SMC hosts weekend for younger siblings

Over the weekend, Saint Mary’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted Little Siblings Weekend — an opportunity for the younger siblings of Saint Mary’s students to participate in activities and to become more integrated in the Saint Mary’s community.The weekend included an array of Olympics themed events, both on and off campus. Beginning with an Opening Ceremony on Friday, attendees took pictures in a photo booth and participated in Olympics-themed games and crafts. On Saturday, students were able to take their siblings off campus to Strikes & Spares, a local bowling alley that also has facilities for mini golf, bumper cars and arcade games. As other options, attendees could skate at the Compton Ice Arena and throughout the weekend, RHA hosted crafts, games and movies on campus.Bridget McKinnon, who served as a co-chair of the event, said the annual event helps bring students’ families into the College community.“The reason we have Little Sibs Weekend is so that all of our younger siblings or family friends are given the chance to experience what Saint Mary’s is like,” she said. “It’s a great chance to show off our campus and have a great time with our sibs while doing so.”First year Molly O’Neill said she enjoyed spending time with her two younger cousins in kindergarten, Mara and Fiona. “I loved everything they had planned for us, especially the bus that went to the bowling alley and the ice skating rink,” O’Neill said. “It was nice to see how my cousins would get excited over the smallest things, especially staying in the dorm and eating in the cafeteria. They loved every second and repeatedly said how happy they were, and how they couldn’t wait to tell their friends.“Even though they’re young, I hope they can appreciate this beautiful campus and maybe become a part of it when they’re older.”Julia Veome, also a first year, spent time with her younger sister during Little Siblings weekend. “I’m the oldest so my siblings haven’t been around the college scene too much,” Veome said. “My sister stayed with me and she loved it because she got to feel grown up and hang out with some of my friends. Sleeping in the dorms seemed cool to her and was fun for me.”For the past four years, senior Bridget Enright’s younger siblings have participated in Little Siblings Weekend.“It’s always been a lot of fun sharing Saint Mary’s with them and letting them get a glimpse of the college experience,” Enright said. “I have six younger siblings, so it’s always a blast when we’re all together. It’s my favorite weekend of the school year.”Tags: Little Siblings Weekend, Residence Hall Association, saint mary’s, SMC read more

NTSB issues preliminary report in December air crash

first_imgHamburg, In. — A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board says mechanical problems caused the Cesena to crash, killing three people near Hamburg on December 16 last year.The report says crash investigators discovered a mechanical problem with the number 4 cylinder and piston. Those parts have been sent to a government materials laboratory for further testing.The report says Louis Cantilena, the pilot, Paul Schuda, Cantilena’s daughter Amy and two dogs had refueled in Columbus, Indiana and were instructed to head east at an altitude of 11,000 feet. Data indicates the aircraft was only able reach 7,450 feet before it began a gradual descent. Soon after a “mayday” call was made.The plane was within landing distance to the Batesville Airport at the time of the distress call. The airport was about 10 days into a scheduled shut down between December 6, 2017 and March 5, 2018. The aircraft went down about 1.5 miles from the unlit runway. The crash killed all three occupants and one of the dogs.The group was on a one-day, round trip from Maryland to Kansas City, Missouri to bring Amy home from school. Louis Cantilena and Paul Schuda were reportedly officers in the Civil Air Patrol.last_img read more