degree high on the 25th.July was dry with no measurable rainfall the entire month.August was dry and hot with a high of 105 degrees on the 3rd and one of the warmest Augusts ever.September was dry and smoky from all the Western wildfires thanks to east winds. The first five days had highs at 90 degrees or better. Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at read more

Corporator Pavani Reddy organises Swachh Bharat

first_imgAS Rao Nagar: Local corporator Pavani Reddy organised Swachh Bharat Programme in Kamala Nagar on Monday. She sensitised people on significance of keeping their surroundings clean. Local leaders Manipal Reddy, Yella Reddy, Bal Raj, Dasarath, Parthasaradhi, Mahipal Reddy, Prameela and others were present.last_img

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Concert to Honor African Americans

first_imgFor Black History Month, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is embarking on an interactive art experience for families. The goal: to display African Americans innovation and contributions related to music through the history of United States.At the concert at 11 a.m. Feb. 21, the BSO will perform, featuring artists like Duke Ellington, Scott Joplin, James P. Johnson, George Gershwin, and a choice of customary music. But the concert will include much more. According to Annemarie Guzy, the BSO’s director of education, it will be a day’s worth of events and activities for the entire family.“This concert is going to be so much fun,” Guzy said. It has so much vibrance and a lot of really interactive components. We are going to have singing from the Baltimore City College Choir, and a fantastic soprano Marquita Lister who will be singing three selections for us: two spirituals, and a song from Scott Joplin’s Opera called, Treemonisha. Then we’re also going to have some break dancers and they will be breaking to a peace called, Drums which is by African-American composer James P. Johnson who did a lot of his composing right in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance in New York.”“We’re looking at Duke Ellington for all that he did in terms of communicating with music,” Guzy said.”He really transformed the musical landscape as we know it right off with his jazz style and he’s very connected with social prejudice like James P. Johnson who really had a profound impact on him. I think it will be really fun for the audience to hear his music in this context of such and thinking of him as an innovator alongside some of our others.”If you arrive early, a pre-concert series starts at 9:45 a.m. Designed to include family members age 4 and above, there will be figures from the National Black in Wax Museum on display, as well as a break dancing workshop.You do not want to miss this groundbreaking event that will Black History alive and your family together, while celebrating the inspiring musicians and figures that helped change the future through music. “We love to have a really strong presence in the celebration of Black History Month, which is important to us here at BSO, being Baltimore-based,” Guzy said.The Family Concert portion is at 11 a.m. Feb. 21 at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. To purchase tickets simply go to or call the ticket office number at 410-783-8000. Charise Wallace contributed to this article.last_img read more

African Childrens Choir Performs at Ebenezer Baptist Church

first_imgThe internationally acclaimed African Children’s Choir will be performing at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 306 East 23rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland on Nov. 22 at 11 a.m.  The choir will perform a mix of African songs and dances. Contact Lydia Sherwood at 360.733.2149 for more details.last_img

3DPrinted Euthanasia Machine Doubles as Casket

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Geek Pick: Juku 3Doodler Create+ Is A 3D Printing Pen SetWatch: Rocker Tries to Break World’s First 3D-Printed, Smash-Proof Guitar Stay on targetcenter_img Euthanasia may sound like a nice alternative to 2017. And, thanks to Dr. Death himself, it’s about to get a lot easier.All you need is a 3D printer, some open space, and a death wish.Philip Nitschke, founder of pro-euthanasia group Exit International, recently unveiled plans for the “Sarco” machine, which allows anyone with an access code to “peacefully and reliably” end their life with the press of a button.The first doctor to administer a legal, voluntary, lethal injection, the Australian humanist and former physician literally wrote the book on suicide (“The Peaceful Pill Handbook”).Now, Nitschke wants everyone to have the option of self-murder.A far cry from the Deliverance Machine he developed in the mid-90s, the Sarco looks like something Superman crashed into Earth. Sleek, modern, and “luxurious” (Nitschke’s word, not mine), it features a removable capsule that doubles as a casket. (Plus, the base can be re-used!)The open-source death pod can be 3D printed and assembled anywhere.Go into the light with Sarco (via Exit International)Potential users will answer an online mental questionnaire. Pass, and you’ll receive a four-digit key that lasts 24 hours. According to Newsweek, additional confirmation is needed before the capsule fills with liquid nitrogen and oxygen levels drop.You pass out within a minute. A few moments more, and death becomes you.“Sarco does not use any restricted drugs, or require any special expertise such as the insertion of an intravenous needle,” Nitschke said in a statement. “Anyone who can pass the entry test can enter the machine and legally end their life.”In certain countries, at least.Human euthanasia is currently permissible in five countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Canada), while assisted suicide is allowed in three countries (Switzerland, Germany, Japan) and six U.S. states (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, and California, plus Washington, D.C.).An assisted dying scheme in the Australian state of Victoria will come into effect in mid-2019—a big win for local Nitschke.The Sarco machine—which, according to its creator, is “relatively painless”—will likely become available next year. Nitschke is already in talks with some Swiss suicide clinics to license the instrument.last_img read more

Geely McCar Electric vehicle and scooter in one

first_imgOfficial word has not been given yet on when this car will be available to the public, what markets it will be made available to, or what the car will cost. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that the car will be available in China, but who knows what other markets the McCar will find its way into. ( — Geely, an automotive manufacturer that is based in China, has created a new vehicle called McCar. Aside from creating a lot of Batman movie comparisons and jokes, it truly is an amazing vehicle. The McCar, which is not named for a famous sandwich created by a fast food chain that uses a clown as it mascot, is a hybrid car that is paired with a scooter in the rear. While this combination is a bit unusual, it provides the maximum in driver flexibility. The McCar was recently shown off to the public at Auto Shanghai auto show this week. Toyota shows off its new iQ electric-car prototype The McCar electric version features a 12kWh battery, which has a range of roughly 93 miles. This car will no doubt be for mostly city driving, since it has a top speed of only 52mp. Recharge time on the McCar’s battery is roughly six hours, which puts it ahead of some larger electronic cars. The hybrid version features a 8kWh battery that can run roughly 31 miles on electric power and up to 373 miles on a combination of gasoline and battery life, with a top speed of 80mph, which makes it the choice for longer trips. The hybrid is also good for impatient chargers, since it takes only two hours to recharge. The cars scooter has a range of 18 miles and a top speed of 18 miles per hour. Like the hybrid vehicle the scooter takes two hours to charge. Since this part charges while you drive, you won’t really have to wait. Explore furthercenter_img © 2010 The McCar is an ultra compact, two-door model with four-seats. The folding scooter in the back is entirely electric and has three wheels. Storing a bike in a car is nothing new, what makes the McCar unique is the fact that it can actually generate electricity with the movement of the car. The electricity can then be used to charge the electric scooter while it is docked in the trunk of the car. So, how could car could be greener than this? Since the main vehicle gives drivers a choice of a gas-electric hybrid or fully electric car, it really can’t. Citation: Geely McCar: Electric vehicle and scooter in one (2011, April 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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first_img Register Now » 1 min read You could fill several libraries with all of the online advice for budding entrepreneurs — and that makes it hard to keep track of everything you’ve found that can really help you out. However, bookmarking another article can send it into a black hole of bookmarks that you might never get around to reading. Qlearly Premium is a searchable bookmark manager that works seamlessly with the most popular web browsers.Qlearly helps you organize your favorite sites and links using columns or boards — eliminating the time you usually waste looking for tabs or bookmarks. It syncs across all of your devices, so you’ll have easy access to everything you need online on your phone, tablet, and computer. The built-in search helps you find that awesome article from months ago, and you can even collaborate privately with teammates to share the sites and written pieces they’ve got to see.A lifetime subscription to Qlearly Premium has a sticker price of $180, but right now it’s 88 percent off for only $19.99. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. June 25, 2019 Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

Graph Nets – DeepMinds library for graph networks in Tensorflow and Sonnet

first_imgGraph Nets is a new DeepMind’s library used for building graph networks in TensorFlow and Sonnet. Last week a paper Relational inductive biases, deep learning, and graph networks was published on arXiv by researchers from DeepMind, Google Brain, MIT and University of Edinburgh. The paper introduces a new machine learning framework called Graph networks which is expected to bring new innovations in artificial general intelligence realm. What are graph networks? Graph networks can generalize and extend various types of neural networks to perform calculations on the graph. It can implement relational inductive bias, a technique used for reasoning about inter-object relations. The graph networks framework is based on graph-to-graph modules. Each graph’s features are represented in three characteristics: Nodes Edges: Relations between the nodes Global attributes: System-level properties The graph network takes a graph as an input, performs the required operations and calculations from the edge, to the node, and to the global attributes, and then returns a new graph as an output. The research paper argues that graph networks can support two critical human-like capabilities: Relational reasoning: Drawing logical conclusions of how different objects and things relate to one another Combinatorial Generalization: Constructing new inferences, behaviors, and predictions from known building blocks To understand and learn more about graph networks you can refer the official research paper. Graph Nets Graph Nets library can be installed from pip. To install the library, run the following command: $ pip install graph_nets The installation is compatible with Linux/Mac OSX, and Python versions 2.7 and 3.4+ The library includes Jupyter notebook demos which allow you to create, manipulate, and train graph networks to perform operations such as shortest path-finding task, a sorting task, and prediction task. Each demo uses the same graph network architecture, thus showing the flexibility of the approach. You can try out various demos in your browser using Colaboratory. In other words, you don’t need to install anything locally when running the demos in the browser (or phone) via cloud Colaboratory backend. You can also run the demos on your local machine by installing the necessary dependencies. What’s ahead? The concept was released with ideas not only based in artificial intelligence research but also from the computer and cognitive sciences. Graph networks are still an early-stage research theory which does not yet offer any convincing experimental results. But it will be very interesting to see how well graph networks live up to the hype as they mature. To try out the open source library, you can visit the official Github page. In order to provide any comments or suggestions, you can contact Read more 2018 is the year of graph databases. Here’s why. Why Neo4j is the most popular graph database revamps for Pytorch 1.0 with design changes and added Static graph supportlast_img read more

Tony Meola Joins Consolidated Analytics Board

first_imgTony Meola Joins Consolidated Analytics Board Bank of America Consolidated Analytics Tony Meola 2019-05-17 Radhika Ojha May 17, 2019 567 Views in Headlines, News, Servicingcenter_img Consolidated Analytics, the California-based provider of mortgage services has announced the appointment of industry veteran Tony Meola, to its Board of Directors.Meola is a nationally recognized leader with more three decades of mortgage industry experience and significant c-suite executive experience at top-tier financial institutions. Recently retired, Meola last served as the enterprise shared services executive at Bank of America where he led banking operation strategies across high-risk functions including global payments, deposit and cards, and enterprise regulatory and operational oversight.“Tony has an extraordinary mortgage and finance background and we are thrilled to welcome him to the board,” said Arvin Wijay CEO of Consolidated Analytics. “Tony’s c-suite executive experience combined with his extensive knowledge and expertise in complex mortgage banking operations will be incredibly valuable as Consolidated Analytics continues to expand its services platform.”In a prior role at Bank of America, Meola was U.S. consumer banking executive where he restructured the company’s mortgage and specialty servicing operations. In earlier roles, he was CEO and COO at Morgan Stanley and served in a wide range of senior leadership positions, including EVP at New Century Financial Corp., Washington Mutual, and PNC Mortgage.“Having been a client and knowing first-hand what Consolidated Analytics can deliver makes this a particularly exciting opportunity. I look forward to helping this team grow and achieve great success for its clients and for the organization,” Meola said.Consolidated Analytics said that Meola’s appointment to the Board “underscores his long-time relationship as a client of Consolidated Analytics, which spans more than 10 years.”Over the course of his career, Meola has gained widespread recognition for his business transformation and restructuring expertise across origination, servicing, and default servicing operations. He has experience leading operations, has worked with numerous industry advisory boards, is a frequent speaker at national mortgage conferences, and has won numerous awards and recognitions for his transformational work in the mortgage banking industry. Sharelast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAPT has launched its complete 2019 Europe brochure, featuring five distinct travel styles spanning from Portugal to Russia.To help trade partners secure strong early sales for the 2019 season, APT has put together a collection of exclusive launch Superdeals. Book before 30 November 2018 to take advantage of incredible Superdeals including Fly Free or Fly Business Class for $3,995. This enticing deal is available on all cruises 14 nights or longer across all 2019 departures and cabin categories.Other Superdeals include Companion Fly Free, Air Credits and No Solo Supplements on select itineraries.The range of options for 2019 include:Magnificent Europe Luxury River CruiseAPT’s flagship 15-day Magnificent Europe river cruise between Amsterdam and Budapest, starting at $6,995 per person, twin share, is the perfect introduction to both mainland Europe and river cruising. Cruising on board one of APT’s own Concerto river ships, the only fleet in Europe to boast APT’s custom designed Twin Balcony suites, which allow guests to enjoy the passing views from both inside and out.This journey includes exclusive Royal Signature Experiences such as a visit to Namedy Castle, the home of Princess Heide von Hohenzollern; a cocktail reception and concert at Vienna’s City Palace; and new for 2019, the Grand Empress Steam Train. Book before 30 November 2018 to take advantage of Fly Free and Fly Business Class for $3,995 per person, details above.NEW: Grand Empress Steam TrainA new Royal Signature Experience awaits guests on all Magnificent Europe luxury river cruises departing April to September. Following in the footsteps of Elisabeth of Bavaria, affectionately known as Sisi, guests will embark on an imperial rail journey aboard the Grand Empress Steam Train. A welcome reception awaits travellers at Budapest Station’s Royal Waiting Room, then it’s time to board the elegant steam train, which features some original carriages from the early 1900s. A traditional game lunch worthy of royalty is served before disembarking for a private tour of the impressive Gödöllő Palace. A coronation gift for Franz Joseph I and Sisi when crowned King and Queen of Hungary, the palace was known to be a favourite residence of Sisi’s. Prices lead in at $7,295 per person, twin share.NEW: Festive CruisingAPT’s brand-new 15-day Imperial Europe river cruise celebrates the festive season in style between Amsterdam and Vienna, with enchanting visits to Europe’s spectacular Christmas markets, as well as a special private concert at Vienna’s regal City Palace, showcasing Christmas classics. Starts from $7,395 per person, twin share.NEW: Grand Bordeaux with Luke NguyenAPT is delighted to welcome acclaimed chef, author, television personality and APT ambassador, Luke Nguyen, to Europe in 2019. Luke will escort APT guests on a unique gastronomic holiday from Paris to Bordeaux, offering an authentic look at Paris and the Bordeaux region. During his time aboard the MS AmaDolce, Luke will host an insightful ‘Get to Know Luke Nguyen’ session, host a visit to a culinary school where he will guide guests through a fun and interactive cooking class. In Saint-Émilion, a dinner at La Terrasse Rouge awaits. Luke, in conjunction with the restaurant’s head chef, has devised a menu showcasing the freshest local ingredients of the region, and together, they will prepare a decadent meal in the open kitchen. Prices lead in at $8,995 per person twin share.NEW: Scotland Small Group DiscoveryTravelling with no more than 20 guests, this Small Group Discovery travels deep into the wild landscapes of Scotland, where the history is as spectacular as the countryside. Including visits to Cairngorms National Park, the Isle of Skye and beautiful glens where gardens and castles await. From $9,195 per person twin share.To learn more about APT’s 2019 Europe program or to request brochures please call 1300 196 420, visit or contact your local APT Business Development Manager.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more