Dell Technologies Wins an Emmy: That’s Good News for Financial Trading and Other Data Analytics Applications

first_imgThe National Academy of Television Arts and Science has honored Dell Technologies with a 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy® for the Dell EMC Isilon for driving early development of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) systems. This is exciting news for those of you working with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) applications of all types. Here’s why.Back in the early 2000s, media and entertainment companies began to require large-scale shared storage to handle the increasing frame resolution demanded by viewers and to support a proliferation of media formats. Technology has progressed to accommodate the increasing demands of these workloads, and the result is advanced storage like Dell EMC Isilon.What’s exciting is that the same technology used to accelerate video processing can also serve as the critical foundation for modern data analytics applications. You can’t have Big Data if you don’t have Big Storage. But larger storage simply isn’t enough to deliver performance at scale.Let’s look at the financial trading industry. Today’s trading firms are transitioning their algorithmic models from intraday to multi-day trading. This, coupled with ongoing exponential growth in daily transactions, means that financial systems can no longer store their active trade data sets (> 10 TB) in memory. Without advanced storage, firms would need to reduce the data sets they are working with, give up near real-time performance, or limit the number of simultaneous processes (e.g. concurrency).This isn’t just a problem for financial trading. Utility companies need to work with increasingly greater data flows as more and more meters are brought online. Massive numbers of smart sensors are being deployed in Industrial 4.0 applications, smart buildings, and smart cities. There is more data to collect, and as a result there is more data to process. If this data is going to be useful, it must be processed in as close to real-time as possible. After all, it’s pointless to learn that a stock is a good buy or that a system is about to fail after the window of opportunity to act is past.What’s extraordinary about Dell EMC Isilon is how it overcomes the limitations of previous memory architectures. HSM automates movement of data between high-speed (i.e., high-cost) storage and lower-speed storage to balance cost with access speed. HSM requires massively parallel I/O to achieve this and avoid bottlenecking the system.With up to 945 GB/s and 17M IOPS, Isilon provides industry-leading storage efficiency of 85 percent. Isilon’s outstanding performance crosses the board, as shown by its impressive STAC benchmarks. When combined with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Nvidia GPU technology, the results are near real-time with high currency for even the most demanding AI and ML applications.Two other important factors are scalability and transparency. Isilon scales from 10s of TB to 10s of PB. In addition, HSM is handled transparently. With these capabilities, Isilon is able to serve as a Data Lake for running analytics, enabling developers to focus on what to do with data rather than expend their resources trying to manage it.The benefits to financial trading firms are significant. They can train, validate, and score models faster, reliably share access to a single copy of data, and deploy more advanced and iterative models. Enterprise security and compliance becomes easier to manage. And higher model accuracy directly impacts the bottom line. For example, one large New York city hedge fund has been using Isilon storage since 2007 and is now able to leverage 30.5PB of tick data analytics in their daily operations. They have also seen a significant performance increase (390% more) in throughput, allowing them to run larger, more sophisticated research jobs without any impact to performance. In addition, as the company grows, they are able to scale storage much faster than compute resources.Data analytics for applications like AI and ML are steadily becoming more important, and storage is the bridge to get there. With the throughput, scalability, and transparency of innovative storage technology like Isilon, there are no bottlenecks to innovation.Learn more about how to eliminate storage bottlenecks for algorithmic trading and other modern data analytics applications in this webinar Financial Quantitative Research in a Hybrid Cloud World or check out this Tick Data Analytics­ white paper. You can also register for a STAC summit near you to know more about how storage technology continues to evolve.last_img read more

Professor presents on life of Flannery O’Connor

first_imgSouthern, Catholic and bird lover are some of the words used most frequently to describe author Flannery O’Connor, the subject of a lecture delivered Tuesday afternoon by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, professor at Fordham University and associate director of the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies.O’Donnell touched on these three facets of O’Connor’s life in her talk, entitled “Between the House and the Chicken Yard: The Life and Legacy of Mary Flannery O’Connor.” O’Connor was born in Savannah, and her family moved to Andalusia, a rural Georgia farm, Alaimo O’Donnell said, where the author took a great delight in raising chickens.“O’Connor’s first brush with fame occurred courtesy of her bird collection — when a Pathé newsman caught word of a Georgia girl who taught a bird to walk backwards, he made his way south and filmed Mary Flannery and her trick chicken,” she said. “She had a hunger for fame after this, and from that day forward she began to collect chickens, though of course her fame would come from other things.”The author received an MFA from the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop and moved to New York, actively participating in literary and intellectual circles, Alaimo O’Donnell said. However, O’Connor was forced to return permanently to Andalusia, after she was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease.“O’Connor would endure this exile gracefully and with good humor until her death on Aug. 3, 1964,” she said. “Flannery no longer belonged to Georgia, to the small-town world of Milledgeville, and her mother’s friends. Her childhood sense of herself as a freak returned, a preoccupying idea that appears in the stories she wrote. … O’Connor’s stories often feature characters who clearly do not belong, sometimes by virtue of some physical affliction or deformity, or by virtue of a radically different way of seeing the world from those around her.”O’Connor’s fiction became her lifeline, and she drew inspiration from the people and events in her Southern community, Alaimo O’Donnell said.“She wrote every morning – two hours was all she could manage, despite the painful and debilitating effects of both the disease and the medication prescribed to remedy it,” she said. “Against all odds, O’Connor would produce two novels, 32 short stories, and many essays, reviews and commentaries and hundreds of letters in her thirteen years at Andalusia.”O’Connor may not occur to many readers as a Christian writer, Alaimo O’Donnell said, for she does not appear to write from a particular religious viewpoint. However, although O’Connor’s characters are rarely Catholic, they require an experience of grace.“O’Connor’s characters, like the freak chickens she raised as a child, are grotesques of every imaginable kind. They include mass murderers, social misfits, religious zealots, moral cretins, fake bible salesmen, one-legged women with Ph.D.s,” she said. “The one thing that binds all of O’Connor’s characters together is the fact that they are all in need of conversion or radical change.”Implicit in her creation of characters in need of conversion, her use of violence as a means of grace and her mingling of the comic and tragic, is a deeply religious vision, Alaimo O’Donnell said.“Flannery sees the possibility of redemption available to humanity in all places, at all times and through the most unexpected of means,” she said.While O’Connor saw her life as utterly ordinary, Alaimo O’Donnell said O’Connor was an author who integrated her faith and art so thoroughly that they became one practice.“Her own art becomes sign and symbol of the creative force that generates and governs the world, and so her own writing becomes, both in practice and in fact, a form of sacrament,” she said.Tags: Catholic writers, Flannery O’Connnor, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Artslast_img read more

Eating out safely

first_imgBy Cat HolmesUniversity of GeorgiaWhen an outbreak of foodborne illness strikes, such as the recent one involving the Golden Corral restaurant in Kennesaw, Ga., people pay more attention to restaurant hygiene.Restaurant employees have to practice hand-washing, good personal hygiene and proper sanitation, says Judy Harrison, a food safety expert with the University of Georgia College of Consumer and Food Sciences.But people eating at restaurants can follow some guidelines to reduce their risk, she said.Check the scores”It pays to look at sanitation scores,” Harrison said. “If I go to a restaurant and the score is lower than 80, I turn around and hightail it out of there.”Every county in the state conducts routine inspections of all of the food service establishments. A restaurant is given 100 points at the beginning of the inspection, and for each health code violation, points are deducted.”A lower score means more cause for concern,” Harrison said. “It pays to see what they actually are scoring low on. Don’t just look at the numbers. You have that right to examine it up close and personal. If you see things that are immediate hazards, you might want to choose a different restaurant.”The bathroom theoryAnother rule of thumb Harrison uses is the bathroom-kitchen theory.”When you go in, look for a clean restaurant and clean bathrooms,” Harrison said. “If the bathrooms are clean, that’s a pretty good indication that the kitchen is probably clean, too. And if the bathrooms in a restaurant are filthy, then chances are the kitchen is not a lot better. It implies that they don’t care enough about good sanitation and cleanliness.”The bottom line, Harrison said, is that good hygiene and clean facilities are up to the restaurant employees, managers and owners.”It needs to be a situation where the restaurant trains its employees to practice good food safety practices like hand washing, keeping work areas and work surfaces clean and handling food properly, and the manager follows up to make sure it’s being done,” she said.”No restaurant is going to be perfectly tidy during a mealtime rush,” she said. “But if you look around and the place looks grungy, it probably is grungy.”There are other obvious signs to look out for.”Certainly if you observe an employee not washing their hands after going to the bathroom, tell the manager,” Harrison said. “Consumers have the right to demand cleanliness and expect it.”Cooked foodFinally, the other way to avoid foodborne illness in restaurants is to avoid undercooked food.”When you have a choice of how meats are cooked, choose medium or well done,” Harrison said. “If you’re served food that seems obviously undercooked, send it back or ask to speak to the manager.”(Cat Holmes is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Panama Stops N. Korean Ship over Missile Equipment

first_imgBy Dialogo July 17, 2013 Congratulations to His Excellency President Ricardo Martinelli for detaining the questionable material that certainly would end up at the North-Korean dictator’s hands. PEACE MUST RULE OUR PLANET, but the actions should be sensible and steady. No matter how painful it may be to some people. Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli said on July 16 counter-narcotics agents found suspected missile material on board a North Korean vessel it stopped en route from Cuba. Outlining a dramatic sequence of events, President Martinelli said the ship was targeted by drug enforcement officials as it approached the Panama Canal and was taken into port, but a search revealed cargo of far greater concern. The vessel’s estimated 35-man crew also rioted when police stepped aboard, according to Martinelli, who said the suspicious goods were found hidden in a consignment of sugar. “The world needs to sit up and take note: You cannot go around shipping undeclared weapons of war through the Panama Canal,” he told Radio Panama. “We had suspected this ship, which was coming from Cuba and headed to North Korea, might have drugs aboard so it was brought into port for search and inspection [on the country’s Atlantic coast],” Martinelli added. Initial reports said the ship was last boarded on July 12. “When we started to unload the shipment of sugar we located containers that we believe to be sophisticated missile equipment, and that is not allowed,” Martinelli said. The ship, named Chong Chon Gang, is being held as are the crew not only resisted the approach from the Panamanian authorities, but also attempted to sabotage the search, he said. “The captain has tried to commit suicide, and the crew rioted” during the operation, the president said. The boat was headed back to North Korea when it was stopped and taken to Manzanillo, east of the Atlantic opening of the Panama Canal, which is a major cargo distribution center.last_img read more

Unburdening mobile account opening

first_img 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Alissa Fry-Harris Alissa Fry-Harris is the director of marketing for Bluepoint Solutions, which provides integrated, end-to-end payment processing and content management technology solutions that help credit unions achieve the strategic goals of … Web: Details In the fast-changing world of mobile account opening, the name of the game is convenience. Most attempts at mobile opening are abandoned, or the new accounts are never funded or used. The right solution is the one that gets your prospective accountholder in the door and fully engaged, preferably in one fast, smooth process.The factor most working against you is friction created by the mobile opening process itself. Too many steps, too much information, multiple verifications, typing on tiny keys, loading page after page, long uploads, waiting for something to happen, having to visit a branch or mail information anyway, sorting through product offers…the list goes on.Yet regulatory compliance is also critical—perhaps even more so because the prospect isn’t physically present to sign things and shake your hand. We need a better balance between simplifying the mobile experience so the door doesn’t slam in the prospect’s face, and sufficiently covering all your compliance bases.It’s time to take a fresh look at exactly what information and verifications are actually required by regulations, or are currently part of your Customer Identification Program (CIP).Here’s a quick overview of five non-negotiable requirements (the first three by the US Patriot Act):Identity verification (Section 326) requires full name, DOB, address, DL# and SSN (paper copies and images not required)Notification, acknowledged by the account opener, that their identity will be verifiedEstimation of the expected purpose and activity level for the account, either by asking questions or from records obtained and reviewed by the institutionAbility-to-repay verification, such as credit, employment or income check, or risk assessment provider integration, for credit accounts (credit cards, loans or overdraft protection)Mandatory compliance with OFAC and BSA/AML regulationsInformation in the following two categories, although not strictly required, is a best practice for many institutions. Take the opportunity to carefully consider which to incorporate and how to minimize the friction they cause:Institution-enacted credit scorecards to extend the assessment of a credit accountholder’s ability to payInstitution-enacted identity extended practices such as geolocation, IP address filtering, and biometric data (g., facial recognition, fingerprint)Finally, these three types of information are not required for compliance, although some are traditional for in-branch opening. Find ways to minimize these intrusions as much as possible, especially before the account opening is completed:Signatures to comply with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, which does not require physical signatures or signature samples. If desired, collect signatures from transaction data after account opening.Images of identity documents and photos of accountholders are not required and demand a prohibitively large bandwidth. If you want additional verification, consider using knowledge-based ‘out-of-wallet’ questions, which require fewer, easier steps for applicants and no handling by the institution.Inserted questions about applicant preferences and choices about additional financial products generate significant delays. They can quickly become overwhelming, and are unlikely to generate positive results. Instead, after the account is opened and in use, follow up to ask about ATMs, offer paper checks, and cross-sell other services.Ensuring compliance in today’s mobile-first/mobile-only world is critically important, but it can’t be at the expense of applicants abandoning the opening process. Each information requirement or step you pile into the process could be proverbial last straw, so even a tiny added checkbox merits your careful scrutiny.Make sure your mobile opening solution allows you to tailor every step to your specific needs—and that it streamlines the steps you retain. Experience shows how easy it is for a mobile applicant to walk away, so, once they’ve walked through your (virtual) door, be sure they stay.last_img read more

Few simple tricks have turned this 80s home into a modern paradise

first_img24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.“Families will love the elevation of the property and how centrally located to Schools it is.” Pindara Private Hospital, Shopping Centres, beautiful parklands and sporting facilities are also within a 5km radius of the home. 24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.A FRESH lick of paint and a stylish set of kitchen finishes was just what this Ashmore home needed to make it a street stand out.Homeowners Judy and Will Mockeridge bought the 80s house in 2015 and gave it a modern facelift that would completely transform the home and the street. Located at 24 Allspice Drive the home combines old with new and oozes clean lines. 24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.Ray White Benowa agents Mark and Skye Rustin are marketing the property and described the three-bedroom home as a ‘delightful abode’. “This wonderful family home is situated only a short walk away from Sweetgum Park and also has easy access to a walking track and dog park known as Sun Valley park,” Mr Rustin said. A new designer kitchen, custom cabinetry and stone bench tops create a contemporary style. Porcelain floor tiles feature throughout the open plan living area and kitchen while a separate dining room opens onto a large timber deck. 24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North5 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoMr Rusitn said the stylish homes doesn’t come without a good view. “The deck captures fantastic views to the Surfers Paradise Skyline,” he said.“It is nestled high on Allspice Drive in the popular “Bellevue Park Precinct” and sunsets are a delight here.” center_img 24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.“Situated in The Bellevue Park Primary and Benowa High School Catchment,“ Bellevue Park” is regarded as one of the most desirable pockets of Ashmore,” he said. “With the Commonwealth Games Headquarters now established nearby, this pocket of Ashmore is expected to remain in high demand for people relocating and those seeking an investment. 24 Allspice Drive, Ashmore.According to Mr Rusitn the home has been renovated inside and out. “With three bedrooms downstairs, the main comes with a newly renovated ensuite and a separate main bathroom that has also recently undergone a contemporary renovation,” he said. “There is also access to a low maintenance courtyard with approval in place for a pool.” Mr Rustin said the modern home is perfect for families.last_img read more

Bald Hills canal house is a boatie’s dream

first_imgThe floorplan of 261 Wyampa Rd, Bald Hills. One of the living spaces and the bar.Those who love to spend time on the water would also enjoy the property, with an 85m frontage on the Pine River, and Moreton Bay only 5km from the home.“The primary focus is for boaties as it’s got deep water anchorage and you can go straight out to Moreton Bay,” Mr Potts said. A massive void creates space and looks out to the water.Mr Potts, who is a builder, said he had always renovated Queenslanders and while this home was modern, it wasn’t much different.“It’s like an open modern Queenslander, with all the patios off the bedroom,” Mr Potts said.More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019With no shortage of living areas, the couple believed the house would be suited to a family.“It’s got multiple living areas so a large or multigenerational family would suit it,” Mrs Potts said.“It’s got the land too so there’s plenty of space for animals.” The pool will be welcome as the weather starts to heat up.“Our master bedroom was at the back of the house, so we moved it to the front to take in the beautiful river views,” Mrs Potts said.“We took it from a three bedroom to a five bedroom plus a granny flat.” There is even a billiards room.The home has Tasmanian oak floors, a billiard room, media room, and an inground pool.The couple are not sure where they are headed next, but they plan to downsize.“It’s a beautiful home, hopefully we’ll have something as good quality but smaller,” Mr Potts said. 261 Wyampa Rd, Bald Hills.TAKING advantage of the expansive water views was a top priority when Kevin and Jenny Potts built their Bald Hills home four years ago.They had lived on the 261 Wyampa Rd block for 20 years, but decided to build upward and outward from the existing home. The cinema has tiered seating.Moving inside, the formal lounge is Mr and Mrs Potts’ favourite.“We like the formal lounge with the fireplace and is where we spend most of our nights,” Mr Potts said.“And the bar,” Mrs Potts added.last_img read more

Brisbane dominates capital city growth

first_imgCoreLogic RP Data head of research Cameron Kusher said “forgotten” areas saw growth.CoreLogic’s head of research for Australia Cameron Kusher said they had seen the most growth for the city in “forgotten” areas, such the Centenary suburbs and Kenmore.“It’s a bit of a forgotten area of Brisbane,” Mr Kusher said.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours ago“There have been infrastructure upgrades such as the Legacy (Way) Tunnel and having the Centenary Highway there makes it a bit more accessible … so people are seeing it was undervalued.” Top 10 and bottom 10 subregions for annual change in dwelling values, Capital city SA4 regions. Source: CoreLogicBrisbane is dominating capital city growth with four subregions in the national top 10.This is despite the lowest Australian dwelling values since 2008, with a fall of 4.8 per cent through 2018.While Brisbane as whole reported a 0.2 per cent increase in dwelling values over the 12 month period, four southeast subregions were included in the top 10 list, with Brisbane West reporting a 3.1 per cent rise, Brisbane East 1.4 per cent, Moreton Bay North 1.3 per cent and Moreton Bay South 0.7 per cent, according to CoreLogic’s Home Value Index for December 2018.Hobart topped the list, with a spike of 7 per cent followed by the Australian Capital Territory at 3.3 per cent.None of Sydney or Melbourne’s subregions scored a place on the list. McGrath Paddington agent Reuben Packer-Hill said young families were moving into the area.McGrath Paddington agent Reuben Packer-Hill is currently marketing a number of properties in these suburbs, and he said he had seen an influx of young families who were taking advantage of low interest rates.“Both Kenmore and other Centenary suburbs such as Jindalee and parts of Sinnamon Park, are very affordable areas,” Mr Packer Hill said.“We are seeing young families take advantage of low interest rates to upsize into larger family homes (and) these suburbs are up to 20 per cent cheaper compared to some other areas only 1km to 2km closer to town.”Mr Packer-Hill also said popular public school catchments played a part in the growth of these suburbs.center_img The house at 31 Bauhinia Place, Kenmore, is on the market.More affordable prices in Brisbane East, Moreton Bay South and Moreton Bay North also contributed to a small rise in values in those areas, according to Mr Kusher.“There is a mixture of housing … and those markets have a lot to offer for everyone,” he said.“The (Brisbane) East and Moreton Bay regions tend to be a bit more affordable, so that’s why you’re seeing that growth there.” MORE: Breakthrough for buyers as home values drop in Brisbanelast_img read more

Local buyer forks out more than $2m to secure dream Gold Coast home

first_img“About 90 per cent of interest … was all (from) Sydney and Melbourne buyers,” he said.Mr Reid said the local buyers planned to renovated the six bedroom, four bathroom house, which they bought as a “forever home”. “They’re going to do some minor works to the property over the next few years,” he said. MORE NEWS: Glitter Strip among world’s best for luxury property The property comes with its own private beach.The property hit the market in June last year under another agent before John Reid Real Estate took over.It was scheduled to go to auction before a $2.649 million price tag was put on it, which was later reduced further.The sale was one of a handful of million-dollar deals made in the past week.A dated brick house on Millionaires’ Row changed hands for $1,771,500 for the first time in six decades at the weekend, while the $8.25 million sale of a Main Beach penthouse last week marked the highest for the year so far. There is plenty of space to entertain in and out.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa12 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago“It came down to aspect and there’s not many places on the Gold Coast that offer that aspect and that kind of water frontage.”Mr Reid said the property attracted a lot of interest in the lead up to its $2.125 million sale last week, including about five buyers from Sydney and a few others from Melbourne.MORE NEWS: Tree house snapped up for almost $2m Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:54Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:54 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p216p216p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenAndrew Winter: To sell or to renovate?00:55center_img The pool is among its many features. Marketing agent Kurt Reid, of John Reid Real Estate, said its northeast facing position was what ultimately attracted house hunters in droves.“That was the biggest drawcard of the property,” he said. The property at 24 Winch Court, Mermaid Waters sold for more than $2 million.A GOLD Coast family has splashed more than $2 million on a waterfront property they plan to call their “forever home”.They managed to fend off about a dozen interstate buyers who were also vying for the Mermaid Waters residence.last_img read more

Mancini sees a case for the defence

first_imgManchester City boss Roberto Mancini regrets not signing an extra defender during the January transfer window. Press Association He added: “Also, last year he had this problem, for one month he didn’t play. This is a big problem. For me we did a mistake in this case. “We had a chance because we had one good defender but we didn’t think that Vinny would stay out for 40-45 days.” City have also been without two other defenders in Micah Richards and Maicon through injury but their only major transfer activity in January saw striker Mario Balotelli leave the club. Kompany’s prolonged absence has raised fears he may require surgery or miss the rest of the season but Mancini continues to play down the seriousness. He said: “He starts to run and we hope that he will be ready for Newcastle. “He started with us three or four days ago but he was tired because he worked a lot. His calf was tired but he didn’t have any problems. “But we don’t want to take a risk at this moment because we have one game and after it is the international break. It is better we wait.” center_img Mancini wishes he had moved to bolster his rearguard after captain Vincent Kompany was injured in the FA Cup fourth-round win at Stoke on January 26. At the time City did not expect the 26-year-old’s calf problem to require a lengthy lay-off but he has not played since and Mancini feels his absence has been a “big problem”. Mancini said: “Probably we made a mistake because when we knew (of) this problem we were four days to (the) close (of) the market. Probably then we should maybe have bought another defender.” last_img read more