Walter Decker climbs his way to the top at 92

In 2015 Walter Decker became the oldest person to climb the stairs of the CN Tower. It took him just under 46 minutes to go up the 1776 stairs.“First thing in the morning, seven days a week, I do 60 pushups”, and “depending on the weather, I may go for a walk. At least 2 k’s.”Two days a week he climbs the Kenilworth stairs, going up and down 5 times.Now at 92, Walter, and hundreds of others, will climb the steps of the Stelco Tower. He’s expecting to be the oldest participant.“I’m hoping, if there’s someone out there that thinks they can join me, I’d welcome meeting them.”The Stelco Tower is the second tallest building in Hamilton, with 533 stairs from the street to the top. It should be a breeze for 92 year old Walter Decker.“Everything is a bit of a challenge. I can do it. If I can do it they can do it.”Other than exercising regularly and eating healthy, Walter has one other routine.“I enjoy a cocktail before dinner every night. Mostly vodka orange juice, sometimes a martini.”The Steeltown Stairclimb is Saturday February 4th. You can sign up or make a donation at read more