Takun J: B-Day Celebration Will Be “Different”

first_imgOne of Liberia’s most dependable and “all ears” Hip-Co artists, who has spent several years providing proof to his fans and nation that Hip-Co music could one day have a mark in the entertainment industry, celebrated another birthday on May 14, 2014.With great wishes and respect from LIB LIFE, we wish you a happy belated birthday!Due to celebrate a grand B-Day bash at club Dubai on May 24, 2014, Takun J celebrates his b-day with an exclusive, pay-to-enter house party, set up for sincere well-wishers, smiling faces and a room filled with gifts.“If it’s free, everyone will fill the place, and since there isn’t much space on 146 block, I’ve decided to charge a fee for those who really want to celebrate my birthday with me,” He stated duringthe renovation of 146.Also, Takun mentioned during the 12 ambassadors weekly Hip-Co Accountability Lab meeting that he wanted to do something special for his fans, despite it being his birthday.He also mentioned doing something different from what most of his fans are accustomed to seeing and hearing every Friday night during “146” open mic.“It’s going to be big, I’m going to have different people on the mic other than what everybody is used to,” he added.Furthermore, “146” block has become the second home for many Hip-Co artists who use the popular hangout spot as a means for stage practice, collaborations and for a good time.“146 is a good place to go and polish your skills and be able to do it around the real stars,” stated Black boy, another aspiring artist who dreams of one day featuring in Takun’s tracks.Meanwhile, artists and entertainers from all genres of music, class and style showed up at the birthday boy’s “146”, openly showing the love and respect that the whole country has for their “super-star” artist.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Did President Weah Pump the 3/23/18 L$374B into the Economy without Recording as President…

first_imgBy J. Yanqui ZazaTwo of Liberia’s money-documents circulating on local media outlets after the “#BRING OUR MONEY BACK” demonstration held on Monday, September 24, 2018 might reveal a troubling problem in Liberia, the failure to record business transactions, thereby making it difficult to audit, investigate and, or prosecute. Let us use an analogy: “Record keeping (leading to financial) to a business is the equivalent of the dashboard displaying flight instruments to an airplane pilot.” Or as stated by an expert, it is extremely important to have good accounting, because “…you cannot run a business if you don’t know whether you are being profitable or not. Also, bad record keeping invites fraud. Hence, record is crucial.”The first document is a photocopy of L$374 million allegedly received by President George Weah government in March of 2018. Instead of providing records of accounting and, or deposit, Weah’s lieutenants are giving contradicting statements. For example, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Samuel Tweah continues to argue that no money is missing. But, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Musa Dean stated that, “…the investigation is not about missing container(s). The investigation is to probe moneys brought into the country to establish whether they were properly received, reported, logged and deposited into the Central Bank’s vault.”The second set of documents is the authority given by the Legislature in 2016 to print L$5B and in 2017 to print L$10B to replace mutilated notes and address declining economic conditions. The former President Sirleaf, preoccupied with her legacy, is arguing about someone impugning her character and, or is giving unwanted advice such as that the government should “…take time and check the facts, take time and go through the process.” What is needed from the former President is for her to assist her successor to obtain records such as copies of the deposit slip(s) of the money printed, and importantly, the value of the money printed to replace the mutilated notes and, or more money CBL pumped into the economy, if any.The accounting entries of replacing the mutilated notes and, or adding more money to the economy would have been transposed onto CBL’s 2016 and 2017 balance sheets as depicted below. However, if numbers and Financial Notes within the 2016 and 2017 audited financial statements do not reflect any information about the L$5b and L$10B, was it due to an error or an official decision to omit such relevant information? If yes, why the omission? Two separate external Audit Firms (PWC) and KPMG examined these records in 2016 and 2017 respectively.Before reviewing the numbers, I should inform you that CBL, in violation of the Authority of Liberian Legislature, did not disclose any information, including Financial Notes within the audited financial statements to indicate the value of the money printed in 2016 and 2017 respectively. However, in another document, CBL 2016 mentioned the different kinds of denominations (L$5, L$10, L$20, L$50, L$100, L$500) of money printed, but it did not disclose the amount of mutilated Liberian dollars destroyed and replaced or the amount of money pumped into the economy, if any.In accordance with International Financial Reporting System (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), CBL included 31Notes within page # 14 through page # 60 and explained each of the items within the balance sheets and income statement, but there was no information about the L$16B. Had CBL made accounting entries to reflect additional money, there would have been an increase in the account of “Cash Deposited with Other Central Banks.” Even if the total money printed was solely for replacing the mutilated notes, an accounting entry and financial notes were required.Interestingly, CBL pumped more money into the Liberian economy comprising of proceeds from the sale of government securities and the drawdown of government’s accounts. It got combined money of the sale of securities, again not disclosed within the audited financial statements, of L$6.6B in 2016 and L$2.2B in 2017 respectively. (Open Source # 1). Also, CBL withdrew about L$6B (L$12B in 2016 minus L$6B in 2017) from government agencies in 2017 and withdrew another L$3B (L$5B in 2016 minus L$1.5B in 2017) from State-owned entities in 2017 as per the below table. In the same 2017, CBL withdrew L$6B from Cash Deposited with Other Central Banks. (L$23B in 2016 minus L$17B in 2017).The decision by Liberian officials to exclude any relevant information about the L$16B, if my observation is right, is more than the act of stealing resources from the country. Therefore, investigators should search for motives for the exclusion and those who are responsible for excluding the proper recording of the L$16B, which the Liberian Legislature authorized.TREASURY BILLS AND TREASURY BONDS SOLD FROM 2014 THROUGH 2018 SCHEDULECENTRAL BANK OF LIBERIA 2016 ANNUAL REPORT, NOT AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTSCENTRAL BANK OF LIBERIA 2016 AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, NOT ANNUAL REPORTSCENTRAL BANK OF LIBERIA 2017 ANNUAL REPORT, NOT AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CENTRAL BANK OF LIBERIA 2017 AUDITED FINANACIAL STATEMENTS, NOT THE ANNUAL REPORTShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Puran and Cevon’s resume garbage collection services

first_img…as Govt bails out City HallBy Lakhram BhagiratMonths after withdrawing their services due to not being paid for work already done over a protracted period of time, garbage contractors Puran Bros Disposal Services and Cevon’s Waste Management Inc. have resumed collecting garbage in the City after Central Government would have made them payments.A Cevon’s facility was erected outside the Stabroek Market on SundayThe Mayor & City Council (M&CC) had, through the Ministry of Communities, approached Central Government for a bailout of four hundred and seventy-five million, six hundred and thirty-five thousand, two hundred and forty-five dollars ($475,635,245) to settle the City’s debt to Puran Brothers, Cevon’s, and another company.Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan disclosed that Government had decided to grant City Hall the bailout.Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, had said the City was in a crisis all way round, but especially when it came to addressing the current garbage situation since the two major contractors had withdrawn their services. At an Extraordinary Statutory Meeting of the M&CC, she had bashed Solid Waste Director Walter Narine for misguiding her in relation to the current garbage situation.“I am looking at a bailout from the Government to bring this City back in order; because the garbage is killing me, and Mr Narine can’t tell me they got no red velvet out there, because the place nasty. On Mandela Avenue it is laced with garbage; there is garbage everywhere,” she had said.Puran Bros Disposal Services has put back its compactor at Stabroek Market (seen here on Sunday afternoon), and will have all its trucks back on the road today collecting the City’s garbage“We are in a crisis, in my own opinion, with this garbage. I am not listening to Mr Narine anymore, because he is not directing me right; he telling me one thing in here, and when I go out there is something else; and I am believing everything I seeing with my own two eyes,” Chase-Green had added.She had noted that the smaller contractors who were taken on to fill the gaps did not have the capacity to continue picking up the City’s garbage on a long-term basis.Manager of Puran Bros, Kalesh Puran, has told the Guyana Times that the company has already recommenced collecting garbage in the city. “We have already collected the household and commercial waste. We also put back our compactor at Stabroek Market, and tomorrow (Monday) you would see all our trucks back on the road collecting the garbage,” he said.Solid Waste Director Walter Narine has said these two contractors would recommence working for the City with reduced responsibilities. He said the new arrangement would see each contractor being paid $10 million per month for their services, as compared to what had previously obtained, with them getting paid sums ranging from $43 million to 45 million per month.The M&CC has implemented fees for commercial waste collection with effect from September 1. Small business operators across Georgetown are required to pay $5000 per month; medium-size businesses are required to pay $8000 per month; and large business operators are required to pay $12,000 per month for the collection of their waste.The Solid Waste Director had told the Council that while the originally approved fees for commercial garbage collection were $5000, $10,000 and $15,000; the latter two were reduced to $8000 and $12,000 after consultations.Puran Brothers Disposal and Cevon’s Waste Management had withdrawn their services on July 30, 2017, after City Hall’s debts had risen to the multi-million-dollar range. According to the companies, the issue of non-payment has been a long-standing one, with many debts going as far back as 2015.Many Councillors at Monday’s statutory meeting commended themselves for keeping the City clean despite the withdrawal of these significant garbage collection services. A Councillor, however, noted reports that a truck (registration number provided) had been going around charging residents $500 to empty their garbage barrels – a service which currently attracts no additional fees for homeowners.last_img read more

Fly Jamaica yet to file application in Jamaica

first_imgThe new owner of Fly Jamaica, Glenn Logan, had initially intended for the carrier to recommence operations from September. However, this is very unlikely, as the airline is yet to file application in Jamaica, before the process begins in Guyana.The Gleaner newspaper in Jamaica on Friday reported that the airline may be “in limbo despite takeover talks”. Logan has been tight-lipped on the transaction, but The Gleaner reported that Head of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), Nari Williams-Singh, has said that the application is yet to be received and the review process is yet to commence.On the other hand, reports are that Fly Jamaica had, after the accident, made an insurance claim, which is yet to be paid to Ronald Reece, the airline’s former owner.Efforts made by Guyana Times to contact Reece on Sunday were futile, but The Gleaner reported that Reece said the new owner of the airline is yet to “pay over any funds”.That newspaper also reported that Reece was displeased that Logan had made public statements, which has breached their agreement in regard to “disclosures”.The operations of Fly Jamaica airline were crippled by a crash that occurred on November 9, 2018. The Boeing 757 flight crash-landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri, East Bank Demerara after encountering hydraulic issues. The flight had left the CJIA at about 02:10h for Toronto, but the pilot returned to the CJIA, where the aircraft crash-landed.The cash-strapped airline has since made all its workers redundant effective from March 1, 2019. Most of the fired former employees are also still awaiting payment of their salaries. Irate passengers are likewise still awaiting refunds from tickets that were booked. Those refunds are pegged at over $16 million.On July 29, hope surfaced for the airline when it was revealed that a team of investors, led by Yann LeProvost of the French-based company W&Y SAS and including Jamaican aviation veteran Glenn Logan, had taken over the problem-plagued airline.The new owners took over on July 26 from Guyanese operators Paul and Roxanne Reece. They have since pledged their commitment to addressing the issues affecting the airline, such as salaries owed to workers, and compensation for tickets.Meanwhile, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Egbert Field, in an interview back in July, pointed out that the company must refile an application seeking approval to operate locally before it can so do.“…if they are certified and approved by the Jamaica (Civil Aviation Authority); because it is a Jamaican-based airline, not a Guyanese-based. So, providing that Jamaica approved the application, then they will give them the necessary permits. They will have to use that to reapply to the Civil Aviation Authority of Guyana, so they will have to make an entire new application and go through the entire process for approval from Guyana also,” Director General Field had said.last_img read more

Arsenal Aubameyang bid rejected

first_imgAubameyang has been strongly linked with a move to the Emirates, while Olivier Giroud could head to Dortmund as part of a possible swap deal.Arsenal’s club officials have been in Germany as they attempt to negotiate a deal.Wenger revealed on Monday that he is neither “confident or not confident” about completing the signing.He added: “You never know how close you are.“This is the kind of thing – he is one of the possible movements, but we have other things in mind as well. We have plenty of opportunities and the final decision is not made.“At the moment we are not close to any deal, Aubameyang or anybody else.”The 28-year-old is thought to be in favour of move away from Dortmund and was left out of their squad for the Friday’s 1-1 draw at Hertha Berlin.Sporting director Michael Zorc told Dortmund’s Twitter feed: “We have the impression at the moment that he [Aubameyang] has his head on other things and is not fully focused.”Should Aubameyang arrive at the Emirates, he would be reunited with former Dortmund team-mate Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the Armenian having completed a swap deal in which Alexis Sanchez went to Manchester United.-By Sky Sports-0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that the two clubs are in discussions over the Gabon international.LONDON, United Kingdom, Jan 25 – Borussia Dortmund have rejected a bid in excess of Sh7.3bn (£50m) from Arsenal for striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, according to reports.Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that the two clubs are in discussions over the Gabon international.last_img read more

Mourinho v Carneiro: Chelsea manager says doctor could return to bench this season

first_imgChelsea manager Jose Mourinho insists under-fire medical duo Jon Fearn and Eva Carnerio could return to the Blues’ bench at some point this season.The duo have been banished from pitchside duties following last weekend’s misunderstanding over an injury sustained by Eden Hazard, but the Portuguese claimed that situation may not be permanent.Speaking for the first time about the argument that has raged around Stamford Bridge all week, Mourinho said: “First of all I want to say I have a fantastic medical department led by Dr Paco Biosca. I have a good relationship with them.“They tell me they have never been praised as much as they have been by me in the last couple of years.“Jon Fearn and Dr Carneiro will not be on the bench on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be in the future.” Jose Mourinho 1last_img read more

Woman frantically searching for lost dog

first_imgThis produced no leads, but Miyashita-Martinez refused to give up hope. She posted fliers in the neighborhood where Willie was lost, but was forced to remove them when a neighbor complained. Despite contracting poison ivy during a hike through a wooded area and a busy schedule, she continued handing out fliers, made a large sign to display at street corners and visited three shelters a week to look for her pet. Miyashita-Martinez said she has two other dogs and has adopted one more since Willie’s disappearance, but the hunt for her terrier consumes her energy. According to her, the loss of the dog has been intensified because she has no children and both of her parents have passed away in the last few years. “She is my family,” Miyashita-Martinez said. “I’ve been a wreck.” She said that some good has come from the situation in the form of support from old friends, and new ones she has met in the search. “I find stray animals all the time, so I feel kind of compelled to help her with this one, because she is so invested in getting her dog back,” said Rebecca Cooper of Whittier. Cooper has helped put up fliers and ask around the neighborhood about the dog. Miyashita-Martinez said she has received tips from callers who say they have seen the dog, and she isn’t giving up hope. Phillip Bird of Culver City, a longtime friend of Miyashita-Martinez, said he continues to support her and help with the search. “I’ve come to realize that it’s not so uncommon to have pets come back in a month,” Bird said. “Of course, every week that passes the odds go down.” Willie is all white, with a brown left ear and spotted right ear. She was last seen wearing a blue collar and tags. Those with information about Willie can call (562) 536-8622. airan.scruby@sgvn.com (562) 598-0955, Ext. 3029160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Carole Miyashita-Martinez has been working like a dog to find her lost Jack Russell terrier Willie, who escaped the yard at a house in Whittier. The female canine had accompanied her master to Whittier when Miyashita-Martinez, a Glendora resident, went to do some upkeep at her late parents’ home. “I thought she would come back,” Miyashita-Martinez said. “It just makes you crazy because of all the possible scenarios there could be.” Since losing Willie near La Serna High School on Sept. 9, Miyashita-Martinez said she has searched for her daily, hiring bloodhounds to follow the dog’s scent, posting fliers, making and displaying signs and establishing a hot line in English and Spanish to broaden the search. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.She has even sustained a hospital stay after contracting rashes from poison ivy when she went hiking to look for Willie. Now she is offering a $2,000 reward for the dog’s safe return. “There’s something about this dog, I don’t know how to describe it,” Miyashita-Martinez said. “She was my first dog as an adult.” When she realized 9-year-old Willie had escaped, Miyashita-Martinez, 48, searched the neighborhood for her lost pet. About three days after Willie’s disappearance, she hired a crew with four bloodhounds to search for Willie’s scent. “The dogs did not indicate a coyote kill or any blood,” Lost Pet Detection representative Landa Coldiron said. “The search dogs indicated that Willie went up into the golf course area. The scent just kind of ended in the parking lot area down there.” Miyashita-Martinez and friends helping with the search spoke with personnel at the golf course, as well as participants in a primarily Spanish-speaking soccer league nearby. last_img read more


first_imgWhether you are planning, designing, building or renovating your home, don’t miss the Build and Renovate Show being hosted by the EU INTERREG IVA funded Ren Net Project, the Renewable Energy Business Network.This great trade show is a chance to get the confidence to create your dream home from start to finish – whatever your budget! Entry to the public is free so mark the date in your diary.The Build and Renovate Show will take place from 1pm to 9pm on Friday 27th and 10am to 6pm on Saturday 28th February 2015 in the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny. Over the previous months, Ren Net members have looked at how their combined knowledge can be utilised to best serve the public, while exploring solutions to the challenges of today through renewable energy and sustainable technologies.A continuing feature of these meetings were to help ordinary people to find ways to embrace modern renewable and energy efficiency practices that can help them save money while reducing their carbon footprint. Yes folks, it’s a win-win situation!Displays, demonstrations, talks and workshops will all take place during this must see event for everybody involved in improving or constructing the dream home, or even learning some insightful tips for managing that property that is trying your patience at the moment.Throughout the day various talks will be held focusing on particular aspects and challenges that may be encountered on your journey towards domestic bliss! This trade show is not only aimed at the home owner but also aims to spread the Ren Net message to all professionals that may be connected in any way to the construction industry.A full running order of talks is currently available at www.ren-net.org where a full list of the displays on offer can also be viewed.The Renewable Energy Business Network (Ren Net) is a network of local businesses involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Northwest.The Ren Net project is being delivered through Cross Border partnership, led by the North West Region Cross Border Group (NWRCBG).The partnership works together to develop the North West Region and is comprised of Donegal County Council , Derry City Council, Limavady Borough Council, Magherafelt District Council, and Strabane District Council. Donegal County Council is the Lead implementing Council for this particular project.The Ren Net project is part funded by the European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the INTERREG IVA Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).No other event will give you so much inspiration, information and support. For more details contact Ren Net Project Officer Donegal County Council 074 9153900 email: info@ren-net.orgThis is an ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge base around renewable energy or even to generate ideas that may allow you expand your existing business. So whether you’re a home owner, a landlord, an architect, or an engineer, all wise roads should lead to the Clanree Hotel!The Special EU Programmes Body is a North South Implementation Body sponsored by the Department of Finance and Personnel in Northern Ireland and the Department of Finance in Ireland.It is responsible for managing two EU structural funds Programmes PEACE III and INTERREG IV designed to enhance cross-border co-operation, promote reconciliation and create a more peaceful and prosperous society.The Programmes operate within a clearly defined area including Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland and Western Scotland.The INTERREG IVA Programme, funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is worth €256 million and aims to address the economic and social problems which result from the existence of borders.It has two distinct priority measures to create co-operation for a more prosperous and sustainable cross-border region.For more information on the SEUPB please visit www.seupb.euREN-NET PROJECT WILL HOST TWO-DAY BUILD AND RENOVATE SHOW THIS MONTH was last modified: February 3rd, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Build and RenovateBusinessEventnewsRen Netlast_img read more

Google’s profits soar 60 percent in quarter

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventAfter subtracting the commissions that the company pays to thousands of advertising partners, Google’s revenue totaled $1.53 billion. Google’s profit increase would have been even larger if not for new accounting rules that require companies to deduct the costs of their employee stock options. That requirement, imposed over the high-tech industry’s loud objections, wasn’t in effect last year. If not for the stock option expenses and a charge for a recently announced legal settlement, Google would have earned $2.29 per share. That blew past the average estimate of $1.97 per share among analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial. Google’s revenue, excluding ad commissions, exceeded the average analyst estimate by $90 million. The company released the results after the stock market closed. Google shares gained $4.50 to finish at $415 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, then climbed $29.89, or 7.2 percent, in extended trading. SAN FRANCISCO – Google Inc.’s first-quarter profit rose 60 percent, soaring past analyst estimates as the company’s Internet-leading search engine solidified its position as the Web’s most popular advertising vehicle. The report sent Google shares rising more than 7 percent in late trading. The Mountain View-based company said Thursday that it earned $592.3 million, or $1.95 per share, during the first three months of the year. That compared with net income of $369.2 million, or $1.29 per share, at the same time last year. Quarterly revenue surpassed $2 billion for the first time in Google’s 7 year history, reaching $2.25 billion – a 79 percent increase from $1.26 billion last year. “We are obviously very happy with our first-quarter results,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said during a conference call with analysts. “We basically have good news across the business.” The strong showing provides another lift for Google’s stock, which has surged by more than 20 percent since its addition to the Standard & Poor’s 500 index was announced a month ago. The inclusion to the widely watched market barometer reversed the negative sentiment that had been swirling around Google after the company missed analyst earnings estimates in its previous quarter. The concerns raised by that shortfall were compounded in late February when George Reyes, Google’s chief financial officer, said it was becoming more difficult for the company to find new ways to get people to click on its ads. Google’s first-quarter performance made investors’ recent worries seem misguided. The results also appeared to validate recent research indicating that the company has been widening its search engine lead over its biggest rivals, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Yahoo, which runs the Internet’s second-ranked search engine, had challenged the notion that it was losing significant market share when it released its first-quarter earnings this week. But Google’s first-quarter growth outdistanced Yahoo’s by a substantial margin. Excluding ad commissions, Google’s first-quarter revenue increased 19 percent from the previous quarter while Yahoo’s inched up by just 2 percent. “It looks to us that we are currently gaining market share,” Schmidt told analysts. Data from a leading Internet research firm supports that thesis. Google ended March with a 42.7 percent share of the U.S. search engine market, up from 36.4 percent at the same time last year, according to comScore Media Metrix. Yahoo’s market share fell to 28 percent from 30.6 percent last year, comScore said, while Microsoft’s dropped to 13.2 percent from 16.5 percent. Bolstered by its success, Google is sitting on a large pile of cash that could finance acquisitions and other investments to grow even larger. The company has about $10.5 billion in the bank, including the proceeds from a recently completed sale of 5.3 million additional shares. Google already is investing heavily in the computer data centers that power its search engine and increasing array of other products. The company’s capital expenditures totaled $345 million in the first quarter, putting it on pace to invest about $1.4 billion in that area this year, up from $838 million last year.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

DEAL CLOSE! Huddersfield agree £10m fee for Man City midfielder Aaron Mooy

first_imgHuddersfield are closing in on a £10million club-record deal to sign Aaron Mooy from Manchester City.The Australia midfielder spent last season on loan at the club and was the Terriers’ player of the year as they won promotion to the Premier League for the first time.It is understdood Huddersfield are in the advanced stages of a deal which will see them pay £8million for the 26-year-old with a further £2million in add-ons.It would see them smash their previous transfer record set 12 months ago when they paid 1860 Munich £1.8million for defender Christopher Schindler.Mooy made 51 appearances for Huddersfield last season, scoring four goals, and was also successful from the spot in the two play-off penalty shoot-outs which helped Town secure a return to the top flight for the first time in 45 years.He has not, however, made an appearance for City since moving from sister club Melbourne City last summer, joining David Wagner’s side on loan shortly after arriving. Aaron Mooy was voted Huddersfield’s player of the year last season 1last_img read more