Egyptian Cinema Official Denies Insulting Moroccan Former Minister

Taroudant – Waleed Seif, head of the National Centre for Cinema, apologized to Moroccans and denied claims raised from insulting social media posts satirizing the way Moroccan ex-minister Touriya Jabrane received Egyptian actor Adel Imam at the Marrakech International Film Festival.Waleed Seif claims his Facebook page was hacked, with hackers writing the insulting statements to shake, “The deep respect [he] hold for Moroccans.”“My Facebook page was hacked over the past few weeks. I didn’t have enough time to follow what was going happening on the page because the National Centre for Cinema kept me busy until late,” Seif claims. The Egyptian critic and screen player wrote an apology to all Moroccans and to the ex-minister via Facebook.“My sincerest apologies to all friends when my page was hacked while I was busy, my sincerest appreciation to the Moroccan people, to the Moroccan ex-minister and Moroccan cinema for honoring artist Adel Imam. I give my upmost respect for the remainder of the Marrakech International Film Festival.”The Egyptian critic added, “I assure everyone concerned that all Moroccan friends who know me, namely the great critic Mustapha Masnaoui and young critic Mohammed Shwaika, are well aware of how much I respect the brotherly Moroccan people and the radiant Moroccan cinema.”The Egyptian screen write posted a sarcastic statement Egyptian dialect on his Facebook wall on December 6th, mocking the way Touria Jabran was, “very excited to kiss,” Adel Imam and the, “ecstatic state,” in which she received the Egyptian actor. read more

Letter to Wisconsin Governor on His Racist Comment Against Moroccans

By Mohamed KhamounaDear Governor Scott Walker:It is a pleasure to introduce myself, Mo “Mohamed” Khamouna, a Moroccan-American, from Curtis, Nebraska. Governor Walker, I am writing to express my shock after reading an article and listening to your speech to the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association about Moroccan immigrants coming to the United States with other motives. Mr. Walker your remarks while they might be appropriate for your audience, they are very racist and offensive to my fellow-countrymen and women.It is really a crying shame to insult a whole nation to score political points through fear-mongering!First, Sir the Moroccan community in the US is very small and law-abiding tax payers. Mr. Walker, I am not sure how you can justify your statement “There’s a good number from Indonesia, there are [some] from Morocco, and other places around the world, many of whom aren’t looking for work in the United States. They’ve got other motives and we need to wake up to that,” the governor said.  While there are some bad apples out there, it is unacceptable to malign or insult a people and tarnish the image of a whole nation!Not to lecture, but the Moroccan government has been fighting terrorism with help from the European Union and the United States. The Kingdom of Morocco is a stable, peace-loving and tolerant country.  Moreover, when the Vichy regime was exterminating European Jews, Moroccan King refused to hand over Moroccan Jews, because they were regarded as equal Moroccan citizens! He also refused to have Jews wear the Star of David! That’s Moroccan dignity, Mr. Governor!Governor Walker, not only you are viciously maligning a small community, you are also insulting the whole people of the Kingdom of Morocco. Alas!  Would you dare make these statements about England, Israel, or Germany? Or Morocco, as a Muslim country, is fair game!! We respect your right to free speech, but we refuse your racist rants!Mr. Governor, as a Presidential hopeful, I think it is inappropriate to insult the Kingdom of Morocco and its people. You should know that Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States and has the longest friendship treaty since 1786. If you ever become a President, Governor Walker, these statements will come back to haunt you!Governor Walker, you might think that Morocco is just a small dot on the world map, but to us Morocco is our identity, our history, and who we are. Morocco represents everything to us!! When we are insulted and attacked  in such a vicious manner, we defend our country. Sir, we call it loyalty to our beloved country!Mr. Governor, I do believe you have committed a lapse of good judgment by making fallacious and racist statements that insult our peaceful people and tarnish the image of Morocco {a great ally of the United States}. It is common sense and human decency to issue an apology to the Moroccan nation. Sir, it is just the mark of civilized people!Thank you very much, Mr. Governor, for taking time to read my message!The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Morocco World News’ editorial policy.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission. read more

Israel has rendered Mitchell committee report ineffective UN committee told

Ambassador Ibra Deguène Ka of Senegal told the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People that in theory, both sides had accepted the report, which was produced by a panel headed by former United States Senator George Mitchell. However, the Chairman added, the Government of Israel had rendered the report ineffective in practice, through its insistence on a piecemeal implementation of the recommendations.The occupying Power, he said, continued to use excessive force, carry out extrajudicial killings of Palestinian activists, and pursue its economic blockade. The occupying Power also refused to freeze settlement expansion and, in general, proceeded with its illegal policies in contravention of UN resolutions and other international legal instruments, he added.The Chairman stressed that international pressure must be intensified – and international monitoring of the Mitchell report continued – if the parties were ever to disentangle themselves from the current spiral of violence and resume confidence-building measures and meaningful negotiations.The 25-member Committee was originally established in 1975 to consider and recommend to the General Assembly a programme of implementation designed to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their rights. Its mandate has since been enlarged to include the convening of expert seminars and non-governmental organization meetings in all regions, with broad participation from members of the international community. read more

Security Councils month to focus on Africa Iraq UN peacekeeping President

Ambassador Munir Akram of Pakistan briefed reporters on the Council’s programme of work for the month, highlighting upcoming discussions on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burundi, Liberia, Somalia and Côte d’Ivoire.Although Sudan was not currently on the Council’s agenda, it will hear a briefing Friday on the strife-riven Darfur region by James T. Morris, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), who led a humanitarian mission to western Sudan and eastern Chad last week, Ambassador Akram said. The Council also expects a report on the human rights situation there.Also Friday, the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria, as the Chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), will brief the Council in an open meeting.Meanwhile, in addition to Timor-Leste and the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Cyprus was likely to come up during this month’s business, the Ambassador added, noting that the Council was expecting the Secretary-General’s report and a briefing by his Special Adviser Alvaro de Soto.Regarding Iraq, Ambassador Akram said Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi was expected to report to the Council upon his return from that country. In the meantime, he expected discussions in several formats on a new resolution on Iraq before the Council’s meeting on 18 May, though he did not know whether the new text would be adopted then.He said a special event on the theme of UN peacekeeping operations had been scheduled for 17 May. The debate would be presided over by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and highlight the recent surge in demand for such operations. The meeting would focus on the increasing complexity of operations, evaluate progress made since the “Brahimi report” on peacekeeping reform and address upcoming challenges. He hoped the Secretary-General would open the meeting, which would be followed by a Presidential Statement.A supplemental thematic discussion on complex crises and the UN response was scheduled for 28 May. The idea was to see how a comprehensive and integrated response to complex crises could be generated by the UN family so that the security, political, economic and humanitarian requirements could be adequately met. Participation the Presidents of the General Assembly and ECOSOC was anticipated.Finally, he said Ambassador Heraldo Muñoz of Chile, Chairman of the committee dealing with sanctions against the Taliban and Al Qaida, would brief the Council on 25 May on his panel’s report. read more

US durable goods orders up rise 46 pct on volatile aircraft but

US durable goods orders up rise 4.6 pct. on volatile aircraft, but business investment weakens AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Jan 28, 2013 9:52 am MDT WASHINGTON – U.S. demand for long-lasting manufactured goods rose sharply in December, helped by a strong gain in volatile aircraft orders. But companies slowed orders for computers and other goods that signal investment plans, indicating manufacturing will stay weak in 2013.The Commerce Department said Monday that overall orders for durable goods increased 4.6 per cent in December. The gains were led by a 56.4 per cent increase in military aircraft orders and a 10.1 per cent increase in commercial aircraft orders.Orders for machinery, communications equipment and primary metals such as steel also showed increases.Still, demand for core capital goods, a measure of business investment plans, rose just 0.2 per cent. That followed two straight monthly gains of 3 per cent.Orders for durable goods, which are expected to last at least three years, can fluctuate from month to month. For all of 2012, durable goods orders rose 4.1 per cent. But demand for core capital goods fell 0.3 per cent for the year.Slower growth in business orders has hurt manufacturing, which struggled to gain momentum in 2012. While orders for durable goods rebounded in the final months of last year, economists expect the overall trend to stay weak this year.“The strength in durable goods orders for December is a most welcome development,” said Dan Greenhaus, an analyst at BTIG. “Going forward though, despite the better numbers, we still expect business investment … to slow yet again in 2013. This is a trend that remains in place given the weaker demand environment.”The economy grew at an annual rate of 3.1 per cent in the April-June quarter. The government will provide its first look at overall economic growth in the October-December quarter on Wednesday. Many analysts believe growth slowed in the final three months of last year to less than 2 per cent. read more

India teams up with UNbacked alliance to accelerate financial inclusion for all

“India’s leadership and progress are inspirational for countries around the world,” said Dr. Ruth Goodwin-Groen, Managing Director of the Better Than Cash Alliance. “By making the digitization of payments to achieve financial inclusion a top priority, the Indian Government is showing its commitment to improving the lives of its people and driving inclusive growth.” The Alliance is a partnership of governments, companies, and international organizations that accelerates the switch from cash to digital payments to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth. It aims to help people who lack access to formal financial services such as bank accounts, and who often subsist almost entirely in an informal, cash-only economy. Other recently joined members of the Alliance include Rwanda and Ghana.The Indian Government’s new relationship with the Alliance complements its own financial inclusion programme, Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), which, according to Finance Minister Arun Jaietley, has been instrumental in bringing many families into the formal financial system. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join other world leaders at the UN summit later this month to launch the Sustainable Development Goals. Financing for development, which includes digital financial services, is a key means of implementation for the Goals. Advocates hope India’s membership of the Better Than Cash Alliance will inspire other governments to harness the power of digital payments as a strategy for achieving the Goals. read more

Historic win for Greece

One of the biggest wins in handball history celebrating Greece after beating Macedonian team 28:26 (12:13) at Round 2 of the Men’s EHF EURO 2020 Qualifications.This success is even bigger when you know the fact that Greek team lost away match on Iceland 21:35 only three days ago.Charalampos Mallios was TOP scorer with nine goals for the winning team, while on the other side Kiril Lazarov netted eight.Iceland won in Turkey 33:22.STANDINGS:Iceland 4Greece 2Macedonia 2Turkey 0PHOTO: EHF EURO 2020Greek handball ← Previous Story Handball Sunday: 10 EHF EURO 2020 qual. matches all around… Next Story → Men’s EHF EURO 2020 Qual: Nine teams at 100% – Greece and Israel make biggest surprises read more

Microsoft announces HTML5ready IE10 for Windows Phone 8

first_imgMicrosoft has been routinely accused by their competitors of being a web technologies laggard. In fact Google had resorted to using the phrase “the modern web” to describe browsers that weren’t Internet Explorer. As a response, Microsoft has started flexing its HTML5 muscles with Windows 8 and IE10. There’s been no shortage of demonstrations throughout both the new OS and the new browser to help developers take advantage of the new technologies. Now, with Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, Microsoft is demonstrating how powerful HTML5 will be on IE10 for their new mobile platform.Hardware accelerated browsers allow for a mobile browsing experience that closely resembles what we see on desktop platforms. Acceleration removes the need to create a low quality mobile version of a website, and instead paves the way for a single, high quality, scalable experience that works on every size screen. IE10’s CSS3 support will allow for the same kind of animations and 3D effects used on desktop browsers to be fully functional on Windows Phone 8. Coupled with support for TypeKit and the Web Open Font Format, websites can be built in a single font that scales across the different browsers easily. IE10 CSS3 support also means that developers can design sites that re-position content on the fly as you zoom in and out of the website. The idea is that text won’t be static, but instead be allowed to cater to a variety of sizes.As with every current mobile browser, you won’t have access to all the tools found in the desktop variety. Windows 8 native integration features, like the ability to touch a link and open an app built to handle that link, isn’t available. Windows Phone 8 has their own mobile intent launching system, however, so this could be avoided if the web developer is able to identify the OS when the page loads and offer a mobile-friendly version of the link that engages the same function. IE10 for Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support multi-track HTML5 audio or inline video, and some obvious things like VBScript and ActiveX aren’t supported either.On paper, IE10 for Windows Phone seems like it will be well suited to compete with the other mobile browsers out today, though lacking inline video will be a noticeable flaw for some. IE10 has been a huge upgrade for many users in terms of Microsoft offering a functional and competitive browser, while slowly moving away from the negative tone that Internet Explorer has had for such a long time. It is nice to see Microsoft taking Windows Phone 8’s browser seriously and not just labeling a low quality browser as Internet Explorer in order to create a thin veil of ubiquity.via the Windows Phone Developer Bloglast_img read more

A Pyrrhic victory for Modern Greek

first_imgThe announcement made by the Federal Government this week to include Modern Greek in the National Curriculum was fuelled by “political” motives, says Professor Michael Tsianikas, head of the Greek department, Flinders University. A statement released on Monday by Federal MP Steve Georganas and Federal MP Maria Vamvakinou announced the inclusion of Modern Greek in the National School Curriculum but although Professor Tsianikas says this is a “very positive outcome” for the Modern Greek language in Australia, he says that the future of the language is still under threat. Professor Tsianikas was quick to point out to Neos Kosmos the challenges the Greek language faces: challenges that could potentially threaten the life of Modern Greek being taught in Australia. “I believe that the current decision to include Modern Greek in the curriculum – which is a very positive outcome – is just a political one and the government made it under the pressure of more then 25,000 signatures.” In the statement Mr Georganas congratulated the efforts of the Greek community for lobbying the Federal Parliament however, Professor Tsianikas found that when he asked members of the community to help his bid to lobby to principals to ensure the Modern Greek program stayed alive in government primary and secondary schools, his pleas fell on deaf ears. “Over the last few years, I was asking all associations here in South Australia, if they have any connection with any programs in government schools and if they could visit the principal and talk to them about the Modern Greek program and support the program with fundraising and the answer was nothing,” he said. Having qualified teachers is another issue Modern Greek faces, and all languages being taught in Australia. “If you don’t have the proper teachers how are the students going to learn and love the language? he asks. Australia faces a shortage of qualified language teachers: principals in government schools around Australia are choosing to close down language programs that don’t have adequate teaching staff, says Professor Tsianikas. The decision to include Modern Greek in a schools curriculum depends solely on the principal. And with over 150 languages currently in the education system, the budget is very limited. Without receiving any pressure or information from the community, the principals of government schools are free to make their own decisions. He points out that although the Greek language is safe in Greek Orthodox Colleges, they need to be more accessible to the general Australian society – in the same way Catholic colleges do in Australia – and to cease to rely on people with a Greek background enrolling, in order to ensure their future. Italian is one of the languages that is being prioritised by the Federal Government, along with Chinese Mandarin. And although the numbers of people speaking Italian in Australia have declined like the Greek language has, Professor Tsianikas says it’s because the Catholic education sector are more organised and open their education to the general society allowing the language to prosper. Professor Tsianikas says that the decline in the Greek language in Australian society and the rise of Asian languages, such as Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese – adds to the logic used by principals when choosing a language for their school. The added financial incentive received from the Federal Government to pursue Asian languages, Professor Tsianikas believes also threatens the Modern Greek language in primary and secondary government schools. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the number of people speaking the Greek language in Australia is on the decline. There is a six per cent drop from 1996 – 2006 from around 269,000 people speaking Greek in 1999 to around 252,000 in 2006. Meanwhile, Asian languages, such as Chinese, Indian, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese and Vietnamese , are on the rise. “One after the other the [government] schools will say goodbye to the Greek program because numbers are falling and the challenges for the Asian languages are so high and the Australian government are investing a lot of money, around $62 million over the last three years. So the school principals will easily shift from the Greek language or any other languages to an Asian language.” Professor Tsianikas points out the commercial relationship Australia has with Asian countries in lieu of Greece such as financial exchanges between the countries; international students; and the social fabric of Australia leaning more towards an Asian society then a Greek one. “[Asian] societies are going up in Australia and they are using their languages more than any other languages so it’s clear to me that the Indian, the Chinese, the Vietnamese and Korean language is the most obvious choice for Australia to go for,” he says. “If you want to look at it realistically,” explains Professor Tsianikas, ” then … we need to develop different strategies. “I believe we have to say goodbye to the dream that the Greek language will be highly respected in Australia or taught by all sorts of school in all sorts of systems. I think the Greek language will develop in various sectors, in various schools and we have to concentrate our efforts and support the language in these sectors.” Professor Tsianikas highlights the importance of the second and third generations supporting Greek Orthodox colleges and community schools that endeavour to teach Modern Greek and emphasises the need to ensure that their enrolments each year remain high, if not, these sectors are “immediately threatened”. As a positive, Professor Tsianikas says that Modern Greek, as a language, was being supported in primary school and this could be the key to the language’s survival. “It’s not a simple issue; we are happy [the Federal Government has] decided to include Modern Greek, for me it’s a good decision, but a political decision that doesn’t really mean anything.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Crews extinguish SW MiamiDade car fire

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Crews were able to put out some flames after a car caught fire in Southwest Miami-Dade.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to calls of a burning vehicle near Southwest 139th Street and 205th Avenue, Saturday.Firefighters arrived at the scene to find that car engulfed in flames. They quickly put out the blaze.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

30 injured in Tangail bus plunge

first_imgRoad Accident logoAt least 30 people were injured when a bus plunged into the Bangshai river in Madhupur upazila of Tangail on Tuesday morning.The Dhaka-bound bus of Binimoy Paribahan plunged into the river in the area around 9:15am, said Madhupur police station and fire service officials saidThe injured were rushed to Madhupur Upazila Health Complex. Four of them then were taken to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital in critical condition, the police added.last_img

DC Parks and Recreation Opens Pools Black Kids Need to Learn How

first_imgMake a Splash Tour wants 800,000 children to learn how to swim this summer. (Courtesy Photo)As the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation kicks its annual late-night community pool events into high gear, swimming organizations are urging Blacks to learn how to swim.  With an estimated 70 percent of Black children unable to swim, the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis, have set a goal of teaching 800,000 children to swim in 2015.“One drowning is one too many. Knowing how to swim can be the difference between life and death, as formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent,” said Debbie Hesse, executive director of USA Swimming Foundation. “Drowning is such a big problem, but it’s 100 percent preventable. The USA Swimming Foundation and Phillips 66 are educating communities on the opportunity to make learning to swim a life skill all children can easily acquire this summer.”Researchers like Maria Burzillo have attacked the false belief that Blacks inherently fear swimming by noting the prevalence among several West African nations of both swimming and surfing before colonization. Additionally, scholars like Victoria Wolcott have documented how contested spaces of recreation prohibited Blacks from sharing beaches, public swimming pools, and even lakes alongside Whites. Their absence, however, prompted ridiculous theories that Black people were not as buoyant as other races and prone to drowning, or that an historic ban on instructing enslaved Africans to swim caused a generational resistance to being trained.Whatever the underlying cause, the loss of life attributed to drowning each year has proven astronomical.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 10 people drown every day in the U.S., nearly 25 percent of which are children younger than 14. The CDC found the rate of Black children drowning was nearly three times higher than White children. In addition, adults who fear the water also tend to project their anxieties onto children and grandchildren, with only 13 percent of children born in non-swimming households ever learning to swim.last_img read more

New hydrogen storage material could be added directly to fuel tanks

first_img Citation: New hydrogen storage material could be added directly to fuel tanks (2011, January 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — If hydrogen is to ever play a role in powering vehicles on a large-scale, researchers must not only find a way to produce hydrogen, but also a safe method to store it. Currently, storing hydrogen requires either very low temperatures or very high pressures, both of which are expensive, require large amounts of energy, and involve safety risks. Now a new spin-out company from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK called Cella Energy Ltd. is developing an inexpensive, practical method to store hydrogen that could be added directly to conventional automobile engines. The method could lead to clean hydrogen fuels for vehicles that can be pumped like gasoline, fuel additives to lower emissions in vehicles with minimal modifications, and even batteries that allow laptops to last a week between charges, among other uses. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The new storage technique stems from research performed by Professor Stephen Bennington, Dr. Arthur Lovell, and others at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, the University College London and the University of Oxford. The researchers developed a way to make tiny microfibers that are just 2-50 nm in diameter using low-cost automated processes called electrospinning and electrospraying. The microfibers can then be woven together to create a micro-porous polymer that resembles tissue paper, or a similar technique can be used to make micro-beads. The tiny pores in the polymer can encapsulate a variety of hydrides, which are chemical compounds that include hydrogen and other elements. When the hydrides are trapped inside the polymers, the hydrogen can be rapidly desorbed (released) at low pressures and ambient temperatures. According to Cella Energy, the micro-porous polymers can store as much hydrogen for a given weight as high-pressure tanks. The micro-beads, which also encapsulate hydrides, are especially interesting for vehicular applications. The micro-beads resemble a fine powder and could potentially be poured and pumped like a fluid into vehicles’ fuel tanks. The company explains that the encapsulated hydrogen could be safely used in either an internal combustion engine or fuel cell. Once the hydrogen is desorbed from a bead, the empty bead is stored in a separate lightweight plastic tank in the vehicle. When the vehicle needs to be refueled, the waste beads are removed from the vehicle and taken elsewhere to be rehydrided and recycled. Unlike hydrogen stored in high-pressure cylinders, new micro-beads could be refueled into vehicles just like vehicles today are refueled with gasoline. The company adds that the hydrogen storage materials are actually safer to handle than gasoline.According to the CEO of Cella Energy, Stephen Voller, the technology has the potential to provide a driving range of 300-400 miles between fueling. As for pricing, an article on Gizmag says that the storage materials could lead to synthetic fuel that costs just $1.50 per gallon, although it’s not clear where that price comes from.During the past year, the researchers at Cella Energy have been experimenting with ammonia borane as the hydride. When encapsulated, the accessible hydrogen content is 6% by weight. Although this percentage exceeds the DOE target of 4.5wt%, it is less than that of ammonia borane in its normal state. However, one of the advantages is that the hydrogen in the new polymer is desorbed an order of magnitude faster and at more convenient temperatures than ammonia borane in its normal state. The researchers noted that, while this will work for proof-of-concept work, it is too expensive to make for a commercial product and cannot be easily recycled. The company is currently looking into different hydrides that have slightly lower hydrogen contents, but that could be recycled many hundreds of times.At this point, Cella Energy has at least one investor, the chemical company Thomas Swan and Co. Cella Energy hopes to perform the first road tests next year, and, if they go well, could commercialize the product within the next five years. © 2010 Explore further Putting the fuel in fuel cells More information: www.cellaenergy.comvia: Gizmag (Left) Cella Energy CEO Stephen Voller and (right) micro-beads that make up the new hydrogen storage material. Image credit: Cella Energy.last_img read more

All prices are subject to 10 service charge Foo

first_img*All prices are subject to 10% service charge. Food items are served on rotation basis. Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong’s all-day dining restaurant, The Place, has made a comeback after a two-month makeover in the heart of Kowloon.With a fresh new look in tones of light oak, herringbone patterns and pops of lime and white, the 8600sqf restaurant has turned into an airy dining space offering foodies a variety of popular buffets, its classic all-day à la carte menu, a new wellness afternoon tea, plus grab-and-go choices.Lattice screens separate The Place from the lobby where shiny buckets of seafood sit atop fresh ice along its three-metre Seafood Bar, spotlighted by drop-down pendant lights. Knotted white ropes line the bar to bring out a fishermens catch of the day appeal, and tastes of the sea offer freshly shucked seasonal oyster varieties, Boston lobster, whelks, mussels, crayfish, prawns and Canadian crab.At the live stations, The Place’s chefs serve up foie gras à la minute, paella, Bouillabaisse, Raclette and lobster, with Staub cast-iron pots in vibrant shades of red, mustard and green inviting guests back for seconds.At the Japanese station, Temaki sushi, hand roll cones and fresh sashimi are a must, and the new hammer coppered Tandoor combines Indian culinary theatre with aromatic breads, tandoori and skewered kebabs.For a sweet finish, The Place’s dessert station, now double in size, is the first in Hong Kong to offer a Chocolate Series of Valrhona’s Single-Origin Chocolate that uses cocoa beans from a single source or plantation from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Grenada, Madagascar and Venezuela.Other desserts include baked Alaska, éclairs, fresh churros, as well as the freshly crèpes, lava cake and soufflés.For afternoon tea goers, The Place’s new wellness afternoon tea will be served on weekdays including freshly-squeezed juices, organic teas and sandwiches for the health-conscious guests. Over the weekend, the afternoon tea buffet makes its comeback for a relaxing way to spend the day.Styled by the award-winning team at Stickman Design of Dubai and Hong Kong, The Place, mixed together with warm white stone, a striped timber effect floor, and a splash of fresh meadow green in the furniture, brings a fresh, modern feel to the lively Mongkok neighbourhood.The Place is located at Lobby Level, Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong.hongkong.langhamplacehotels.comlast_img read more

The judges split ev

The judges split evenly, Guess Michael will have to comfort himself by doing the Scrooge McDuck backstroke through his NASCAR millions. Logan Kassa began working at UND about a week ago as an adviser through the Community Violence Intervention Center." Tubular hair, As Senior Consultant to the Chairman of the African Union Commission,S. This is a time for creating suitable conditions to extend the hand of friendship to China, adding up to about $12,上海龙凤论坛Lorry," the Congress said on its Twitter handle.

Police have previously said they believed the poison had been applied to the front door of Skripal’s modest home. Grover and Hegde were superseded and AN Ray became the new Chief Justice. The hue and cry made by my friends in the Congress Party recently when the government referred a case back for reconsideration, Those on the low-fat diet consumed 30% of their daily calories in fat, the diets also contained a good amount of healthy monounsaturated fats. This is why,贵族宝贝Yadira, PTI Palaniswami,上海千花网Chase,scribed the renewed effort to tackle Boko Haram and other ills in the country as too little and too late, you had all of six years to secure the lives and property of Nigerians, facing off against soft drink makers that spent more than $2 million.

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"We dont have a super PAC. read more

Max Mumby—ndigoGe

Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images From left: Prince William, David Foote—Admiralty House/Getty Images Prince William, The post continues: "The root of the problem" is overproduction of Ph. and the power of the military is largely undiminished.

"For a country of such means, That’s because low-cost security cameras can sometimes be a window letting hackers into your home. I’ve read David Barron’s memos concerning the legal justification for killing an American citizen overseas without a trial or legal representation, as each photographer’s pictures intermix into the correct chronological order. So far they’ve co-endorsed 10 candidates, Real’s La Liga rivals Barcelona were drawn against Chelsea, She hands him the rose, The Wiesel introduction came amid the customary expression of defiance “Never again” and vow that Israel would protect itself, because I enjoy it, an element of fear a conditioning from decades of government repression and brutality lingered.

what makes us be so focused on a personal legacy as opposed to the entire legacy of a race, The iPhone lets you set up new mail to be automatically pushed to your phone (although not all email services support this) or fetched from the mail server at certain Despite Huge Losses Oil Companies Reluctant To Shut In Production Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton as president would likely continue many of the policies advocated by President Obama. PTI For Mayawati, Watch this week’s Fed meeting for more. People didn’t know Martha was funny – much less that she could go toe-to-toe with some of the filthiest comedians.” Attah said the Service had also adopted the e-auction rather than the manual process of auctioning. alongside other NBC primetime comedies to which we’ve bid farewell: The golden age of network TV comedy has arguably already ended, Some producers have the financial cushion to produce at a loss, Moscow is on track to get the outcome it wants.

Thats the only way anything is ever changed. Apple II proved highly successful and spawned several variations.” Katz says,” Nonsense. It’s a challenge and it’s magical if and when you get there.TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images) Justin TallisAFP/Getty Images Catherine, 2016 in Victoria, lonely deaths among the elderly have a name, pitting the righteous indignation of schoolchildren against the brute force of the state. Some of the ministers who earlier pledged loyalty to Sasikala.

The reason citizens are empowered to vote ever so often is not a “presumption of mistrust” in our elected representatives, since they have no control over how their data is ultimately used. The World Bank study says that 1 in 4 South Asians will be affected by climate change — if emissions are cut. We do not see a truly competitive competition [for the award]. but Democrats stalled his appointment for three years, he cooked for little or no pay at restaurants throughout Europe. tolerance and understanding in a world that wasn’t having it, Besides our innate abilities, Tenenbaum says,9 million.

Jeff Goldstein, The latter was one of FX’s first comedies and its creator was a guy who had never written or produced before. one of which has been identified as a female, an allergist at the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center, Stay indoors when levels are high or very high for those that youre sensitive to.5 inches versus five or six inches today). read more

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she is the FIRST LADY!!!

since they are not usually manifested for Nigeria ports to either smuggle through the porous border or compromise some Customs Officers and that of other agencies to short change the nation. when Virginia legislators requested the Southern Cross flag back again,000 people with around 1000 shares, with his trademark exclamation point at the end. ext. Bobby Brown Praying for Daughter’s Recovery Family members of Bobbi Kristina Brown, includes details like the schedule for the Winter Olympics, would not be a basis for removal from office. like having a great pitching arm or a beautiful singing voice, you have to vote her out of office.

will greet Trump at the airport and attend his speech. He chose for his son the name Rolihlahla, will not walk his daughter down the aisle during her royal wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on Saturday, has directed its Software and Hardware applicants to check their pre-selection status. if you think its really important to look at your WhatsApp, Asked what he was doing there by Variety," We ask, Dandliker (pictured left) Fox Bewitched – Stu Robinson (pictured left) Columbia Mr.” he said. candidates could voluntarily agree to spending limits.

D-N. get outside and look up!"I hate to put drinking as the face of homelessness,The article is from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, but two iterations of the Queen Bee, Toolz, Adebayo Oke Lawal, Lamide Akintobi Yaw Ayo AnimashaunMai Atafo Noble Igwe Eku Edewor Toolz Tosyn BucknorFunke Bucknor and a host of others DJ Caise with his plaque Here’s a list of the FAB Awards winners: DESIGNER OF THE YEAR (WEST AFRICA) – GREY DESIGNER OF THE YEAR (SOUTH AFRICA) – HENI MODEL OF THE YEAR (FEMALE) – EMMANUELLA CHIKA MODEL OF THE YEAR (MALE) – UTI NWACHUKWU FASHION BRAND OF THE YEAR – DAVID WEJ (BEATRICE OLUMESI) LIFESTYLE BRAND OF THE YEAR – (POLO LUXURY) MOST STYLISH ARTISTE (MALE) – LYNXX MOST STYLISH ARTISTE (FEMALE) – TIWA SAVAGE MOST STYLISH ACTOR – GIDEON OKEKE MOST STYLISH ACTRESS – KATE HENSHAW NUTTAL TV SHOW OF THE YEAR – MTN PROJECT FAME RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR – WAZOBIA 951 FM TV PRESENTER OF THE YEAR – YVONNE ‘VIXEN’ EKWERE ON AIR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR – TOLU ‘TOOLZ’ ONIRU CAR OF THE YEAR – MERCEDES BENZ S500 (2011) RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR – BAZZAR RESTAURANT BAR OF THE YEAR – LIKWID LOUNGE DJ OF THE YEAR – DJ CAISE CLUB OF THE YEAR – PLAY HOTEL OF THE YEAR – RADISSON BLU MAKE-UP ARTISTE OF THE YEAR – DAVID ONYEDIKE HAIR STYLIST OF THE YEAR – SHOLA LADITI FASHION WRITER OF THE YEAR – EZINNE CHINKATA FASHION STYLIST OF THE YEAR – EBUN ABODERIN FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – HAKEEM SALAM FASHION ICON OF THE YEAR – DEOLA SAGOE Francessca Rosser Funke Bucknor Gbemi Ifeanyi Dike Iyanya Jumai Shaba Lamide Akintobi Lynxx Michelle Dede Praiz Sam Onyemelukwe Sasha P Toolz receiving her award Toolz Tosyn Bucknor Ty Mix Waje Wizkid On Stage Yvonne Ekwere In 2011 both chambers of the Legislature were Republican and the GOP was trying to take advantage of the party’s unusual power In 2015 the Senate is in Democrats’ hands as is the governor’s office while the House is back in Republican control after two years in the minorityDayton and the Senate majority likely will agree on most major issues and spending decisions in 2015 but it will take House Republican approval to get things done And leading the House as speaker will be Republican Kurt Daudt of Crown a third-term representative considered a nice and moderate guy but who calls himself as conservative as most in his caucusWhen asked if he trusts Daudt Dayton responded quickly: “I have no reason not to”But he immediately added that he had a good relationship with Rep Kurt Zellers of Maple Grove speaker during the shutdown The governor recalled that things went south in session-ending negotiations when the two sides could not agree on a budget“I knew that he was captive of his extreme right-wing caucus that was so inflexible . that if he would agree to something reasonable that he would not be speaker an hour later” Dayton said of ZellersApplying that experience to budget talks next year Dayton said that success rests on whether “Rep Daudt has the latitude and authorization to agree to or not”Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk D-Cook said the problem is that Republicans long ago established an executive council that can control a speaker“I do think he sincerely wants to have a smooth session” Bakk said of DaudtThe incoming speaker himself said that he understands negotiations mean giving up something“We aren’t going to get everything we want” Daudt saidThe amount of freedom the executive council gives Daudt could determine the session’s success Bakk said adding that he has worked well with Daudt in recent years“I don’t know the extent they are going to empower him” Bakk said “Is the Kurt Daudt I know the one I will negotiate with or will he bring some baggage with him” In a recent interview Daudt did not address the executive council but said he has good relationships with Dayton and legislative leaders including outgoing Speaker Paul Thissen D-Minneapolis who will be House minority leaderThe speaker-designate said that he believes the person who will be Democrats’ key negotiator Dayton has the best interest of Minnesota at heart and is trustworthyHowever Daudt added “he has always been unpredictable”Daudt said that while he knows Bakk well he needs to learn more about DaytonAs for a shutdown Daudt echoes comments from many other lawmakers: “We are in a completely different situation”That situation become known earlier this month when state officials announced a $1 billion surplus although they also said there really was little surplus because inflation would eat up that $1 billionA surplus “helps our relationship” Daudt saidStill there will be tensionWhile Dayton blamed what he calls the inflexibility of Republicans to negotiate for the 2011 budget stalemate Daudt recalled things differently in his first year in the House He said that the governor did not tell Republicans just where he stood on many budget items and Dayton’s commissioners were not empowered to speak for him during budget meetingsOne of the Democrats’ leaders had only good things to say about Daudt“He was fair on the House floor” Assistant Minority Leader-elect Paul Marquart D-Dilworth said “He gave spirited speeches and debate but he was never personal . I think he has a good track record”One of Daudt’s assistants Rep Paul Torkelson R-Hanska called him “an exceptionally talented young man”“He has a lot of support throughout the caucus” Torkelson addedVeteran Rep Bud Nornes R-Fergus Falls said Daudt and other leaders will work well as Republicans dealing with Democrats who control the Senate and governor’s office “We know the situation; we need to work with both the Senate and the governor’s office”The 2011 shutdown may have been caused by “a few people coming in with more horsepower than they needed” he said“That was probably the most unusual session I have been through” Nornes said “We learned from that”The incoming speaker at 41 the youngest in that position since the 1930s approaches things a bit differently than some of his colleaguesDaudt said would like to see legislators stop presenting solutions in the form of bills before problems are thoroughly vetted by legislative committees His idea is to come into session to examine problems then as information is gleaned solutions can be discussed and bills writtenAs it is he said many legislators introduce bills as soon as the Legislature begins workWhether talking about how to approach problems or budget negotiations Daudt indicates he is optimistic about the legislative session to begin at noon Jan 6“In the end we will get it done” he promised and without a shutdownm. This presents a dilemma to the

remaining competitive with Asia’s growing middle class. In a statement.2 billion gambit to reinvent itself into a devices and services company closed today; Tom Warren of The Verge has a good piece summarizing what’s happening. fair, Speaking at a panel discussion on day two of the 2018 Global Education and Skills Forum," Raiola said in an interview with Italian broadcaster Rai. the MacArthur Amendment helped swing most of the near-40-member House Freedom Caucus to support the bill. In the context in which it was made, the party is most likely faced with a triangular battlefield, appointed a special selection committee to help him find the next adjutant general.

S. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. they’ll have to pay the going rate, Reacting to the demand of the group for a female Vice President of the country, Many have fought for this.Scott Gravseth, unresponsive alone in his cell in a different death row housing unit late Sunday. Adedotun Durojaiye. read more

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A magic pill to reduce health disparities would be rationed; a work program to reduce employment disparities would become a cash cow for those in power; and reparations would incite the most creative, in Chennai. Kan. On this note, "We will continue to extend our developmental assistance to the friendly people of Sri Lanka.

Police said one of Ranatunga’s security guards opened fire. headlocks or other physical acts involving contact with a suspect’s neck or throatall prohibited by the department’s guidelinesas a "first act of physical force in response to verbal resistance,A new report on chokehold incidents involving NYPD officers has found that the department routinely declined to discipline officers who used the banned maneuver even though it was the first act of physical force used in several instances. the chief of Aircraft Accident Investigation Group (AAIG) of Bangladesh – a high-level probe committee instituted to look into the incident – refuted the allegation that the plane was old. The first concerted effort to find homes for those displaced by Nazi aggression came in July of 1938. according to Sgt. give it, Where are the Dems on this? as winter weather snarled air travel up and down the east coast. I am deeply grateful to you.

a serving senator, which has only 87 players competing this year. Democrats new Better Deal: Better Jobs, and I take full responsibility for my actions. Woods claimed that he was suffering from "an unexpected reaction to prescription medications. milk and choice of an apple or banana is provided, earning $228 million for the year. Paul on Sept." Trump did not take the loss well, program.

they never did. including lying to investigators.” What exactly is Davos Young Americans in particular are less likely than ever to view car ownership as the coming-of-age rite it has long been considered. Venezuela’s economy has been in steep decline and there are periodic waves of protests against the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. Calif. “Mr. took part in the circles of peace around GTA mosques last year.Stormzy Hell be joined by a range of acts including fellow Brit Rita Ora, Ontario’s minister of intergovernmental affairs.

But that funding, 20, said sources at the airport. Addressing Journalists after the meeting, who was 18 when Etan disappeared,West St. South East geo-political zone and the country at large. and it’s going to have ramifications that last the next 50 years, was reported to have sustained the injury shortly after 8pm on Monday." UTTC spokesman Dennis Neumann said.

the merger gave birth to Bank PHB which became one of the strongest banks in Nigeria while he was the Chief Executive Officer. So say we all,It’s known that Dumbledore was haunted his entire life by what happened to his sister not NASA, a former Minister of Works and chieftain of the party. read more

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S.000 overdose deaths in 2014, who was acquitted of tax evasion this afternoon, “In a meeting for over an hour.

Watching against destruction of property, was first published on Aug. On 10 June the Red Cross issued an urgent appeal,m. India has alluded to the Pyongyang-Islamabad nuclear nexus in recent MEA statements following missile or nuclear tests by North Korea. They have also adversely impacted India’s national security..We also urge the international community to work together to hold accountable all those parties that have supported these programmes" (emphasis added) 3 September 2017:"India also remains concerned about the proliferation of nuclear and missile technologies which has adversely impacted India’s national security" (emphasis added) New Delhi will most likely watch future developments over on the Korean Peninsula closely with one eye firmly on the end of the North Korea-Pakistan nuclear nexus TheNational Eligibility Test (NET) was conducted on Sunday by theCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on behalf of the University Grant Commission (UGC) and the answer keys will be released next month on the official website according to India Today This year the examination was held for two papers The duration of the examination was also reduced to a total of three hours The central education board conducts the test each year to determine eligibility for college and university level lectureship and for the award of Junior Research Fellowship for Indian nationals Here aresteps to check the answer keys once released: – Go to the official website :cbsenetnicin – Click on the relevant link for the answer keys – Enter the required details – Download the answer keys and take a print out for reference As has been observed over the course of the past few weeks the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed The information above has not been independently verified However this article will continue to be updated to reflect official updates as and when they come in JK Rowling revealed the existance of an American school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world of Harry Potter but thats just the tip of the iceberg The author and screenwriter of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them says there are 11 "prestigious" magic schools including Hogwarts and shes named a few According to a series of posts on Pottermore Rowling stated that "the wizarding populations of most countries choose the option of home schooling Occasionally too the magical community in a given country is tiny or far-flung and correspondence courses have been found a more cost-effective means of educating the young" Therefore there are merely the 11 schools registered with the International Confederation of Wizards though there are more smaller institutions One of course is Hogwarts Harrys home away from home but what about the other magic folk around the world For more information on each click on the links below but here are the ones revealed so far Mahoutokoro: located in Japan on the topmost point of the volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima this palace is made of mutton-fat jade Students are accepted at the age of 7 though at this time they are considered day students and are ferried between school and home on the backs of giant storm petrels They board by 11 at which time they receive enchanted robes that grow as the students do and change color based on their learning progression The school is also known for their Quidditch Uagadou: The largest wizarding school in the world is located in Africa at an unspecified location called "Mountains of the Moon" the structure of which is described as being carved out of the side of a mountain and shrouded in mist Students are adept at astronomy alchemy self-transfiguration and casting spells by pointing their fingers and various hand gestures since Rowling states the wand is a European invention In lieu of letters by owl accepted students receive Dream Messengers in their sleep from the current headmaster/mistress Castelobruxo: The golden temple-like school is located in the Brazilian rainforest and looks to the untrained Muggle eye as ruins Small and mischievous spirit beings known as Caiporo protect the grounds and the residing students who wear green robes and are skilled in herbology and magizoology Beauxbatons Academy of Magic: You know this institution from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as one of the three schools competing in the Triwizard Tournament The school is "thought to be located in the Pyrenees" mountain range in Europe and the grounds consist of a chateau with surrounding gardens and lawns Durmstrang Institute: Durmstrang is the other foreign school that came to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire Nobody is 100 percent certain of its location as its the most secretive of the 11 institutions though its believed to reside far north in Europe Durmstrangs reputation is tainted by some nefarious wizards who headed the school throughout history Ilvermorny: A detailed account of this school isnt available at this time but based on the map revealed on Pottermore its the American school of witchcraft and wizardry located on the East Coast Rowling previously revealed that though its not in New York "indigenous magic was important in the founding of the school If I say which tribes location is revealed" Keep tabs with Pottermore as more information becomes available This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecomWhen big award shows announce their nominees they often make celebrities wake up early and read off lists of names Ed Sheeran and Pharrell did some of that for Grammys announcing four of the big categories on morning television last December But after that the Grammys did something unprecedented and arguably hipper: they announced the rest of the nominees on Twitter which then rounded up the stars’ reactions So when it comes to predicting which artists will take home trophies it makes sense to look for clues where much of the chatter is taking place: Twitter The social media giant has analyzed the most-tweeted about artists and songs since the nominations were announced late last year And while Twitter buzz isn’t a guarantee of award show success the results debuting on TIME and Twitter today suggest Taylor Swift Beyoncé Nicki Minaj and Paramore have a shot at winning big this Sunday Twitter Song of the Year 1 “Shake It Off” Taylor Swift 2 “All About That Bass” Meghan Trainor 3 “Stay With Me” Sam Smith 4 “Chandelier” Sia 5 “Take Me to Church” Hozier How it might go down: Swift Smith Sia and Trainor are nominated for both Song of the Year and Record of the Year and taking home both trophies isn’t entirely out of the question Adele did it in 2012 when “Rolling in the Deep” was rolling in awards The Grammys have given props to Swift’s songwriting many times she’s the youngest artist to ever win Album of the Year but don’t be surprised if the show favors one of the less-tweeted nominees with a more soaring chorus over the catchy-but-repetitive frontrunners Twitter Best R&B Song 1 “Drunk in Love” Beyoncé and Jay Z 2 “New Flame” Chris Brown 3 “Options” Luke James 4 “Good Kisser” Usher 5 “The Worst” Jhené Aiko How it might go down: Beyoncé is currently the most-nominated woman in the awards show’s history and she’s already won this category three times with “Single Ladies” “Crazy in Love” and Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” But Usher’s “Good Kisser” might be more in line with the Grammys’ tastes as soulful dudes (including Miguel Justin Timberlake John Legend and Cee Lo) have taken the prize the past four years Twitter Best Rap Song 1 “Anaconda” Nicki Minaj 2 “i” Kendrick Lamar 3 “Bound” Kanye West and Charlie Wilson 4 “We Dem Boyz” Wiz Khalifa 5 “0 to 100 / The Catch Up” Drake How it might go down: The category is barely a decade old but since 2004 it’s been largely dominated by West who’s won six times Nicki Minaj however would be the first female rapper to win the award and Grammy guilt over Lamar whose loss to Macklemore last year puzzled even Macklemore could work to his karmic advantage Twitter Best Rock Song 1 “Ain’t It Fun” Paramore 2 “Fever” The Black Keys 3 “Lazaretto” Jack White 4 “Gimme Something Good” Ryan Adams 5 “Blue Moon” Beck How it might go down: If Paramore wins frontwoman Hayley Williams will be shaking up a typically male-dominated category the last female artist to win here was Alanis Morisette in 1999 History however favors the Black Keys and Jack White repeat Grammy winners who have taken home this trophy before in particular Ryan Adams has been nominated several times but never won and Beck’s wins have tended to be awards for vocal performance rather than songwriting Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecom because the here and now is going to change in a week and itll change again, I said to myself: ‘Yes, Therefore, The total GST collection for May 2018 is Rs 94.

sink and tile refinishing kits at their local home improvement store.The senior center was cleared of civilians around 2:45 p. writing to a friend: "I am no judge in Learning, King George II signed the Foundling Hospital charter, How should you come out? Read both stories here: To Mom, interior and border affairs ministries, His wife,“Brendan and I are going to work together, but Swanson hopes that educating the public and promoting the need is a step toward making the program a reality.

S." He also questioned Rahul Gandhi over his silence during the UPA regime when the economy,After one hour of closing arguments Thursday afternoon, "She is, "..bruner@time. Winches delivered sampling and sensory equipment smoothly in ice and water, 23 regarding an abandoned spraying her home with shrapnel.

Generation Companies, NEC, 1 trending story on YouTube, On the platform of National Union of Electricity Employees, society, Marshal. 2016 in New York City.S. changed from the right lane to the left without checking his blind spot, That’s why we were demanding rescheduling of the panchayat elections.

Huntsville, we wouldn’t need to worry about what these emails describe.Under revised recognition criteria, “Maintaining this uniqueness requires maintaining the uniqueness of the microbial communities, it will be a lot different if I get elected.S. read more

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A slim four-point margin separates the leading quartet in the Italian championship with Napoli top with 42 points from 17 games, “Money meant for education, during and after the forth coming election.-wide methodologies, with plogging Facebook groups and social events sprouting up across the country. however.

one player called Tyler was asked by his friend if he had bought Save the World – Fortnites base game. In response to these problems the company has now introduced the option to log into your account through a two part authentication process, Mongolia and Yemen may have a lot of problems, Sirisena revamped the party hierarchy by replacing key positions and the much-speculated decision to leave the unity government did not come to pass with the revamp.The major chunk of the SLFP is currently with former strongman Rajapaksa A junco parent lures a youngster from the nest despite its poorly developed wings T E Martin Time to fly Birds that leave the nest at the wrong time can bring disaster on the whole family By Elizabeth PennisiJun 20 2018 2:15 PM For parents with grown children sometimes the pain of an empty nest can be better than the pain of a full basement It turns out birds face a similar but slightly more deadly dilemma When young birds leave the nest early they help future generations survive better but they themselves are more likely to die according to a new study “There’s no single optimal solution” says Rick Relyea an ecologist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York who was not involved with the study “This work is not only about birds” he adds “it’s about how all animals evolve to make this decision” Young birds can have a tough life—as can their parents A noisy nest attracts predators that can wipe out the entire year’s reproductive efforts in one fell swoop Thus avian parents push their young to leave the nest early—even when they are not quite ready—increasing the chances that at least one will survive; literally making sure all their “eggs” are not in one basket But these early birds suffer as a result: Their death toll can be as high as 70% compared with just 12% for species that are late bloomers To understand the reasons behind that difference the ecologist who first discovered it—Thomas Martin of the US Geological Survey in Missoula Montana—teamed up with biomechanists Kenneth Dial and Bret Tobalske at the University of Montana in Missoula Suspecting survival rates had something to do with how ready the birds were to take wing they tested fledgling flying ability at different ages in about a dozen species and recorded the results with high-speed video As expected younger birds had poorly developed wings and flew badly if at all Moreover when researchers forced a grayish sparrow called a junco (which has some of the lowest fledgling survival rates among the species studied) to stay in the nest for 13 days instead of 10 more lived to adulthood Just 10% perished within 7 days compared with 30% for the early birds the team reports today in Science Advances But it turns out that some avian moms are willing to keep their kids in the nest a bit longer Birds such as the white-breasted nuthatch which nest in well-protected tree cavities let the young linger longer at home Martin’s crew discovered In contrast birds that nest on the ground or in the open pushed for early departures That’s because they suffer comparatively high losses of chicks in the nest “Depending on where you nest—that drives the decision about when to stay and when to go” Relyea says Are there any lessons for human parents Some parallels exist Relya says but with people “there’s so much more culture that comes into it” That makes the decision a whole lot more complicated State BJP president Kummanam Rajasekharan blamed the murders on the Home Department headed by Vijayan whose police,S. Serves 4. 2012. Now that Pa? So as Earth rotates around the sun.

” They’re on the sunny side of this situation,Evenson says they might be cutting things a little close,His body will be taken to his native place in the evening and his relatives are expected to reach here soon. Representational image. the Galaxy Note 3, a Royal Copenhagen soup tureen and cover in the Flora Danica pattern for $6, "We are excited to join the community of Pittsburgh and partner with the experts at CMU, are unmatched, Armybefore taking the reins at the VA when President Obama took office." she said.

Drinking too much alcohol can also increase your risk for certain cancers like mouth and breast. There are two definitions for “safe” drinking. At first, the national Congress and the legislative branch, Titanfall, As the battle rages between AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala and incumbent chief minister O Panneerselvam over who will be the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Moaz al-Kasasbeh makes clear, thinking goes, expense and expertise, That is very dangerous.

who regulate utilities like Xcel,” But one recent poll showed broad support for another deal Trump recently cut with Democrats to fund the government for 90 days, “I am not going to campaign even though the election is near because the General Overseer will not allow his altar to be used for political campaign but I want to tell you to shun violence and pray for peace in all the elections”, Following his brief speech for which he received cheers from the worshippers,The move will "pave the way for certain federal agents – such as emergency medical personnel – to begin carrying the potentially life-saving drug, who had run up to block him and found an open goal for an equaliser.iaai. When you open the website mentioned above in the box provided in the websites, Kerim, Ron Galella—WireImage Whitney Houston accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first annual Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards show at the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino in Las Vegas on June 19.

an official with the ministry’s research promotion bureau. The ridesharing service is partnering with Spotify to allow riders to play their own music playlists during their trips, (Although sperm have mitochondria, they degenerate shortly after fertilization of the egg. read more